Take the Borger Challenge: Listen to His Entire Tape

Shmuel Borger has produced an infomercial tape for his video production, Tears for Moshiach, which is supposed to hasten the arrival of the moshiach. He exploits the memory of his son Motty a’h and insists on a  false account of the cause of death.  He dwells on the sin of lashon horah (gossip) but ignores the Chofetz Chaim about the obligation to report information to protect others from harm. He implies the endorsement of important rabbis which he does not have.

Shmuel Sammy Borger

Shmuel Sammy Borger

I have spoken to people who tried to listen to the entire tape but couldn’t make it to the end. Most of them said, “it made me gag.” After two failed attempts I forced myself to listen right through to the end. It is an astounding piece of audio work. It doesn’t teach anything of value about lashon horah, bringing the geulah, or even the truth about Motty’s death. But it sure shows us the real Shmuel Borger.

He will amaze you with his fine speaking voice and his eerie level of emotionless control. He will display a full range of emotion but you will detect the faking. He will move from stories and histrionics into the closing sales pitch for his upcoming video and invite you become a financial sponsor. Klal yisroel could have benefited immensely from Sammy Borger’s talents if he had devoted himself to selling gadgets on television and donating the proceeds to worthy causes.

You have no reason to believe me. Perhaps I am acting out a personal vendetta. Perhaps I do not properly understand this fine upstanding citizen who produced some very fine albums decades ago with his Amudai Shaish Boys Choir when he was known in the business as Sammy Borger. I urge you to decide for yourselves.

Take the Borger Challenge. See if you can get yourself to listen to his tape right to the end. You can play it on YeshivaWorldNews’or you can download it. Feel free to share the details of your experience with the rest of us.


If you don’t have the stomach to listen to the audio, you can read the transcript of the tape: Text of Infomercial for Borger’s For-Profit Venture, TEARS FOR MOSHIACH.


You can see the text of Sammy’s ad’s in Yated Neeman and The Jewish Press. It will also make you gag. But reading the text is cheating and only permitted for those with delicate constitutions who can not assume the risk of taking the Borger Challenge. To really appreciate the man, you have to hear the voice.
Please click on the link below to listen to a second heartrending message from Shmuel Borger, father of Motty Borger Z”L, the Chosson who tragically was Niftar just 2 days after his wedding.In the message Shmuel Borger tells those who created false articles written by news outlets – including the NY Post, and subsquently reported on various so-called “Jewish blogs” how they are hurting Klal Yisroel.“My son did not jump”, says R’ Borger, and proceeds to relate the tragedy in detail.His heartrending message is to all of Klal Yisroel who he says were misled, and who were “Mekabel” various “Motzei Shem Ra”, and “Lashon Hara”, and has an important request of Klal Yisroel.Shmuel Borger requests that you please take the time to listen to his important and  inspiring message about his upcoming worldwide event film production being shown after Pesach which will touch the hearts of Klal Yisroel and with the hope that we can see Moshiach very soon in our days.

If you go on down to the comments you will see that even those comments allowed through Yeshiva World News’ heavy censorship included many critical of Borger’s exploitation of his son’s death.


27 thoughts on “Take the Borger Challenge: Listen to His Entire Tape

  1. Yudel is too lenient, he shouldn’t let Borger cynically and heartlessly utilize his son’s tragic Petirah to commercially promote his video and show. He shouldn’t let this Menuval Borger off the hook until he also withdraws from all the ads, videos, and shows, all the references, allusions and pictures of his son.

  2. I forced myself to listen to the recording when it first came out. I agree with Yerachmiel and “Honest Abe”.

  3. Shouldn’t 911 have been called? Trouble breathing? Kallah fell right back to sleep? I don’t buy it for one second.

  4. He wants to bring moshiach, or (pardon me Rav Yudel), the “geulah”? Then let him apologize to each and every child that he molested and pay them for the lifelong therapy that they have to undergo. Then let him go to his son’s grave and beg mechila from him for using and abusing him. Then he should go to Bellevue and have himself committed for the rest of his life. Anybody who is insane enough to spend money on this lunatic’s productions and help support a child molester, deserves to be committed as well. Once again, I call on his victims who are currently under the age of 23: PLEASE GO THE POLICE AND PRESS CHARGES! The sooner you go, the more lives of innocent children will be saved. It’s all up to you!

  5. I listened to the whole thing. It was pretty scary.

    First, he addressed “Klal Yisroel”. Not “my friends” or anything like that. More like Moshiach addressing the Ahm.

    He asserts that “so many” people sent him emails showing their support of him.

    Then he goes on to insinuate that bloggers (the minority compared to his supporters) caused the death of the two people who died in Teaneck during the storm. Be careful Yerachmiel, he may decide to punish these “murderers”. I’m not kidding. He’s nuts.

