Antisemitism, Real and False

We Jews have very good and terrifying reasons to be sensitive to antisemitism. Which is why we save our ammunition for the real thing like the horrible shootings in Kansas City. The hateful bastard who murdered three people is despised by most Americans and the American public has rallied to our side in sympathy.

The day before Passover, a prominent Hasidic rabbi, Shmuel Dovid Halberstam, Sanz-Klausenburger Rebbe in Boro Park did the opposite as an excuse for stupid dangerous behavior. He and his hasidim were burning chometz when a fireman was doing his job and got punched. So much for Hakol kol Yaakov vihayidayim yidei Eisav. The fireman tried to get the Rebbe’s attention to protest being punched. The idiot Rebbe retorted, they also did this to us in Nazi Germany. It is pathetic that the son of a concentration camp survivor can’t tell the difference between a crematorium in Nazi Europe and law enforcement in Brooklyn. Like antibiotics that are over-used and become ineffective, the cry of antisemitism is in danger of being cheapened by scofflaws who play the religion card recklessly.

Klausenberger Rebbe BP Shmuel Dovid Halberstam

Surely, a way can be worked out to burn chometz with the cooperation of the fire department instead of instigating a cat and mouse game that endangers the public, wears out the fire department, and weakens our protection from real antisemitism.

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The Condition of the Kids in Shlomo Helbrans’ Lev Tahor

Lev TahorAccording to the Toronto Star’s Allan Woods, Hasidic foster families in Montreal have been waiting on standby to care for Lev Tahor kids. Such families come closest to Hasidic environment in which these kids were raised.

Eluzor Moscowitz. who has been caring for five Lev Tahor children for more than a year, said that when the children arrived in his home, they were unclean and wore too-small shoes that had left them with a stunted gait when they walked.

He told the Canadian Jewish News in February that they were suspicious and uncertain… [and] had a habit of informing on one another, which coincides with testimony by a former Lev Tahor member that they were encouraged to report bad habits or breaches of the community’s strict rules to the group’s leadership.



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Will Kellner Sue the Forward?

Paul Berger  Twitter Profile 2013-Nov 7 -7pm ESTShmarya Rosenberg (Failed Messiah) succinctly lays out the case for Sam Kellner to sue the the Forward for libeling him in insinuating he was an extortionist. However, the criminal case against Kellner was brought by the Brooklyn DA under Charles (Joe) Hynes and Michael Vecchione at the behest of the family and attorneys of the notorious alleged molester, Baruch (Mordechai), to interfere with his prosecution. Under the new Brooklyn DA, Kenneth Thompson, the charges were dropped because none of the potential witnesses against Kellner were credible.

There are some strong clues to that the Forward senses its legal vulnerability. Unusually, they posted in its entirety, a powerful rejoinder to their shoddy stories about Kellner which was quite insulting to the Forward. Kellner’s attorney, Niall MacGiollabhui, wrote:

Ultimately, however, my reason for writing this letter is not to point out that Mr. Berger is a lazy, shoddy, dishonest journalist. Nor that he is a cheerleader for an alleged pedophile. Although Mr. Berger pompously states that he does not want to be the reporter “who undermines the prosecution of a sexual abuser,” happily there is no such danger based on his article. No doubt, he was regarded by the Lebovits family as a useful idiot by which to advance their cause. Happily, they were only half-right.

Moreover, Paul Berger, who swaggered his way into the outrageous allegations against Kellner, has gone silent. He simply does not reply to comments or Tweets in any way related to the article. Either he has suddenly gone shy or he is being silent on the advice of lawyers.

PS – This story is a big deal to me because I tried to head off the libelous Forward article with a post. When they published it and were criticized, Berger blamed me for his shoddy failure to get the defendant’s side.

For more about this story, search the Frum Follies site for the terms, Kellner, Baruch Lebovits, Paul Berger, Dershowitz, Aidala, Hynes, Vecchione.




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We Have to Clean Up the Glut of Wrongful Convictions


Ask NYPD for Procedures to Prevent False Confessions and Witness Misidentification

