Boro Park Acts against Baruch Lebovits, Motty Borger’s Alleged Molester

A source in Boro Park tells me that THIS FLYER was strewn all over his neighborhood on Shabbat morning (11-21-09). By noon the flyers had all been removed. Clearly this poster is being distributed to get more witnesses against Lebovits. It is striking that this secret activity is being undertaken. One would have thought that given the many children he may have molested the community leadership could easily assure the necessary roster of witnesses.

According to Rabbi Nochem Rosenberg, bringing additional witnesses forward is very important for strengthening the prosecution given the anemic performance of the Brooklyn prosecutor’s office. The poster suggests calling  the sex crimes unit of the Brooklyn DA’s office (718 250-3170) and ask for Ms. Gregory.

Shmarya at FailedMesssiah  and Vicki Polin of the Awarenesss Center suggest another alternative, calling the feds if one has information about Lebovits taking kids on trips across state lines. I would add on, call the feds if you have any information about activity related to internet porn such as photographing, buying, selling or distributing it. The feds are more resistant to local political pressures, have more resources and get stiffer sentences.

Baruch Lebovits is alleged to have molested Motty Borger among many others.

I have several distressing questions.

  1. Why weren’t Rabbi Lebovits’ neighbors warned about his arrest when it happened eight months ago?
  2. Who removed all the flyers and are they indicative of organized forces involved in a cover up?
  3. What early signs of Lebovits’ molesting were ignored? Who was involved in the cover up?
  4. Why was one community member misinformed into believing the number on the flyer was a wrong number.

5 thoughts on “Boro Park Acts against Baruch Lebovits, Motty Borger’s Alleged Molester

  1. Is it prudent to post names? I think DovBear had the right idea, he has so far refused to post names until something is proven…

    • Each of us has to decide whether we are more concerned about legal certainty or the pursuit of justice. We are dealing with criminals who have concealed their crimes and intimidated their witnesses. They molest in private and lie in public. The community must choose whether to allow themselves any more excuses to not act or to take the risks of action. I choose to be on the side of the victims and take those risks.

      In part I am answering to a higher standard, the kishkah test. When you smell a coverup and you want to vomit because the official answers stink so badly, you have to decide whether to cover your nose and behave like everything is rose-scented or you want to go to the toilet and start plunging.

      In normal circumstances I defer to gold plated standards. Right now I am grabbing the plunger. I am not grabbing mindlessly. I am doing some checking and cross verifying. But I will not wait till the last t is crossed and i is dotted. Children are drowning right now in our sewers and new ones are being thrown in every day.

      Eis laasos (A time to act)

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    • Now that he has pleaded guilty rather than face a second trial, do you concede you are wrong. He was never found innocent. An appeals court overturned the verdict on a technicality and called for a new trial. the indictment stood until he finally pleaded guilty a few weeks ago.

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