Another Modesty Zealot Bites the Dust (updated 9:45 pm, EST)

According to the NY Post, Nechemya Weberman was arraigned last night on charges of  raping a 12 year old girl.  Weberman is one of the most active members of the Williamsburg Vaad Hatzniyus (modesty committee). This makes you wonder about our so-called modesty guardians and zealots.

Shimon Weiser is another proud Williamsburg modesty zealot who has taken on the task of censoring others. His dishonest tactics include using the name Rabbi Binyomin Brown when he calls around to harass those advertising in Vos Iz Neies (VIN), the orthodox news web site which he was instrumental in banning.

David Niederman is the most important Satmar Williamsburg power broker. Niederman is very close to Nechemya Weberman and others in the Williamsburg Vaad Hatznius. He, along with the Vaad Hatznius allowed Rabbi Reichman to continue teaching at Satmar in spite of persuasive allegations that Reichman molested boys in the Satmar yeshiva, United Talmudical Academy (UTA). Shimon Weiser’s brother, Moshe Weiser, is one of the men Niederman uses to liaison between the Williamsburg Hasidic community and the police. Moshe Weiser was one of the founders of the Williamsburg Shomrim patrol service.

Nechemya Weberman, Moshe Weiser, Shimon Weiser and David Niederman are all part of a circle of tznius zealots who preach stricter standards of sexual modesty  and advocate banning VIN because it reports on convicted sex offenders. At the same time these tznius zealot are busy covering up sex abuse in their own backyard. They are a bunch of hypocrites. Weiser and his gang should stop promoting censorship in the name of modesty and concentrate on keeping their own Williamsburg  zealots on the straight and narrow.

Incidentally, Nechemya Weberman while in Satmar, is the nephew of the now ailing Rabbi Meir Weberman who heads the hasidic group, The Malachim (the angels). They were formed by a breakaway group of Torah Vodath students in the interwar period and are the first hasidic group formed by Americanized kids moving to Hasidism. Meir’s son, Mordechai (William) Weberman was one of the Hasidim who went to Teheran’s holocaust revisionist conference at the invitation of  Iranian President Mahhmoud Ahmadinejad. I have  no reason to believe that Nechemyah approved of his cousin’s travels. In fact Satmar and the Edah Hacharedis condemned them. But it sure looks like Nechemya and his cousin, Mordechai, are not angels.

Nechemya Weberman was represented at arraignment  by George Farkas. Farkas also represented four followers of Zalman Leib Teitelbaum who attacked two Aroni followers in a shul control battle. The police were ready to testify to the assualt. However, the DA accepted a plea deal on Dec. 12, 2005 of misdemeanor assault.  Each of the four (Abraham Braun, 39, Abraham Mendlowitz, 28, Chaim Roth, 35, and Lipa Krausz, 38) was sentenced to 500 hours of community service. Their victims were Jacob Brach and Leon Teitelebaum.

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  1. Extreme zealousness is often a cover for illicit activity. We have seen this in many situations where extreme shows of piety are intended to cover their perverse nature. Weingarten is one example that we can relate to. The list of the Elior Chen, Kolko, Abrahamson and their similar brethren prove this point nicely.

  2. Proven 100 procent that’s that’s the whole story is a big lie, Rabbi Weberman is a person that have mesiras nefesh for dropouts, he throw away his business just to help kids at risk, and I know this person well and I could promise you that he is 100 procent clean, and this gorl and family are for some reason angry on this holy Rabbi Weberman and the make a story, and I hope that the justice will see it,

    Either way what’s the right for a jewish sight to bring down this story, the torah says that one person isn’t believed till we have 2 eidem ksheiram, so here we have one girl, what’s looks like min hatorah she is puisel l’eides, and you build the whole story on heir words, shame on you, you take such a holy jew, and you take a ditry story just some one say so

    • Yeh yeh a big lie. We’ll see what the judge says. I have first hand info that the story is true. Go back in your hiding place.

    • “the torah says that one person isn’t believed till we have 2 eidem ksheiram, so here we have one girl,”

      Where doe the Torah say that a person is not believed till there are two Eidim Kasherim?

      If someone signed an acceptance bill the acceptance bill is not believed and the creditor will never recuperate his debts according to jewish law?

