Dascalowitz Attempted to Molest Another Boy While Out on Bail

Nuchem Rosenberg’s blog alleges that Meir Dascolowitz  attempted to sexually assault a boy in a mikvah in Williamsburg this morning. Readers of the Frum Follies may remember Dascolowitz was arrested on May 11, arraigned on May 12 when cash bail was set at $75,000, and met his bail with the proceeds of pidyon shvuyim fundraising. He has also since claimed he himself was molested by Baruch Lebovits who is now serving a 10-32 year sentence for molesting a teen boy.

Three weeks ago I said:

I am told that there is a collection being made to secure bail for the recently arrested molester, Meir Dascalowitz. If so, I wonder; are they also collecting for a mashgiach temimi (24/7 kosher supervisor) to make sure he does not molest any additional kids while he is out on bail. If not we may end up having aveirah haboh b’mitzvah (a sin derived from what seemed like a good deed).

Alas, we do indeed have an aveirah haboh b’mitzvah.

12 thoughts on “Dascalowitz Attempted to Molest Another Boy While Out on Bail

  1. Nuchem, I really appreciate all your advocacy for our kids. But, why don’t you write some more about your cousin Jerry (yechiel)brauner. You barely talk about him… He’s king of all Boro Park molesters. And walks around scott free.

  2. Steve:

    I’ve admired your comments and posts for a long time here and on FM. Just curious: what do you do professionally? What is your background in general – if you’d be willing to say.

  3. I know him he is a nabech
    The only way for him to have a second chance is to plead guilty take a deal 2 and 2/3 feel it. Then 10 years on probation .Mabe with the help of Hashem and therapy he will be a manch
    We have to urge him and his family to make the. Wright choice not to fight the DA , the.faster is better for him

  4. Jerry Brauner is Nuchem’s first cousin, and to my knowledge The Awareness Center told Nuchem that he MUST talk about him, if not they will stop paying him.

    • Yes, alas for Nuchem, he is distantly related to Jerry Brauner. Unfortunately we don’t get to pick most of our relatives. But Nuchem, without any special urging takes on Jerry just as he takes on the rest of the mamzerim.

      Why are you spewing this untrue nonsense Sam?

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