Meir Dascalowitz of Williamsburg Arrested for Child Molestation Charges

Meir Dascalowitz, a 27-year-old  hasidic Jew from Williamsburg, Brooklyn was arrested yesterday  for child molestation. He is scheduled for arraignment today in Kings County Supreme Court on multiple charges including ten Felony D charges of criminal sexual activity-2 with a victim under fifteen years of age (PL 130.45 01). There are many additional felony and misdemeanor charges as well. Click here for a PDF of the NY State online report on all the arraignment charges.

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13 thoughts on “Meir Dascalowitz of Williamsburg Arrested for Child Molestation Charges


    R’ Nuchem Rosenberg will soon bring Moshich. He really is cleaning up our community. !כה לחי

    This pig makes B. M. Lebovits look like a צדיק. He learned his trade in BML’s red car.

    BTW, I heard that R’ Nuchem is building a mikveh that will be so hot that after one dip molesters will turn into eunuchs. (See Rashi Deuteronomy XXV 9).

  2. Thought you might be interested in this…

    SOVRI is deeply concerned about the falsehoods being disseminated by Vicki Polin regarding SOVRI’s policies and practices. We strongly object to the accusations she made in the Awareness Center’s “PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS” It is our hope that the following will clarify who SOVRI is and what we represent. We are funded and supported by the New York State Department of Health, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and The New York State Crimes Victim Board, to whose guidelines and protocols we strictly monitor and adhere.

    The following responses, hopefully, will clarify point by point the myths and untruths perpetuated by Vicki Polin and the Awareness Center.


    “The SOVRI Helpline is an organization whose policy is not to make hotline reports in cases where they suspect a child is at risk of harm.”

    FACT #1

    SOVRI is a confidential and anonymous helpline. Our policies clearly state that if we have been given enough information to file a child abuse report, a SOVRI coordinator MUST be contacted to make the report. In fact, we did make a report to ACS when there was a strong suspicion that there were siblings at risk in a home of one of our callers. Despite strong information, ACS refused to take the case, stating there was not enough concrete evidence.

    ACCUSATION #2 “They are a volunteer based organization; they are not mandated to report.”

    FACT #2

    SOVRI functions within the Department of Social Work’s Rape Crisis Intervention Program at Beth Israel Medical Center. We provide 40 hours of training to volunteers selected to serve on the helpline; however, we are clearly hospital based and supervised by licensed certified social workers with a combined clinical experience of forty eight years in sexual violence, intimate partner violence and trauma. As such, those providing supervision to the volunteers are, in fact, mandated reporters. We have a strong commitment, not only to the welfare of children, but to all our callers which includes teens, adults, men and women.


    “They fear that no one will utilize their services if they do the right thing, and protect children when they suspect they are at risk of harm and or neglect.”

    FACT #3

    As previously stated in fact #1, when we have enough information to SUSPECT a child is at risk, we are mandated by law to report. This does not conflict with the fact that our helpline is anonymous and confidential, thereby allowing the caller to feel safe in confiding their innermost pain. As discussed above, on a recent SOVRI referral from an adult survivor who came into treatment because of intra-familial sexual abuse, SOVRI co-coordinators Cheryl Friedman, LCSW, and Chaya Mermerstein, LCSW, called ACS based on their suspected concern about other children living in the survivor’s household.


    “It (SOVRI) was revived again back in 2008 as a reaction to the hotline/recorded message put out weekly by Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg, who was encouraging members of the ultra orthodox community to make hotline reports and work with law enforcement officials.”

    FACT #4

    In regards to the above quoted paragraph, it was taken, word for word, from a blog which later printed a retraction about UNTRUE ACCUSATION #4 and UNTRUE ACCUSATION #5. Had the blog been read in its entirety, the retraction would have been noted without further passing of inaccurate information.

    Specifically, a Board of Directors for SOVRI was re-established in 2006, prior to the Nuchem Rosenberg hotline/recorded message. Our commitment to this issue was a process which began in 2005, out of a deep felt concern for the sexual abuse victims not only within the orthodox community, but concern for all the victims we see in our daily practice.


    “SOVRI has many ties to Ohel,…The four key players in this helpline include Chaya Mermerstein, LCSW and Cheryl Friedman, LCSW, both of Beth Israel’s staff and psychotherapist Yoni Hikind, LMSW.”

    FACT #5

    We have no ties to OHEL. We have no ties to Yoni Hikind.

    SOVRI is under the direction of Carole Sher, ACSW, LCSW who 20 years ago created the Rape Crisis and Domestic Violence Intervention Program at Beth Israel Medical Center as part of the Social Work Department, and has worked with victims of violence for over 30 years. Cheryl Friedman and Chaya Mermerstein, are co-coordinators of SOVRI and work under her guidance. Overseeing all of the programs is Fran Silverman, ACSW, LCSW, Director of Social Work and Child Protection Coordinator. The Rape Crisis Intervention Program, of which SOVRI is a part, receives funding and periodic site visits from the New York State Department of Health and New York State Crime Victims Board. Therefore, adherence to their guidelines and protocol, which include mandatory reporting are strictly upheld.


    “SOVRI’s halachic advisor is Rabbi Dovid Cohen.”

    FACT #6

    Rabbi Dovid Cohen is not the official halachic advisor for SOVRI., but has answered some of our questions when called. He is a prominent rabbi in the orthodox community who has been a staunch advocate of sexual abuse victims and all are welcome to call him about questions related to this issue

    SOVRI Board of Directors

    • This morning (5-14-10) I sent the following email inquiry to SOVRI:

      To: Carole Sher, Cheryl Friedman, Chaya Mermerstein

      Dear Carole, Cheryl and Chaya,

      My apologies for sending an email to all three of you. But I was not sure who was the best person to send it to.

      I am contacting you as the fellow who operates the blog Frum Follies. I am being urged by different parties to write additional things about SOVRI. While I consider the possibility I want to be sure to have my facts right. This brings me to the point of this email.

      Yesterday a comment was posted by a reader of my blog assuming the pseudonym JewDo (“SOVRI’S RESPONSE TO VICKI POLIN) which purportedly represents your position. In the past there were comments posted on Frum Follies which turned out to be false representations of the views of others. Accordingly I am contacting you to confirm that the statement below comes from you, or to be more exact, from the “SOVRI Board of Directors.”

      You can find the comment I am referring to in the comments to this posting:

      BTW, Who is the chair and who are the members of your Board of Directors?

      Thanking you in advance for your assistance in clarifying this matter,


      Yerachmiel Lopin

    • I was actually trained by SOVRI and everything Vicki Polin alleges, is true! SOVRI, your responses are further attempts to whitewash abuse. The Coalition Against Legal Abuse will not take this lying down any longer.

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