Breaking News- Greenfeld Agreed in Writing To Quit Teaching 6 Weeks Before Arrest

David Yehudah Greenfeld, who was arrested on December 23rd on 3 charges related to child molesting agreed to quit teaching over 6 weeks earlier according to Rabbi Nochem Rosenberg of Williamsburg. R. Rosenberg secured the agreement in writing after confronting him with his victim at the Mosholow School in Boro Park on Thursday November 12, 2009. Rabbi Rosenberg shared a copy of the note with me.

DYG Handwtritten NoteRabbi Rosenberg says the original is now in the possession of the NYPD officials in the Sex Crimes Unit in Brooklyn, but they provided him with a receipt. According to Rabbi Rosenberg, the school removed him from classroom duties but took a while more before they removed him from all contacts with children. Once again the scandal is that someone is removed from teaching but no action is taken to notify the police to protect other children in the community.

Translation of the Text of Letter

5th day [Thursday], [week of parashat] Chaye Sarah — November 12, 2009

With the help of Heaven.

I the undersigned, freely agree not to involve myself with students anymore, in any manner.

Duvid Leib Greenfeld

Note- The signed middle name Leib is Yiddish for Yehudah as is Yidde.


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