      Don’t make such stupid statements, it makes the torah look stupid and unjust.

    • “he throw away his business just to help kids at risk,”
      I am sorry, but this is not at all a proof of his innocence. This fact could be interpreted either way: Either he is devoted to children, as you seem to assume, or he threw his business away to have easier access to children and satisfy his evil urge. Or he never liked his business and decided counselling was a job that suited him better…

  3. Moses – 2 eidim huh?

    Even a perv like Weberman isn’t stupid enough to molest a children in front of people. Perhaps you are.

    And if I’m not mistaken, you have called YMW “holy” too (even though there were eidim in that case). Quite the collection of people you consider to be holy. I hate to find out what you do that’s perverse, if you idolized these jerks so much.

  4. > the torah says that one person isn’t believed till we have 2 eidem ksheiram

    The Torah doesn’t say that dangerous men can get away with their crimes all because they’re smart enough to do them secretly. That’s not a torah (law).

    ההורג נפשות שלא בעדים כונסין אותו לכיפה ונותנין לו לחם צר ומים לחץ

  5. the torah says that one person isn’t believed till we have 2 eidem ksheiram, so here we have one girl, what’s looks like min hatorah she is puisel l’eides, and you build the whole story on heir words

    Why not take your logic to it’s ultimate conclusion? Even if it can be proved that he did, in fact, rape her, so what? What’s the onesh (punishment) for rape of an unmarried na’arah? Pay a fine to her father. No reason he should go to jail even if he did do it, right?

    The Wolf

  6. Another “holy” child molester! First Berel Ashkenazi declaring under oath that he is a “holy man” when confronted with allegations that he is a child molester. Now Nechemya Weberman! Why would a young girl label herself a rape victim and virtually destroy her shidduchim prospects, if she wasn’t indeed raped by this person? How dare you call this girl a liar! Let the truth come out in front of a judge and jury. In the meantime the victim and her family need our support. Let’s try to rally around them through this extremely difficult time.

  7. In todays scary world when anybody can point on anybody and accuse with anything, I wouldn’t believe any such accusation, unless I see hard evidence.
    We have witnessed too many false accusations and innocent people victimized by their wrongful accusers, each one fueled by their own motive and agenda.
    So I’d stick by the legal rule of “innocent until proven guilty” by hard evidence.

    • Yitty – something like less than 2% of sexual abuse allegations are unfounded. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ll take those odds and err on the side of caution.

      And I’ll ask you the same question I asked “Rabbi”, which he refused to answer, in a previous thread related to Weingarten.

      Given the severity of the crime, would YOU leave your daughter with this guy?

      • In chofetz Chaim there’s a term (based on Talmud) of “lemaichush”, you may use caution on a suspected person and not send your daughter to him, however you may not believe the story as a fact, since its just a “chashad”, accepting gossip as a fact is simple LH, and chazal grade it WORSE than the 3 biggest aveiros!

        • In a case where a victim says she was raped, it is also Gossip to say she is lying.
          That’s what people tend to overlook, while they are melting with pity for the defendent.

          Therefore you are going against Chofetz Chaim whatever you do.

    • Yitty, You are obviously an ACLU’r in chasidish drag. You believe all are innocent until proven guilty and no goyish court can prove a chasid guilty. You are angry that the ACLU wont accept the Willi chapter with a special clause that constitutional protections only apply to hasidim. Perhaps I am wrong. Prove me and the others responding to you are wrong by showing where you supported a guilty verdict. Do you think Weingarten and Lebovits are guilty? I eagerly await your answer.

      • People are jumping to conclusions without any research or putting any effort in fact finding, whenever a frum yid is “accused” by anybody on some inappropriate behavior, the same ppl would always jump with blame and judgment immediately, the frummer the accused would be, the harsher the reaction.

        We live in a time that anybody can show and point on anybody and accuse him/her of anything, without any witness or evidence, and this is scary, because anybody with an agenda or on a “retaliation rampage” can just get up one day and point a finger, and the rest will happen by itself!

        I would stick by the torah that forbids accepting LH, and by thr “dina demalchusa” rule of “innocent until proven guilty”.

        • On the contrary. Today, the court has many more possibilities to determine the truth than they had 2000 years ago.