Victims of former Brooklyn Det. Louis Scarcella, along with families of other men wrongfully convicted, hold news conference on the steps of New York’s City Hall on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at 1 pm. They are asking new Brooklyn DA Thompson to fast-track Scarcella related cases and other questionable convictions by former Brooklyn DA Hynes’s office over the past 25 years. 
Derrick Hamilton (21 years), Sundhe Moses (18 years), Kevin Smith (27 years) and Anthony Yarborough (23 years) will speak about the factors that led to their wrongful convictions.
Marty Tankleff, a false confession exoneree, will speak about the need to record interrogations to prevent false confessions. Jesse Friedman (Capturing the Friedmans), whose innocence case was rejected after a three year “conviction review” by Nassau DA Kathleen Rice, will discuss the   inherent bias of these reviews. Advocate Lonnie Soury, civil rights attorney Ilya Novo, and Pastor Grayling Ferrand, will also speak.
Families of Scarcella victims still imprisoned include Shabaka Shakur, Hector Lopez and James Earl Jenkins, Nelson Cruz, and Robert Hill. They will join families of other wrongfully incarcerated including Danny Rincon, Jon-Adrian Velazquez, Johnnie Hincapie, Jermaine Archer, Lorenzo Johnson and Richard Diguglielmo.
The wrongfully convicted are asking for the establishment of an independent conviction review process modeled on the Dallas DA’s office in which case reviews are transparent and work product between defense and prosecutors is collaborative.
They are calling on the NYPD to institute universally accepted methods to help prevent wrongful convictions by recording all custodial interrogations of suspects and witnesses to prevent false confessions and false testimony, as well as “double blind” procedures in live police lineups and photo arrays, to prevent witness misidentification.
WHO:             Victims of Det. Louis Scarcella and Families of Wrongfully Convicted
WHAT:           Call on DA Thompson to Fast Track Scarcella Cases
                        Institute Model Dallas DA Conviction Review
                        NYPD to Record Interrogations and Double Blind Witness Line Ups
WHERE:         Steps of New York City Hall
WHEN:           Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at 1 pm
#  #  #
Derrick Hamilton was sentenced to life in prison after Detective Scarcella allegedly coerced an eyewitness to change her testimony to implicate him, and Brooklyn prosecutors hid the fact. Paroled, Hamilton recently won a landmark appellate ruling reopening his case based upon actual innocence. He said, “It was almost 25 years ago that Scarcella came to my business in New Haven, kissed me on the cheek like they do in the mafia movies and said ‘he was sending me to prison for murder because he felt I did not do enough time for an unrelated arrest.’ Detective Louis Scarcella was true to his word, he coerced false testimony from a young woman who subsequently recanted, but it was too late. I went to prison for 21 years.”
Det. Scarcella did not only allegedly beat Sundhe Moses into a false confession, he engaged in witness ID tampering. Mr. Moses said, “For 25 years, we have brought forth evidence of wrongdoing involving Detective Scarcella and Brooklyn DA Hynes’s office. This was not one case, but scores of cases with evidence of coerced confessions, witness tampering and lying in court. Nevertheless, Hynes fought tooth and nail to maintain these convictions.”
Kevin Smith served 27 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Kevin “Renny” Smith and Calvin “Divine” Lee were convicted of the murder of Gary Vandorn. There was no forensic evidence that connected either Smith or Lee to the murder. The sole witness against them was promised that an unrelated perjury charge would be dismissed if he recanted his former exculpatory testimony. Detective Scarella was one of the lead detectives in the case. He falsely reported that Lee implicated himself and Kevin to the murder. Smith says Scarcella lied on the witness stand during his trial.

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Matchmaking Fail — Hitler and a Jewish Woman

The Forward reports that DNA tests of Eva Braun show Ashkenazi genes. Braun, Hitler’s girlfriend, married him in the last last days of the Nazi Third Reich, just before both of them committed suicide in their Berlin bunker.

I hope no one rushes in to debate her status under Jewish law. Hitler didn’t care about halachic criteria.

It’s hysterical that this idolizer of the Aryan race had a lousy nose for Jewish ancestry.

If Eva Braun really had Jewish ancestry, someone will Continue reading

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Kiddush Insurance, Anyone?

Guest Post by
Dr. Vivian Skolnick

Dr. Vivian Skolnick and Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz Nefesh-Chicago, 2011 National Jewish Week for Prevention of Child Abuse

Dr. Vivian Skolnick and Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz
Nefesh-Chicago, 2011 National Jewish Week for
Prevention of Child Abuse

Orthodox Judaism is flourishing. Never have we had so much education on such a high and intensive level for men and women.

One cannot fail to be impressed with the level of chesed (organized community concern) we see being displayed daily in the orthodox community. Any family in need can get help; food, clothing, wedding dresses, employment opportunities, medical care, car service, etc. are readily available. What else can we do to improve? Buy Kiddush insurance!

The following will illustrate my point.

In many large cities today, the following scenario is being played out almost every shabbos morning. The shul is burgeoning with devout daveners (worshippers). The decorum is generally (with local variations) one of quiet and reverence. Meanwhile, children are frequently seen running and playing in the halls or outer lobby. The service ends. The locked doors to the social hall where the kiddush is being held are flung open. Suddenly, the inner synagogue decorum vanishes. There is a mad scramble to get to the tables laden with food. The children and adults lead the charge, pushing and shoving to get there first. They attack the kiddush tables as if they had just received a reprieve from Auschwitz. There are no words such as “excuse me for bumping or Continue reading

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How the Rabbis In Chelm Solved the Problem of the Stolen Money

My Friends, this is fiction. Any resemblance between Chelm and Kelm/Lakewood or between Yosef in the story and Yosef Kolko is intentional. I first posted this story 7/8/13. But it came to mind again because Reb Yisroel of this story reappeared recently in the Five Towns with the same chochmos.

Meir Baal Hanais Chaluka Box Jewish Encyclopedia 1906Once upon a time in Chelm, Reuven, Shimon and Dina were students in a yeshiva who were given pushkas (charity boxes) to collect for Tomchei Shabbos (sabbath food). The pushkas had locks on the bottom. The only ones who had the keys were the teachers who were gabaoim (treasurers) for Tomchei Shabbos.

Nevertheless, a Reb Yosef  (Joseph) in one Yeshiva kept taking money out of Reuven’s Tzedakah box. When the story came out, Reb Yosef said, “I didn’t do it.” Eventually he had a new story.

Modeh ani. I did take the money from Reuven’s pushkah, but you should know he is no ordinary boy. He sat in my car and opened the bottom of his pushkah because he is no ordinary boy. He is a boy who desires nothing more than to have grownups steal from his pushkah. He has a magical way of opening his pushkah in front of you while you are driving a car and making the contents irresistible. He seduced me. Continue reading

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