    He goes on to promise all kinds of rewards to those who buy or pay to see his video: recovery of the sick, Moshiach coming, all that kind of stuff. Does it come with snake oil?

    And of course he’s doing all this because he made Motty a promise to help bring Moshiach. There can be no witnesses to this promise, since Motty is gone.

    How horrible.

    This is a guy who has needed to be locked up in an asylum since puberty. He is really dangerous. With the dogs nipping at his heels these days, he is sure to blow. Everybody, be careful in his presence.

    Or should I say Klal Yisroel…

  6. I listened to 11 minutes and then gave up. My main reaction was that I felt sorry for the guy. What the previous commenters say is all true. But there is something pathetic about this diatribe – I just could not get angry at the guy. It is a rachmonos.

  7. the punishment isnt long enough it waso hard just to get lebowitz im afraid this battle can never be won

  8. The sense of conviction and delusion in his tone lead me to wonder if he just might be considering setting himself up for a future insanity plea. I can just imagine the look on a jury’s face as they listened to this drivel. Who knows, it could feasibly keep him out of jail and in a comfy padded room.

  9. Now friends, beware the evils of loshon haroh! Are yew aware of a pervert or molester in your community? Have you been tempted to inform others for the benefit of their own safety? Have you considered alerting the relevant authorities?? If so then YEW friend are committing lashon harah!

    Yes YEW , friend, may deprive our sainted gedolim of their well deserved income streams! YEW may invite the serpent into our communities, where he will spread evil!! Evil! via the forked tongues of those who don’t submit to Daas Torah and bend over willingly and gratefully to take whatever our sainted leaders choose to tender unto them!

    Woe unto you who defy the edicts of our leaders, the anointed voices of the Lord Gawd himsayulf! Do I hear an amen!!???

    Save yourself now!!! Only YEW can save yourself with a MANdatory VOLuntary donation of just 365 dollars- yes only 1 dollar a day for your soul!- to the Pat Borgerson fund for the elimination of free speech, child safety and lawshon haroh! AMEN and SELAH!

  10. I would love to see Borger, Lebovitz, Mondrowitz, Weiss and Kolko together in a no-rules mixed martial arts cage match. Either that, or locked up in a Supermax prison in the shower stall for life.

  11. This comment by Boruch appeared on an earlier post- I am reposting it here because I think it is relevant.

    I once Asked Avrham Fried who sang on an old Borger album whose album he sang on. He said he “doesn’t remember” which is crazy because he remembers all his albums. I dont blame him. He wants nothing to do with sammy.

    Sheya mendlowitz, Frieds producer, also distanced himself from Sammy. I met Sammy a couple times and he creeped me out. I don’t doubt your story.

    Other music people who are creepy are Michoel Streicher and the old music arranger Marty Lewinter who did a Carlebach, Teitelbaum, and 2 Fried CD’s. Marty Mendlowitz never mentioned his name again.

  12. How dare Borger get into the Moshiach business? He doesn’t hold a flame to the Rebbe, Yechi..

  13. He doesn’t hold a flame to the Rebbe? Maybe he just needs to be in the same place as the Rebbe. fax machines and all.

  14. btw, he is clearly crazy but that doesn’t mean necessarily that he did it. I await further evidence.

  15. Hamodia must know something that that we don’t, why aren’t his ads appearing in Hamodia too, I am sure the exploiter/manipulator Menuval Borger must have tried them too, he doesn’t leave a stone unturned in his futile attempt to promote his video.

  16. Lopin, are you gonna pay for my dry cleaning? I just hurled my Starbucks 4 minutes in to this challenge. The nausea started when I heard that corpselike monotone identify himself as “tha fadda of Motteee Borrgerrr.” Kids, can you spell GUILT TRIP?

    • Chuck,

      My lawyer tells me I gave your fair notice that you might vomit if you listened to this tape. Its like going on a roller coaster and suing the management for nausea.

      I am sorry for your dry cleaning bill. Here is how I will make it up to you. Between Sunday and Wednesday there are viewings of his Tears for Moshiach spectacle. Buy yourself a stake in a dry cleaning business, print up coupons, hand them out to people on the way in and out. You should be able to make a tidy profit that will more than make up for the costs of your personal dry cleaning bill.

      I know this all sounds a little devious, but it pales in comparison to Sammy’s Motty’ploitation movie.

  17. i just finished listening to the tape, and was struck by how phony the guy sounded throughout. Given that i don’t have any other direct knowledge of him, i can’t say that i can “diagnose” what is causing this behavior, but he in no way sounded convincing, or in mourning (and the use of his son’s death to justify asking for money for his latest production is pretty tacky, to say the least).

    • Tacky? If by tacky you mean a disgusting way of molesting your child again even while he’s in the grave, then yeah, tacky is a good word.

  18. He definitely sounds maniacal… but maybe he would sound a little more convincing without the heavy Brooklyn accent as well…

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