Breaking News: Dascalowitz Court Appearance Update

Meir Dascalowitz appeared in Brooklyn Supreme Court this morning, as scheduled.

He was scheduled to appear  in front of the Honorable Dineen Ann Riviezzo who replaced the Honorable Danny K Chun. It is not clear why Chun is no longer presiding. However, according to the sign on the door and the updated court system record Dascalowitz actually appeared before the Honorable Miriam Cyrulnik. Apparently, another source of lousy justice in Brooklyn is the continual movement of cases between judges during the long period after arraignment and before the actual trial or plea bargain.

Dascalowitz’ had only three  supporters with him; fourteen  community members showed up to support the victim’s family. Hooray! However, this does not mean we can expect the same ratios if or when he goes to trial. If the past is any indicator he will probably have about one hundred Hasidim attending, mostly from Satmar, and from Pupa, a Williamsburg-based Hasidic group closely aligned with Satmar. Most of them will attend as a courtesy to others in the community. Because of  Dascalowitz’s longstanding reputation as an alleged molester they will assume he is guilty. However, adhering to a unfortunate communal norm they will still try to keep him out of jail.

His lawyer, Israel Fried, continues to insist he is not mentally capable of participating in his own defense. The court ordered a psychological evaluation and scheduled his next appearance for March 25, 2011. His lawyer raised this issue on Dec 8, 2010 and again in January, 2011. I do not understand why this is still not resolved.It is over nine months since he was arrested in May 2010 and he is reputed to have confessed at the time of arrest.

Kevin O’Donnel represented the Office of the District Attorney of Kings County.  To the best of my knowledge, the ADA of record remains Louise Cohen, who heads to DA’s sex crimes unit. However, following protests about her mishandling of the case, she has pulled back and delegated most of the work on the case to Kevin O’Donnel. Henna White of the DA’s liaison office, Kol Tzedek, was also not present. This is good news according to activists involved in this case who derisively call her office, Kol Sheker (Voice of Lies).

I will post more details as they become available

Hat tip to DH, and others


6 thoughts on “Breaking News: Dascalowitz Court Appearance Update

  1. I, along with many others, was in the courtroom this morning in support of the Mother of the victim.
    There is so much sadness to this case. On the one hand I looked at the mother crying bitter tears, saying every time she looks at her child’s molester she thinks of the hard, hard work she and her husband put into this (special needs) child and how it all went down the drain because of him (the molester). How much terrorization and pressure from the community they have to deal with on a daily basis as if they were the criminals and not the other way around. How much trouble they’ve been subjected to by the ACS. The terrible injustice of it all. We all stood around her listening to her and empathizing with her and consoling her as best as we could.
    And then I looked across the room at the accused, Meir Dascalowitz – a young man with a young wife and a new baby.
    And the great tragedy of this case struck me.
    Dascalowitz was allegedly well known for his compulsion to this behavior – from his teen-age years on! It was a running joke in the community to stay away from him. How did it come to pass that the Powers That Be, who now fully support him – and by this I mean pulling political strings for him behind the scenes, did not see or think or act for his benefit and try to help him get treatment for his compulsion? Was it because the prevailing attitude amongst men in our community was (and still is) – it’s not such a big deal. Children forget; it won’t harm them. Every second person can tell you of a similar experience. Or, as one of the administrators of UTA told me when I asked why my son’s molester was re-hired as Rebbi of 9 year olds, “OH, ON A SCALE OF 1-10 IT WAS ONLY a 2 OR a 3, so the Dayanim decided it was OK to rehire him”. (On a scale of 1-10 see how great was the harm done to my son)

    In our community, the willfull ignorance of the damage done to sexually abused young children is staggering. And directly contributes and leads to the heartbreaking tragedy I witnessed today in the courtroom. In which case I would put the Powers That Be alongside with the accused to sit trial for their misdeeds as well! For turning a blind eye to someone such as Dascalowitz and letting him run rampant among children. For arrogance in pretending we don’t have a problem. For shifting molesters from one Yeshiva to another. For threatening parents who complain about a suspect Rebbi to throw all their other children out of the Yeshiva. And for deliberately standing in the way of parent education on these issues.

  2. Mrs. Engleman,

    Your’s is the million dollar question that no one has an good answer for.
    Hashem should help the victim, the victims family, Mr. Daskolowtiz’s family and Mr. Daskolowitz should be put in a postion were he can no longer hurt kids and start his path to teshuva.

    Hashem should help

  3. Those who support him and did not get him the help he needed because HE too was a victim of abuse and they decided that HE too would get over it, might not be sitting in the hot seat in court today, but they will have their day in court when they leave this world and have to give their din v’chesbon before their maker.

    Hashem is the ONLY Judge and Jury they cannot hide from and they cannot fool. They have achrius for every child this molester hurt and they will have to pay for their crimes in the world to come. They will not get away with the murder of innocent souls. They will not get away with the murder of yiddishe neshomas. They might think they know right from wrong, but when all is said and done, Hashem will teach them without a question or a doubt what is absolutely unacceptable.

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