Weingarten Is Not a Living Sefer Torah

The blog Dus Iz Nies reported yesterday on the latest propaganda shtick for the menuval, baal giluy arayos and shakran, Yisroel Moshe Weingarten. According to an unsigned editorial in the Tzitung,  Rabbi Elyakim Schlesinger of London cannot sleep at night thinking about the suffering of the sefer torah, Yisroel Moshe Weingarten.

If he is a sefer torah, he is a damaged one  unsuitable for use that needs to buried. The jail in Virginia is the next best thing.

Rabbi Schlesinger, stop losing sleep about Yisroel Moshe. Think about the many children and adults whose days are filled with unhappy thoughts and whose sleep is disturbed by nightmares. Start losing some sleep about them. In the oiylam haemes (the true world, heaven) you will be asked about them. Up there, you can’t fool anyone with a paid editorial in the Tzitung.


7 thoughts on “Weingarten Is Not a Living Sefer Torah

  1. YMW is no torah, and no sefer torah. I heard from someone who ate at his shabbos table for three years that he never said a dvar torah at the shabbos meal. Other students of his yeshiva essentially confirm the same thing: he was an average magid shiur, sometimes obviously underprepared

  2. I still have not received an answer to a question I posted to Zev Brenner. Who gave YMW smicha? If he was kicked out of his yeshiva, and then married in his late 20’s in Israel because he was a problem, at what time did he get smicha and who gave it to him?

  3. If in fact he does not have smicha and is a self-proclaimed “Rabbi” it is important to get that information out to the public. How can we verify that? Shouldn’t everyone who opens a Yeshiva be a certified and qualified Rav?

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