Speech By Father of Lebovits Victim to Sentencing Judge

Below is the prepared text that the father of the victim shared with me yesterday and delivered to the judge in Brooklyn a few minutes ago. I will announce sentencing as soon it happens. The text has has been edited to remove names and other identifying information.

I would like to thank the judge, The Honorable Patricia M. Di Mango, for giving me the opportunity to speak at the sentencing of Baruch Mordechai Lebovits.

King David wrote: ”I thank G-d with my whole heart in the assembly of the upright” (Psalms 111:1). There is no more righteous place than where justice is done and executed. The prophet Isaiah said, “Zion should be redeemed through justice. I would like to thank the Honorable Justice Di Mango for conducting the trial with truth and dignity. I have to admit that I had my doubts about the outcome, but I know that if you have truth on your side justice will prevail. As Shakespeare said:  “The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is”.

I want to thank Ms. Gregory and her staff and the DA’s office for endless hard work and sleepless nights to bring this case to trial regardless of the dark clouds, She directed those clouds at Mr. Lebovits so the sun should shine again on my son. It is said that in every dark place there is a spark of light that is called hope.

I thank Detective Steve for his tireless work and the fact the he was always available to us 24/7. I also want to thank Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg and the father of another victim. Without you I would not be here today. You were like Pinchus in the Bible.

I want to thank my wonderful parents and family who stood fast in the biggest crises facing them in and out of the community for giving our son emotional support, a hug, a laughter and sometimes, a tear. You kids are all standing tall as victory marches on and history was made.

It is said that you leave the best for the last. And so my beloved son, my heart is always with you. We are one soul in two bodies bonded forever. I am very proud of you as are all your friends, family and all those who took part in this case. You had the courage to bring to the authorities that evil man, who is a rabbi and a prominent businessman with many connections to top leaders in the community. You refused to be bribed to drop the case. You were subjected to mud slinging and character assassination in front of the entire community as you testified in the witness chair. But you persevered because you had one thing on your side and that is the truth.

The holy book The Zohar states that “Truth stands on its own feet and lies do not stand.” And so the jury gave it’s verdict siding with the truth.

My son, with your courage to come forward you made history, helping to put away this evil man.  You made the community safer for other children. Martin Luther King JR said “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor. It must be demanded by the oppressed.”

I want to look this evil a man in his eyes. What this man did is not some tale or script in a horror movie. It is a real horror story of a man who lived in our community, was trusted by the children and the people. He went on to ruin so many innocent lives just to serve his own selfish sick pleasures. I ask you Mordechai Lebovits, where is your soul? After you had your sick fun you discarded these innocent children like trash. You wished to see them completely destroyed so they would not be able to testify against you. You never showed or had any remorse. You tried to destroy our son and his testimony by bringing in a rabbi, Berrel Ashkenazi, who himself is a alleged child molester, to testify on your behalf. But you just dug a deeper hole for yourself. As King David wrote “He who dug a pit has fallen into the ditch which he made. (Psalms 7:16).

But you cannot escape from the hands of G-D. Our son pulled himself out of the pit that you dug for him. He will go on with his life and G-D will give him strength and success while you will rot in a pit. .

Now, let me turn my attention and address the Lebovits family, friends and the so-called rabbis. You are not innocent either. You share the same guilt that Mordechai Lebovits does. You are just as guilty as he is because you all knew who he was, what he was doing and how he was destroying so many innocent children for years. You all came to support him while smirking and laughing at our son as he bravely testified. Our great Sages said that the one who sees someone committing evil and is silent is just as guilty as the evil perpetrator and gets the same punishment from G-D as the evildoer. There were rabbis who called me form Israel and ask me not to persecute him and just let him off the hook for his family’s sake. I told them that there is nothing in the Bible or the Talmud that tells us that justice should not be served for the sake of the family of the criminal. I ask those who pleaded mercy for this man” Did Mordechai Lebovits ever have mercy on the children he molested? Did he ever ask for their forgiveness for ruining their lives?

I would like to give you a summary of a quote from the Chief Rabbi Strenbuch of the Ultra Orthodox Rabbinical Court in Jerusalem (II:627). “It is not only allowed to bring the criminal to the authorities but it is a command to hand over such a person to the authorities. By handing him to the authorities you will eliminate desecration of G-D. There is no greater desecration of G-D than allowing a criminal like this to escape justice.”

I have a message for all those children molested by this or any other evil man and to their families.  It took a long time for this man to be brought to justice, but as a Russian poet once wrote “Justice is like a train that always arrives late”. It is better late than never. Don’t be afraid to bring a perpetrator to justice.

