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Do Not Dress Like A Modern Orthodox Jew, Even On Purim

From the archives from 2/26/10 HaloModiah Adar 11, 5770 Rav ChasVchallilah Chinyok, of Bnei Brak paskened that one may not dress like a so-called modern “orthodox Jew,” even on Purim. In an interview with HaloModiah he explained: Wearing modern orthodox … Continue reading

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A Career Newsletter for Becoming a Gadol (Satire)

From my archives. First posted 10/12/09. Go there for some funny comments. B’Derech HaGadolim, is a new trade newsletter for ambitious rabbis. Subscriptions are by invitation only. ARTICLES Going Chasidish: When is it a good career strategy? Changing Rules of … Continue reading

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The Dance of Genghis Cohn

       First posted 10/4/12. Reposted for Yom Hashoah in memory of Romain Gary After Shechem raped Dinah he wanted to marry her. His father offered Jacob a generous bride price. Jacobs’s sons added on a demand that they and their … Continue reading

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Come and Get Your Purim Satire

Over the years I posted about fifty satirical

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From the Frum Follies Archives. First appeared on 10/25/09. I am re-posting for my readers bcause we are approaching Purim and we are tired of the dreary true life stories of scandal in the world of kosher certification, such as How … Continue reading

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Stalking the Stocking: The Lakewood Lingerie Law (SATIRE)

I first posted Stalking the Stocking four years ago (11/3/2009). But some things don’t change. Lakewood is still obsessing about stockings and ignoring or covering up for those who sexually assault children. A while ago Frum Satire announced the establishment … Continue reading

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ChaptzemNisht Rebbe’s Chanukah Message on Lashon Horah Mehudar (Satire)

This post is from 2009. Enjoy! Happy ThanksGivekuh to all my readers. In English the title of the post would translate loosely as, “The Don’tCatch’Em Rabbi’s Chanukah Message about Very Scrupulously Refraining from Gossip.” Rabossai (Gentlemen), Because of our great … Continue reading

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