I Am Looking for Information about Shmuel Borger and the Amudai Shaish Boys Choir

Amudai Shaish Shmuel Borger Gorilla CoverI am preparing a story about the Amudai Shaish Boys Choir and its director, Shmuel Borger. I am looking for details about its founding, operation, and closing. The kinds of information I am seeking include how singers were recruited and treated, the schedules and locations of concerts (especially outside of New York City), the marketing of the choir, and the story behind its closing.

Recently Shmuel Borger has returned to promoting himself through full page ads in The Jewish Press, Yated Neeman and through an18 minute audiotape infomercial on the website of Yeshiva World News. 

You can contact me by putting the words “contact me about amudai shaish”  or other words to that effect into a comment on any posting at my blog, FrumFollies.Wordpress.com. Choose any name you want and leave me your email address. The email address will not be visible to anyone but me. All information shared with me will be confidential.

Thanking all of you in advance,

Yerachmiel Lopin


21 thoughts on “I Am Looking for Information about Shmuel Borger and the Amudai Shaish Boys Choir

  1. Hey Grandma, there you are. Where have you been are you not ashamed of what you are doing to help Lopin destroy a families life. Have you checked with your girls by the shabbos table if you should be helping lopin or do you want to go to gehinom just like Lopin and NR will be doing real soon?

    • Hey mason:
      You can’t destroy that family, it is destroyed already. Didn’t they separate right after the Shiva? Didn’t the Mrs. ask for a divorce over a year ago?And how about a nice a nice payoff from BM L?

  2. Mason, your words lead me to suspect that you are not an observant Jew. If you think that you are, I pity your wife/mother/significant other if all you have had time to do over the last few days is spew such poisonous filth instead of helping her prepare for the final days of Pesach, then to prepare your home for a return to chometz.

    I happen to be an avid defender of children whose lives have been destroyed by abusers of all types.

    One of my foster sons will forever live with severe mental illness because a rosh yeshiva refused to believe HIS SON was abusing my boy, even after we sent him evidence IN HIS SON’S HANDWRITING and a tape of a vicious phone message his son left on MY answering machine during a school break, and even after my boy nearly succeeded in a suicide attempt (the first of several). A DA who originally thought we had a good case eventually advised us not to proceed, because “it would wreck all our lives” to do so in those days.

    My own son finds it very hard to trust authority because of his “brother’s” and his own experiences, but at least now leads a Torah life and my grandchildren are in yeshivot we trust.

    One of my foster girls had to be rescued from prostitution after her rebbe got her pregnant. It was only after she lost the baby that she would even agree to see me again. Her self esteem was destroyed, her chance for a good shidduch completely vanished.

    Both children rejected Yiddishkeit, associating Shabbat, kashrut, etc. with those who harmed them. Precious neshamas destroyed, “lesser” families who loved them torn apart and shamed, and some also driven from Yiddishkeit. What do you say to a natural mother who has put her child in your care with such results? “Sorry, but that’s such a prestigious school, I thought your child (and mine) would be safe there?” Well, they weren’t, sir!

    Yes, I would have been quite happy to see both rabbinic families shamed for what was shoved under the rug at the expense of these and other children, thank you very much!

    I have been so relieved to see in succeeding decades that the “sha, stille” attitude might be changing, at least a little. Getting medical and psychological help has far less of a stigma than it did 25-30 years ago. Beaten wives are now being believed, at least if they can produce hospital records and witnesses. Slumlords who happen to have s’micha are being held accountable for their failure to provide livable housing. Victims of all kinds are being believed, including molested children, like the one in the BML case currently before the court.

    Mason, many families are still not willing to teach their children the difference between “ok” and “not-ok” touch, and certainly many Torah-observant families are horrified that they even need to tell the child to “come tell Mommy or Tatty” if a teacher touches them. That leaves our children far too vulnerable.

    Surely, we MUST be able to trust our leaders. Conversely, they must be worthy of that trust. If they are not, they must be held accountable. If the rabbinate is unwilling or unable to take action, we have no other recourse than the civil courts.