In conclusion, I would like to ask the Honorable Justice Patricia M. Di Mango to impose the maximum sentence for the crimes committed by Mordechai Lebovits as he inflicted maximum suffering on his innocent victims with no remorse.

Thank you very much Justice Di Mango. May G-D bless you and G-D bless America!

38 thoughts on “Speech By Father of Lebovits Victim to Sentencing Judge

  1. Kol HaKavod. My heart goes out to the entire family of all such victims. May they be lifted and sustained.

  2. This magnifcent and heartfelt speech should be sent to all communities. what a courageous man to stand so straight for the love of his son and the love of justice

  3. Scream it from the rooftops,Justice has prevailed Bauruch Lebovits is in jail now

  4. all victims should have a father like this.kol ha kavod,i am overwhelmed by his words.this son is blessed to have a father like this .If all victims had a parent like him we would eradicate molesters from our midst much sooner.Wow is all i can say.

    • fradap, I agree wholeheartedly, and mechl, what cave are you living in? The best of families have lost kinderlach to drugs. You’re cruel. That’s a wonderful mishpacha you’re talking about. His parents have always been there for him. You should know, before he filed a lawsuit, the mishpacha contacted the yeshiva to ask, b’derech kavod, to fire his molester. So mister, take your vomit and spew it elsewhere!

    • Mechl.

      You make ME vomit. Go ahead stick up for the pedophiles, I wonder . . . This day will be remembered as V Day, Molesters beware, justice is coming. Sruli, now that you came out the winner, keep winning all the way and make us proud.חזק ואמץ This will be the biggest נקמה in all the bleeding heart supporters of BM and his like.

        • It looks like you mirror your parents how they treated you when you was a kid , thank the Lord I did not live in your home .

  5. your son is a low life for not getting love from you stop blaming others fix yourself first !! tell him to repent on his sins not justify that cause of him he looks the way he does!! him sitting will not make your son repent !!

    • Wrong. Mr. R’s son is a true hero in every sense of the word. He has given thousands of other victims like him the courage to stand up to the bullying and intimidation. His courage in going to the police, facing his abuser in court, answering the defense attorney’s cross-examinations and dealing with all the threats and ridiclues from reshaim like yourself is exemplary. May hashem grant him a refuah sheleima and may he be rewarded for his heroism.

    • Bml i going to prison not for giving drugs only for child molestation with no repent
      He will have more time when spending his years in jail to ask forgivness the hundreds of kids he molested over three decades .

    • He had lessons in steeling from the school he was attending and the whole community he was growing up ” lunch programs food stamps sec 8 etc.” So please explain the difference not steeling from someone else the command is ”
      Should Not steel “

  6. Very well written, touching and I really hope that the victim will have a full recovery and with a father like he has I am sure he will feel the love and get better.

    • You are impressed? because of this one time speech? Dont kid yourself
      The father had the speech written to him by the organization of Dov Hikind and all support he had.

      Check up on how the father was up to now. Nothing much to report.

      By requesting maximum sentence, he was repeating words put for him on the prepared speech. Any godfearing jew although offended as his son was would not discuss the length of term, this is not in his hands

  7. This speech is quite good and makes several poignant points. One cannot know whether this statement or perhaps any of many others guided the judge in giving this molester the maximum sentence.

    Among the comments above, I was struck by a few things. I am quite familiar with the treatment of abuse victims, and I have many friends who are therapists. There is universal understanding that the prosecution of the abuser has little if any benefit to the victim. The reason (and a really good one) to prosecute is that the abuser is removed from society, and the world is a safer place. To say that the victim can now be at peace is a gross misunderstanding of trauma and its long term effects.

    Another statement was crude and uninformed. It referred to the victim’s drug use and the parents’ neglect of this. While I know nothing about this victim, his family, or this perpetrator, this is really a non-issue. Parents who have children that struggle with substance abuse are rarely able to control or stop it through parenting. Such an accusation is worse than unfair. Parents try many things, usually in futility, and eventually give up or reach out for their own help. The drug user needs his/her own treatment, and this will also be ineffective until the person is ready to change.

    This event, the conviction and sentencing, leave me with many thoughts and reactions. I am most appalled at the efforts to “interfere” with the process. I have an opinion about the use of going to authorities for such cases, and others are entitled to disagree. But once the case is being prosecuted, the payoffs and threats to witnesses to withhold information and lie are beyond the level of immorality that I would expect to find anywhere, let alone in the Torah observant world.