          The problem is that some people refuse to familiarise themselves with those tools and then deny the proof even when it was given. (See Wallis case where the forensic expertise could prove the child was killed by shaking and that the testimonies of the defendent could not be true, but his cronies still stick up with him and just refuse to let the truth enter into their heads… It’s too complicated for them).

    • The rule is “beyond a reasonable doubt” for criminal cases. Not “hard evidence,” as you so inappropriately termed the law.

      Let’s take it a step further: how about we enact the torah rule for rape within a city and stone her to death? Would that satisfy you, you sick twisted ignoramus?

      • so when a person thinks different than you she becomes “sick twisted ignoramus” ??
        there’s no need to respond to such a comment, it talks for itself, as someone mentioned before, some ppl are just full of hate to humans and specially to frum ones, and its overflowing by all means.

    • You are right “Innocent until proven guilty”

      And of course, you will not accuse an innocent girl of lying if she underwent the worst nightmare you can imagine.

      Problem is: some people do even stick up for persons who were proven guilty by a court.

    • Yitty wrote: “I wouldn’t believe any such accusation, unless I see hard evidence.

      Do you realize that the only possible hard evidence in this case would be illegal hardocre porn.

  8. Yitty,

    Please tell us ONE case where there were false accusations and innocent people were victimized. (except involving divorce proceedings)

    • Michel,

      You agree that there is an exception, you say “except involving divorce proceedings”. So, there are exceptions. There might be a motive here. Yes, police do their investigations, they gather ‘evidence’ and sometimes “possible cause”. There might might be motivation the other way around.

      Are you aware that there was another person accused of sexual activities with this girl less than a year ago? Do you know who took advantage of this girl before this breaking news? Are you aware that this girl’s family proceeded with legal acts against that person and there is prove, but cannot be used in court? Are you aware where the girl is now?

      We dont know what really happened! Innocent until proven guilty should apply here fully. Cases can turn itself around and after a while you are baffled thinking to yourself “what is the true story?”. There are so many facts and factors why this might not be rape, sexual this and sexual that. Hold your horses.
      Well, you might listen to me, if you are a hater of someone or of a community or of a system, then you for sure will hook yourself on the story and shlep along with the ‘bang’ ‘bang’ wagon and make more noise.

      There IS a lot to this story, its an on going cat and mouse, there are lots of happening that you are not aware of.

      Now, if you are a Torah Jew who follows the rules of Torah then you Al pee Shnayim eidim Yokum Dovor. For now you are meanwhile not taking in account the accused person’s family who are for SURE innocent. While to me it reads as the original report on this blog is lopsided and very not balanced.

      You dont know the motives (there are!), you dont know the whole story.

      • How typical. Smear the victim, blame the victim and lament the perpetrator’s family. When do you people ever have a kind word for the victim or their family?

      • “Are you aware that there was another person accused of sexual activities with this girl less than a year ago?”

        1) One does not exclude the other. In fact, one possible reaction to childhood rape is sexual active or even hyperactive behavious

        2) What you say looks exactely like a smear campaign against the girl.

        3) If those lashon hara issues are so important to you, why do you smear the girl? Try to remain neutral. If you think Weberman is innocent fine. But why then accuse the girl of lying and all sorts of other things?

    • DEFINED:
      Quote:”Please tell us ONE case where there were false accusations and innocent people were victimized. (except involving divorce proceedings)”..
      EXCEPT WHEN DRIVEN BY AN AGENDA/MOTIVE, as divorce, any type of dispute, retaliation, etc.. you name it.
      and don’t tell me that when there’s a divorce involved you won’t believe it, because when there’s a divorce involved you also ignore that fact, lemme challenge you, what’s your opinion on Israel Weingarten? innocent or guilty? it’s a great example of a case fully fueled by a divorce agenda! did this change your opinion?
      another example, 2 years ago a choshuva yungerman was accused of playing doctor, he was involved at the time in a bitter divorce battle, his wife was working to bring him down all the way, NOBODY was willing to accept his innocense, even though it was very obvious his ex was behind it, and it was driven by a DIVORCE AGENDA! until the court threw it out! then I heard no apologies from all accusers and finger pointers..
      Cut it! its people who love to blame and throw mud on “any frum person accused of anything” regardless who and is accusing.