    That lump under the rug has gotten far too big. What’s oozing out now should have been dealt with quickly and quietly with the first case, so that there wouldn’t BE dozens now coming to light. Ethics education and internal self-regulation of the rabbinate may be a lot to ask, but the only other choice is the ugly circus now going on in the courts and the press.

    To invoke another analogy, it’s time to lance the boil, drain the poison and heal our people.

  3. please contact me if you need info it is not exactly what you are looking for it is alot more it might be from the darkest secrets in the frum community! and involves many more people

  4. Dear grandmother, I am so sorry to hear your story. I really mean it. May hashem give you nachas from your entire family.

    But please forgive me for what I have to say. Yerachmiel Lopin has just requested from the world for information about Shmuel Borger in order to now try to destroy his life. He is advertising to the world ” I am looking for information about Shmuel Borger …… with the intention of bad mouthing him. And you because of your story and situation have the chutzpah to say, YES YERACHMIEL I will even make a link to face book. Another words you are saying Yes, I will help you to destroy Shmuel Borger. And all these blogs that bothered you grandma, it was not Shmuel Borger behind them. It was others simply asking why did Lopin associated the death of Motty Borger with BML. And till this very day nobody even answered that question. And now you wish to be a partner to help destroy someone who was never bad mouthed by anyone for his lifetime and because he speaks out against NR and others who connected his son to BML, now Shmuel becomes a criminal.

    Dearest grandma, if you wish to see nachas from your children, you ain’t gonna get it by helping Lopin. Your just destroying your mazel and brocha and destroying your family.

    But because of your situation you

    • Markowitz,

      Besides being a shameless defender of molesters and defamer of others, you are a liar. You gave a false email address as a pretence to be ready to say something.

      you wrote:

      Yes, Yerachmiel I know a lot about Mr. Borger. You have my email address. Don’t hesitate to send an email to me. Shelly Markowitz ( I’m a male ).

      So Shelly Markowitz, or whoever you are, what don’t you lie about?

  5. Reb Markowitz, I will make one more comment then no more on the topic for now.

    My son was one of those choir members and has been given Mr. Lopin’s email address. If he is ready to speak, I will support him. Enough sir!

  6. the best way to deal with mason is to ignore him – he wants the attention. Too bad there isn’t an “Ignore Commentor” button on a blog.

    Mason- consider yourself *IGNORED*

    If Mason ever has something worthwhile to read, someone let me know.

  7. You are all missing the point. This is not about destroying or not destroying anyone, this is about ובערת הרע מקרבך, to rid our community of such characters and the like. it is high time to expose the molesters and more so their protectors. אל תגעו במשיחי

  8. Do your thing Yerachmiel, and best of luck. Even a cursory listen to the Borger PR machine reveals a twisted agenda promoted by a sick man.

  9. I learned with Motti a few years in viener mesivta, which was a block away from Munkatch, where Lebovitz lured his victims, (his second preferred location, Bais Meir in bp)… If I can be of nay help about either with information, about Lebovitz or Motti Zt’l, please e-mail me…

  10. I learned with Motti in viener mesivta with Mottis zt’l, which was a block away from munkatch where Lebovitz worked his charm… We all knew about lebovitz, and knew guys that had full fledged acts of sickness with him…

    If I can be of help with information about either one, please e-mail me…

  11. Disgusted NY Grandmother of 3, I am truly sorry for the pain you and your family had to endure. I do empathize with your pain due to my own family tragedy, but I want you to understand that the wind of change is in the air in your community. There are cadres of people, who will not sweep the molestation issue under the rug. With time the wind will only get stronger and like a tornado destroy all the evil child molester in our community.

  12. I just listened to the audio from Borger. All I can say is that it was the creepiest thing I’ve listened to in a LONG time. Yuck. So strange on many levels.

    As a father of young children, I have a hard time understanding how a parent could allow perpetrators of abuse to continue to live in our community.

  13. While my personal jury is still out on this incident I still have a gut feeling that something is very wrong in our community- an it’s NOT the bloggers.

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