    • And you forgot grand rabbi of satmar Aron Tietelboum who likes to speak about Nice girls and use to sit in the mikva across showers to steer at naked man has a Son called .Mendel Chazer ( pig) Becouse …….. fill in

      • Did you listen to the tape of SOSHE rabbi Aron Tietelboum of Satmer gave a HOT SEX lessons to her sons wife.how to take good care of Mendel the rabbi of willi
        It’s. A good idea to put it on Cd for all his following how to treat husbands Mabe this will keep them happy .

    • why do you believe all threats, because the father said it in his prepared flowery speech?? We can prepare one for you too

  8. Thanks to Rabbi ?? Nuchem Rosenberg, for writing this letter, as I heard him say, that he wrote his speech, and his son speech.

    what an evil person.

    If you guys would of known this evil man, the so called Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg, you wouldn’t want to stand right next to him.

    • I remember Nuchem Rosenberg from the Yeshiva at 167 Sands St; he was an honest good human being when we went to school together. I could visualize the fume dripping of your lips, kind of interesting visual.

        • Sam;
          Well I did play the video, and finally you brought me back some interesting memories, yea around 40 years, things didn’t change that much. What I hear (no video of the harasser)and see, some guy harassing Nuchen, every item this guy brought up doesn’t relate to his work for victims, personally I don’t care if indeed he sleeps around with hundred of woman or even man as long they are consenting adults. Furthermore, what is the relationship with his open zipper and victims of sexual abuse? Maybe you could enlighten us, we don’t see any connection. As far as what he style he chooses? In my book neither, your black hat and black suit, isn’t the latest style either. So should I make fun of your regalia, I won’t. In my view you have a right to dress and grow a long beard, as long you don’t want to infringe on rights.
          Finally, the video actually reinforced my personal view about this molestation issue in your community. It will take a lot of education to change this pervasive attitude towards victim. And Nuchen is one of the few who is not intimidated by leadership and their henchmen.

          • sam
            you dont know nuchem and his family, All their entertainment is by making fun of others. Intimidated, this attention keeps him going. Nothing else in him

  9. A truly beautiful speech. Thank-you for reprinting it in full. It definitely deserves to be sent for others to read. — Including all the quotes contained.

    Some disturbing comments (above) left by some disturbed people.

  10. I appeal to you טייערע אידען BM is nebbach sitting in jail with no one to molest. Can we buy him a lifesize rubber male doll with peyos? Send the donations to his house. If they won’t let that in, then let’s send him Berel Ashkenazi, as “birds of a feather stick together”.

  11. איך קען די בחור און זיין משפחה, זיינע עלטערן האבען זיך קיינמאל נישט מיט זיין חינוך אפגעגעבן, און ער מיינט אז אזוי וועט דער אייבישטער אים מוחל זיין זיינע עברות, ניין ניין ער וועט ברענען פאר יעדע עברה און פלאקערן פאר זיין א מוסר ישראל לעכ”ם, איך זיי מיך נישט דא אוננעמען פאר ברוך מרדכי, אבער און תפיסה קימעט אים זיכער נישט , אים קומט א ריהעפ מיט סעקייטריסט, אפשר אפילו א ריהעפ וואס איז ציגעשפארט ביז ער ווערט נישט נארמאל , אבער געדענט מיר זענען יודן, און די הייליגע תורה שטייט אז א מסור מעג מען הארגענען,
    געדענקט די בחור איז חייב מיתה ע”פ התורה

  12. He took mussar lessons from both Satmar Rabbis (Aron and Zalmon),. Bobev Ben Zion Munkatch with his father. Z”l to court for money an dame. Thats OK for the hasiddic community but its not allowed to take a molester to court ?
    It’s a shame and a desecration of God .

