How Meisels Can Prove It Was Just a Hug

Elimelech Meisels,

There is a terrible machlokes about you. Yesh omrim, some say, you raped, fondled, seduced, sent dirty pictures of yourself, sent dirty texts and emails, and so on. Viyesh omrim, and some say, it was just a hug. In fact a certain rabbi in Israel says it could have been just a consensual, non-sexual, Tattie-style hug.

Elimelech Meisels

Elimelech Meisels

On the other hand, according to the Special Beis Din in Chicago (CBD) because of “unwanted physical contact of a sexual nature between Elimelech Meisels and students” which you “confessed,” students “are at risk of harm.” They even say you delivered a “handwritten list of multiple additional victims.” They think you are so dangerous that you “may have no contact with any girls, including present or former students, not by mail, email, texting, talking, Shabbos meals; no contact whatsoever.”

Wow! The CBD is really down on you. Yet Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn says even if you should not be in chinuch any more because you violated negiah, you are not that bad.

Unfortunately for you, Elimelech Meisels, the only official statement about your behavior comes from the CBD. Nobody else has said you did less or more. They just talk about the present safety of the school (where you haven’t been since May).

Elimelech Meisels, only you can solve this machlokes. Continue reading

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ChaptzemNisht Rebbe’s Chanukah Message on Lashon Horah Mehudar (Satire)

This post is from 2009. Enjoy! In English the title of the post would translate loosely as, “The Don’tCatch’Em Rabbi’s Chanukah Message about Very Scrupulously Refraining from Gossip.”

Prison 1Rabossai (Gentlemen), Because of our great sins we are in exile. We are too far from hashem (G-d) and too close to each other in Otisville Correctional Institution. Some say nisht geferlich (not terrible) because there are separate litvish and chasidish  minyanim (prayer groups). But what good does it do to have a Hasidic minyan (prayer quorum) when fights break out every time someone shouts yechi (the Chabad phrase proclaiming their late Rebbe, the messiah). But a yid (Jew) has to rejoice and bring simchah (joy) into the world. Yes, yavanim (Hellenists) brought avodah zorah (idol worship) into the har habayis (temple mount), but we triumphed and expelled them.  Nowadays we are also afflicted by our new Greeks who endanger the spiritual health of our people by driving Jews into jails. I want to talk about the three sins that cause this terrible situation: lashon horah (gossip), mesirah (informing), and neglect of pidyon shvuyim (redeeming captives). If every yid (Jew) in the world would follow these Jewish principles this tragic situation would end. Continue reading

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More Irregularities Revealed In Legal Documents Between Meisels and Plaintiffs

(See images of the referenced documents at the end of the post)

Meisels Still Claims Control of Peninim of America, Inc

Yesterday (12/14/14) I reported that Elimelech Meisels still claims ownership of the not-for-profit (NFP) entity, Peninim of America, Inc. This claim was part of his response to a complaint by two plaintiffs (Jane Doe # 1 and Jane Doe #2) who allege Meisels sexually assaulted them.

Internet Intimidation

The plaintiffs sought a conference with the court ( which was granted for Tuesday 12/16/14, 1:30 p.m. with Judge Marily Go) because, “In the past week, information concerning the plaintiffs has been posted all over the internet. The personal information concerning the plaintiffs is information that only an insider would have.” The letter is probably referring to information and threats that appeared as comments on the Daas Torah blog with the tacit consent of the blog moderator, Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn.

Rabbi Daniel Edensohn Daas Torah blog

Rabbi Daniel Edensohn
Daas Torah blog

After I blogged to protest implied threats to reveal the identities of the plaintiffs, Eidensohn grudgingly backtracked in part but directed a massive attack at my blog. He and I argued about his allowing a comment in favor of revealing the plaintiff identities if they lied. This was in the context of repeated suggestions by Eidensohn and his favored commenters that the plaintiffs were lying in claiming rape and attempted rape.

Eidensohn insists that there is no proof that Meisels’ misconduct extended beyond a few hugs which may have been consensual and not explicitly sexual. His next few postings claimed that reports of the incidence of rape of college women are exaggerated, that U.S. Title IX legislation (regarding sexual violence and harassment in higher education) is “strongly reducing a man’s presumed status of innocence,” and referenced an article pointing out that the media have a legal right to reveal the identities of John and Jane Does in sex abuse cases.

