Shmuel Borger Update: Why I Still Stand By My November Posting

One my readers asked me:

Is there anything new regarding the events that culminated in the death of Motty Borger? The story has seemingly disappeared. If in fact there are unseemly aspects to the reported story, this story needs to stay alive. If the Father [Shmuel Borger] has been wrongly accused, then that needs to be known. Itchiemayer (12/7/10)

I stand by by my earlier post about Shmuel Borger. Since November 29 I have received additional confirmation of the allegations. Several key figures in the frum world have arrived at similar conclusions because of old information that came to their attention, new witnesses who came forward, and their interactions with Shmuel Borger. However, no one is willing to come forward to public authorities or be quoted by name. So once again, justice is not being done though we know there is an injustice.

I spoke to Shmuel Borger and he admitted that the police came to his apartment because of a domestic violence complaint. He insisted a hostile landlord initiated the complaint. He also attributed the sex abuse allegations to unnamed enemies who were jealous of his success and talent as a videographer. He has also tried to intimidate individuals into silence with implied threats of violence. Once again these individuals have chosen not to report the facts publicly.

I listened to his lashon horah drashah when he got up from shivah for Motty. I found it strange. It was surreal to see such a suspension of grief and such a high-minded focus on an issue seemingly unrelated to the tragic death of his son. I thought this must be the speech of a saint or a serious sinner. It could not be the speech of an average person.

Now we know what he did not want people to talk about. He does not handle himself like a tzadik in person. Instead, the gentle even tone instantly segues into a threatening voice, or a grandiose self-promoting pronouncement. The one things missing in his manipulative repertoire is either authentic grief or remorse. The menacing grandiose Shmuel Borger is not consistent with the loshon horah tzadik on the tape.

Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman of Passaic’s Ahavas Israel said:

The people who know the laws of lashon horah the best are the molesters. Three times in the last year I have told people that if you move into this neighborhood I will have one hundred people in front of your house on the first day protesting. . . . . . [One of the molesters] said, that is lashon horah, and he had lots of klolos and misheberachs (curses and blessings). All of a sudden the laws of loshon horah were so clear; you can’t talk about this!

Boro Park is not Passaic so molesters can move in and they don’t have to move out. Scandalously, there is not one rav in Boro Park willing to serve notice to the public that Shmuel Borger should not be trusted with children even though his work history includes video productions in youth settings and organizing a children’s choir.

Shmuel Borger’s ill-fated lashon harah message was a maudlin attempt to exploit his son’s death and deflect attention from his own indecency. Shmuel urged people avoid lashon horah and let go of petty grievances. He conveniently forgot to mention that it is not lashon horah when things must be said to protect others. The grievances against him were not petty; he is guilty of monstrous acts.  I am haunted by Motty’s tormented life and tragic end. I just wish it would get leaders and community members to speak about the evil in our midst.


22 thoughts on “Shmuel Borger Update: Why I Still Stand By My November Posting

  1. R’ Yerachmiel, shlita,

    Thanks for keeping this alive. Shmuel Borger should not be allowed to have piece of mind that we have forgotten this story.

  2. whats equally as bad is the “chillul hashem” claim that is thrown up in to the air when one publicizes these crimes. The tropper scandal is a great example of that – the only problem there was that it was a chillul hashem when publicized!!! So that means, lets keep these things quiet, lest they turn into a chillul hashem – what a disgrace!

  3. The people who toss out the chillul hashem argument believe hashem depends on the newspapers to find out about sex abuse. Hence, if it is not in the newspaper it is not a chillul hashem.

    Moreover they seem to believe that Hashem only reads Hamodiah and a few other censored chareidi newspapers. And naturally, hashem has mended his ways and stopped noticing what is on the internet.


  4. There is only one way to possibly learn the truth about and expose these people. Private investigators need to be hired to track these people. It can be expensive but not if many people group togther to support the cause.

  5. Look into shmuel borger’s time in the mirrer yeshiva dormitory when yudi kolko (resident dorm counselor at the time!) was the one who got him thrown out for his aggressive sexual behaviour towards young cute boys.

    I believe it was 1969.

  6. He has done video productions for them including fund raisers. I do not know if he did as a volunteer of if he was paid. Their website hosted his tape recorded lashon horah droshah produced during the shivah.

    [audio src="" /]

    The music on their site sounds like a Shmuel Borger production but I am not sure.

  7. Just some more history. Motty went to the Wiener Yeshiva in Boro Park and went to their camps. He later went to the Munkacs Camp. I am not sure about Yeshiva. To the end of his life he hung out in the Munkacs Beis Medrish in Boro Park. Like many chassidish Yeshivas Munkacs had a culture of molestation. For years the Munkacs Rebbe has not been very active in tending to his kehila. Though in recent years the Rebbe has been active in pidyon shvuyim. Boruch Lebovits, who is now on trial for molesting hung out regularly at Munkacs. The NY Post has a story about a witness who says Motty told him that he was molested by Lebovits.

  8. It’s almost funny for Shmuel Borger to allege that he is being defamed because people are “jealous of his success and talent as a videographer.”

    He is just 2nd rate at this craft…he employs old methods and the Chofetz Chaim videos are very one-dimensional….

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  11. I see this was posted years ago.I admit not knowing the full picture however at the time of his sons death he was preaching to let go of grievances and stop speaking lashon hora we all knew it was due to the fact that he was blaming the kallahs side and their ongoing family feud.

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