  13. Either way this is very sad. According to Jewish law a person is innocent until proven guilty, proven by witness. Here there is no evidence at all, I’m not saying I don’t believe it, I’m saying even if its true, is the only answer prison for so many years?! Common, dangerous murderers don’t get that! So what’s behind it, its money, anger, revenge, some attention seekers and dirty minds feeding their own dirty fantasies pretending to be a chimney sweeper (Nuchem Rosenberg shr”y)! This (Kol tzedek/ Dov Hikind etc) got half a million to “sort out” these cases, these “victims” are usually the biggest drop outs and lowlifes looking for somebody to blame. I know people who were “abused” as children and it didn’t harm them at all, and I know big lowlifes, drug addicts, problem cases, drop outs that nobody ever touched them and still they became drop outs. Why would should we believe this drug addict and put a respected businessman with a wonderful family, wonderful kids, in jail for 30 years?! (yes one of his sons might be a millionaire, so you’re jealous?!) and by the way for all you arrogant and ignorant people who claim he’s a Rabbi to make the story more dramatic, he’s not a Rabbi nor a teacher and never called himself a Rabbi either. He’s actually a very humble respected honest businessman, a travel agent, people fondly call him Rabbi because of his Rabbinical background, or maybe because he has a big beard, and mainly for his singing tallents. All sorts of people call him all over USA to sing and lead the Shabbos Tish Zemiros which he does stunningly with emotions and tears. (Even Shlomo Carlebach adored him and called him Holy Rebbe, and attended a few of his simchos). I didn’t read anywhere that he’s violent and he abused anyone by force, so he’s not that dangerous, and I also read here that this “Kol Tzedek/ Dov Hikind etc” are here officially to “help” us Jews, and that they give treatment for victims “and molesters”. So let’s say he’s sick, why prison why not go for treatment, injection, etc. I’m sure there are other means, why should the family suffer?! Why is the ultimate outcome a court process, charges, jail, and victory! Justice has been served! For whom? Is this going to change anything for this stealing drug addict or for anyone else?! Will he/would he have been any different if this whole story hadn’t happened at all? I’m not so sure… If Burech Modche would be that bad, he wouldn’t have his entire family and community backing him, as for these “victims” common think about it, they were problem cases in first grade! Before they could even think or before they were even thought of being molested…! Its just another few loosers who again sadly never had a good day (usually themselves are to blame) and sad parents (who can realy be to blame sometimes) on top of it, and are looking for somebody to blame for their misery!!! Sad sad sad, instead of being busy how to be wicked to others, GO GET YOUSELVES A LIFE, this is not going to improve your life or anyone else’s.

    As for the ugly, dirty, disgusting, wicked Nuchem Rosenberg, shame on you, you self hating Jew! You are just one track minded, I remember when you started, about 10 years ago, then you weren’t talking about molesters, you sent around letters acusing people that they were gay and the names and addresses of gay clubs people go to etc etc, all sorts of filth garbage and rubbish. Then you realized its not working, you found a new platform where you can exercise your filthy fantasies talking about “child molesters”. You made a Hotline so that every innocent child can hear you talking filthy and dirty all the time all in the name of G-d. Don’t worry your day will come, if not on this world, it will be in the world to come. You have no Daas Torah backing you, they are all against you, and you and especially your family are suffering terribly because of you, that alone shows your selfish bigotry!!! You should be in jail instead of Burech Modche! You’ll make a whole lot more people happy than these few outcasts, who you have joined forces with!!! Don’t forget; The Torah, its laws, and its Rabbis who we abide by! Not courts, jails, or dirty people like you (how dare you call yourself a Rabbi, you never were and never will be a Rabbi ever!). Innocent until proven guilty by Jewish law.

    • 1) he has small one man operation travel agency that’s not a recpected buissness man
      2) nice family ” he has two of his children Shrage , and Mear alegd molesters they were kicked out of the munckh hore house – yashiva .
      3) if his son really won the lottery and a rich man couldn’t he higher him a good lawer , instead of a gerk .
      His.whole.family is bull , phony just like he calls.himself the ” kamarna ” Rabbi

  14. mechl, keep it up, give them all to understand that this father was reading a prepared speech. He hasnt quoted shakespeare for ages.

    everyone gets carried away by this flowery speech

  15. Sammy Borger. Next stop is a cell. Shmuel Borger of Amudei Shaish. You will be so famous. All the shvartzes will want to take turns with you. R. H, I want nikomah. No tshuvah lies. No rachmonis. No deals. No beis din. No shidduch business. No gedolim. Daas Torah is like Rabbi Eidensohn says–call the police.

    • Actually, both facts may be true. The DA has not accused Kellner of any witness tampering regarding the witness in the trial. Think of it this way. A fershtunkeneh mamzer is mizalzel a hundred or two hundred boys in BP. Because of the chazerish protection of menuvalim by the heilige Munkatcher Omerta rebbele, almost no one comes forward. A few people try. One gets a conviction. Another also figures, let the mamzer at least pay if he is not going to trial.

      Shyoyn. Think of it this way. If he molested a hundred kids, each a few dozen time. then you have a few thousand felonies. He got a metziah even with 32 years in jail; it works out to a week or two in jail for each instance. Not a bad deal.

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