Eidensohn finally stated, “I of course agree with the standard procedure of not publicizing the names of victims and witnesses.” However, he mitigated his responsibility stating “I approve many comments which I don’t agree with.” However, the plaintiffs, this blogger, and many observers detect an implied threat coupled with the strong suggestion that these plaintiffs are part of a large problem of exaggerated allegations of abuse by young adult women.

Meisels Blames Others for Leaks
Claiming an Attempt to Take Away Peninim of America, Inc

Continue reading

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Alleged Abuser Meisels Still Claims Control of Peninim of America, Inc

Elimelech Meisels speaking poster brooklyn Jan 11 2014 cropped andwatermarked and captionedIn a Friday (12/12/14)  submission to the court hearing the allegations that Elimelech Meisels sexually abused students, Andrew T. Miltenberg, the  attorney for Meisels, claimed that the Internet threat to expose plaintiff identities was the doing of:

Persons whose agenda includes undermining Rabbi Meisels’ defense of this matter and causing him further embarrassment, all as part of the continued campaign to seize control of Defendant Peninim of America, Inc. This is not mere conjecture; we are presently gathering evidence of efforts to threaten Rabbi Meisels into giving up his assets in connection with the allegations in this lawsuit and we suspect the leaking of the details of the allegation are part of this. Continue reading

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2014 in Review: The Ups and Downs of Child Protection

Professor Marci A. Hamilton Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

Professor Marci A. Hamilton
Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

Professor Marci Hamilton (Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law) just posted her annual review. It covers a range of topics including law, policy, legislation, scandals, awareness within different religious groups and more. She also spans the continents. Check it out.

In her review of  Statutes of Limitation (SOL) she writes:

This is a true case of some states moving forward, while a handful like New York are stuck in antiquated laws that only help perpetrators and institutions that cover up for them. New York yet again stayed firmly mired in the five worst states in the country for victims’ access to justice. The Republican senate has failed to act, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo has ignored the issue. Continue reading

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Stop the Witness Intimidation by Meisels Defenders

Rabbi Daniel Edensohn Daas Torah blog

Daniel Edensohn
Intimidation Enabler

Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn moderates every single comment on his blog, Daas Torah. He approved a comment advocating exposing the identities of two women alleging they were sexually assaulted by Meisels. Moe Ginsburg wrote, “If they are lying in this lawsuit, the plaintiffs’ names should be publicized.” Eidensohn approved it without comment or challenge.

Rabbi Eidensohn, I beseech you! Be a mensch and either delete or challenge this incitement to witness intimidation. Continue reading

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“Only-a-Hug” Eidensohn Minimizes Meisels Sex Abuse

“It was only an inexcusable hug given by a respected rabbi to a student,” writes Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn on his blog in discussing the misconduct of Elimelech Meisels. Eidensohn was talking about Meisels when the word was not yet out about his sexual misconduct. But in many other ways Eidensohn has trivialized Meisels misconduct by claiming that is it possible he only hugged a few times, perhaps they were consensual, perhaps they were not in any way sexual. He insists that for that alone he should not be allowed to work in seminaries because he breached Haredi norms banning such contact between unrelated men and women. Yes he was kicked out but if people believe it was only a hug he may be able to eventually stage a comeback claiming therapy and teshuvah (repentance). In fact it was much more than a hug.

Gedalia Dov Schwartz at Nefesh Chicago Sex Abuse Conference 2011

Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz, Av Beis Din of the Chicago “Special Beis Din”, Av Beth Din of the Beth Din of America, Rosh Beth Din emeritus of the Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC)

Back in July, the Chicago Beis Din (CBD) informed the public that  “students in these [Meisels operated] seminaries are at risk of harm” because of allegations of “unwanted physical contact of a sexual nature between Elimelech Meisels and students.”

In September, the head of the Beis Din in Chicago, Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz, wrote:

Meisels ultimately confessed… to the victims’ allegations of misconduct. He also confessed to having engaged in other misconduct, and prepared and delivered to the Beis Din a handwritten list of multiple additional victims…… Some of the misconduct to which he confessed constitutes… “sexual violence.” Continue reading

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