A Petition Calls for Melbourne’s Senior Yeshivah Leaders to Resign

Rabbi Abraham Glick

Rabbi Abraham Glick

The Age (Victoria, Australia) reports today (9/22/14) on an a petition drive organized by Jews for Justice for Yeshivah’s Victims calling for the resignation of Rabbi Avrohom Glick and Yeshivah Centre chairman Don Wolf. According to the article:

Rabbi Glick was the principal of Yeshivah College from 1986 to 2007.

In a witness statement Rabbi Glick said he had only recently become aware of accusations that Cyprys had molested children. But in 2012 he changed his evidence under oath Continue reading

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Ephraim Becker Agreed Not To Work with Women In 2008

Ephraim Becker image 2Ephraim Becker, a therapist and mussar speaker in Jerusalem who lives in Telz-Stone, has quite a biography on his web site, http://mussar-psych.org. He writes:

I served, after receiving ordination at the tender age of 22, in my first and only rabbinical pulpit, for three years. I found that the most attractive aspects of the position were the frequent hospital visitations… I [became] a clinical chaplain with the Jewish Chaplaincy Service of Milwaukee, teaching at the Yeshiva in Milwaukee and receiving a [1992] Ph.D. in Education at the University of Wisconsin, specializing in Counseling [actually, "Urban Education"] ……

I accepted the post as Mashgiach Ruchani at the David Shapell College/ Yeshivat Darche Noam in Jerusalem where I served for four years. The demands of my growing private counseling practice made it necessary to choose my full-time work and I have pursued my practice while teaching part-time, primarily in those programs which supervise teachers and counselors.

Missing From the Biography

Missing from this biography was his connection to Neve Yerushalayim’s Family Institute and Counseling Center. One can’t blame him because it culminated with him being kicked out over reports of sexually exploiting his relationships with women including those who came to him for martial or couples counseling.

Becker was a student at Yeshiva University’s (YU) rabbinical seminary (RIETS) but dropped out without getting smichah (ordination). Instead in 1983 he belatedly finished his B.A. in Yeshiva College and picked up an M.A. in Jewish history. He then went to Chofetz Chaim but also did not get smichah from them. Instead he claims a private smichah at “the tender age of 22” though he does not say where he got it. In a bio on JewishAnswers.org he claims to have gotten it from Rav Gedalia Felder of Toronto. Funny for him to have enrolled in a smichah program years after he got it. Unfortunately Rabbi Felder is not around to tell us the truth.

Agrees Not to Work With Women

Ephraim Becker agreement not to work with women Aug 4 2008

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On August 4, 2008 Becker signed this agreement:

“I, Ephraim D. Becker hereby commit to limiting my professional work to males only. By this I confirm that under no circumstances will I work with women, privately, institutionally, fee-based, or as a volunteer, in the capacity of counselor, therapist, or teacher. I will not see women in marriage counseling even in the presence of their husbands. I agree to immediately terminate all work with current female clients and in no way promote myself from now on as a marriage counselor or therapist who works with women. Continue reading

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QOTD: Molesters Can Control Their Urges

Shira Berkovitz 2QOTD = Quote Of The Day

It is an oft cited myth that a child molester cannot control his abusive sexual behaviors. If this were true, child molesters would offend whenever they felt a sexual urge in the presence of a child. They’d molest when they are walking down the street, they’d molest at the mall, and they’d molest on the bima in the middle of prayer services. But with rare exception, this doesn’t happen. Because adults who are looking to molest a child – Continue reading

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Teaneck and Crown Heights Held Public Anti-Abuse Events

Two important events were held this week to educate and mobilize the orthodox community to fight abuse.

Jewish Community Watch in Crown Heights (9/15/14) Continue reading

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Thinking About Chanah

From the Frum Follies archives of 9/12/12.

The approach of Rosh Hashanah makes me think of Chanah, barren like Sarah. Before she could glory in her triumph she was misjudged as a nobody by Eli, the cohen gadol (high priest). He mistook her unvoiced words for drunkenness when they were actually a prayer full of pain and power. But she triumphed and bore a son who would eventually eclipse Eli.

In the meantime the sons of Eli was thieves and lecherers who abused the mishkan (tabernacle). Eli was a decent man but he wasn’t brave enough or determined enough to correct his sons. When a leader is meek it is not merely a failure; it is a disaster. Shmuel, the son of this modest woman foretold this new reality. He started out not being able to recognize the highest call. But then he heard the message and foretold the disaster to Eli. The house of Eli fell and Shmuel crowned kings.

Every year on Rosh Hashanah I am reminded by Chanah’s story  that things don’t have to stay the same. The mighty can fall and the humble can rise. The scoundrels can lose their power and the just can replace them. The erlich ones who let corruption surround them cannot escape the awful consequences of their inexcusable meekness.

I wish all of my readers a year where justice will rule, where kindness will console the victims; where proud and haughty scoundrels will be brought down. Perhaps even a year in which the decent meek leaders can rise to their responsibilities. I believe that time will yet come, and those who help it come will be rewarded.

A kesivah v’chasimah tovah to all of you.

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Lev Tahor: Typhus, Forgery, Under-Age Marriage, and Torture

Lev TahorHannah Katsman just posted the latest update on the Lev Tahor cult of Shlomo Helbrans (aka Elbarnes) which fled to Guatemala in the latest leg of their border-hopping odyssey to escape the law in the US, Israel, and Canada. Guatemala is perfect for them. Marriage is legal at 14, there are no enforced education requirements, and they have no extradition agreement with Canada.

Katsman describes squalid unsanitary living conditions and a reported case of typhus. I wonder if Lev Tahor is running out of money.

Katsman also reports on the recent release of Canadian government documents revealing forgery, psychotropic medication control of members, underage marriages and other criminal and abuse activity.

See also Haaretz, ‘Jewish Taliban’ sect suspected of human trafficking and forgery.

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Breaking- No Accreditation for Seminaries until Other Staff Testify, Some Staff are Fired, and Meisels Surrenders Control

Gedalia Dov Schwartz at Nefesh Chicago Sex Abuse Conference 2011

Gedalia Dov Schwartz at Nefesh Chicago Sex Abuse Conference 2011

The Chicago Special Beis Din (CBD rabbinical court) notified the Israeli Beis Din (IBD, this past Thursday (9/4/14), of their conditions for recommending the restoration of accreditation by Touro and HTC Colleges to the seminaries controlled by Meisels. The letter was signed by Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz (RGDS), Av Beis Din (head of the rabbinical court) on behalf of the whole CBD and addressed to the IBD’s attorney, Aaron Twersky (AT). The full text is below the article complete with Exhibit A, an article by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Shafran, Av Beis Din of the IBD.

Conditions for Accreditation Recommendation
(Direct quotes unless labelled comment)
(Bolding was added by blogger, Yerachmiel Lopin)

Remedial measures … are necessary in our view to ensure a safe environment for students…

The Beis Din would like to hear additional testimony from certain staff members before finally determining the appropriate remedial measures.

Comment: A number of members of the seminary refused to testify to the CBD. I am guessing these are staff accused of enabling abuse. This demand is an obvious rejection of the IBD/3IRs claim that allegations of enabling were investigated and all existing staff were deemed to have a chezkas kashrus (presumption of being trustworthy). The CBD insists a proper investigation still needs to conducted with and about staff.
Continue reading

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