      • and don’t tell me that when there’s a divorce involved you won’t believe it, because when there’s a divorce involved you also ignore that fact, lemme challenge you, what’s your opinion on Israel Weingarten?

        HOW DARE YOU?
        Mr. Yitty, How dare you try to make believe YMW was a divorce case? YMW was convicted of 4 counts of dragging from country to country and sexually abusing his underage daughter! This was Gilu Aroyois! You just showed everyone where YOU stand – with the Chazeirim. Shame on you!!!

        • Thanks for getting wild and punching personal, shows an attitude and who’s behind the comment.
          To the point, I did not argue on what the accusations against YMW are, I did not take a stand if he was guilty or framed, you chose to take a stand, I asked since the YMW story WAS IN FACT A BITTER DIVORCE CASE, and mom & daughter (1 daughter out of all other siblings that sticked with their father) were fighting tooth & nail against him, go get your facts straight before you blow.

  9. I’m not here to discuss with self hating jews, but let me ask you one Q? If the story is true and he raped him, what the hell the girl comes back again to him? Let’s say she is afraid to ask for someone but why dosnt she from him and tried to take help from someone else?

    I heard from that that someone raped oncr, but raped a few times he soes it against heir will, and she comes back for help again this story is non sence, and bi reb berel ashkanazi who told you that the story is true?, again you have eidem kesheirem, and I want to know if you will owe a penny for those dropouts who are saying that thy molested him,

    And now bi weberman I know from first hand that the story is a lie, I have to sisters and one brother what got helped bi this person, and know from a few other ppl too, and if he will be a menivel he would do it with my sisters too, and I asked both of my sisters and they told me that this person is clean clean person, and he is a tzadik what he helped out kida at risk, and a lot of times for no charge, and they can’t belive that those girl K. Makes this stiry, yes theu know that she get angry on him but to go so far after he dous for heir so much, and when he told heir I can’t help you cause you don’t cooperate so she get angry, and my sisters knows this girl vary well and they told me that she is a liar and a real low low girl, so why should you believe heir

    And again as I know weberman he is 100 procent clean, and what the judge will sentence I have no idea, and I don’t build anything of a sentence from a judge, look rubashkin do also face 30 year in present for no good reason, and its their much more stories were ppl are in jail for no good reason

    • Im not here to discuss with illiterate morons who idolize child rapists, but I will stoop to your level in order to answer your questions.

      Try to follow along.

      1) You asked why the girl “came back”. Obviously you know nothing about the psychology of a victim of sexual abuse. There are many reasons why she “went back”. Firstly, perhaps she didn’t “go back” – perhaps he came to her. Second, she may have been threatened that she had to “come back”. Third, regardless of whether she “came back” on “her own” or not, a 12 yr old cannot make that decision. That’s why there are statutory rape laws in this country.

      2) Your second question makes no sense and Im not fluent in “stupid”. Try again in English.

      3) The only way you know he’s “clean” is if he was fornicating with you at the moments in question. Perhaps that’s why you are using the word “bi” throughout your comment. I’m guessing its a Freudian slip.

      Oh, and Rubashkin was guilty and got a sentence within the range afforded by law.

      Note to YL – I know you arent going to approve this, but Im sending it for my own satisfaction. Feel free to delete.

    • I trust and hope you never aspire to or get smichah. Your reasoning is even worse than your spelling, Moses.

      As Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts. You cannot know that he did not do something. Not unless you shadowed him 24/7/365. Do you think he saw you in shul and said, “I am a tzadik but I go around raping. Oh, and can I have the amud tonight?”

      Reb Yoelish once said that not only aren’t most Rebbes tzadikim, but once you become a rebbe it is very hard to become or stay a tzadik. Kal v’chomer for an askan. And yes, most askanim, even the ganovim, do favors for some while taking advantage of others. Thank your lucky stars that your family got the favors and not the favor of his sexual attention.

      Naturally, fake tzadikim, blame their problems on false accusers. What should he say “She is more in the right than me” the way the Yehudah said in the torah. Or do you think he is like Dovid Hamelech who was confronted by Nosson and sat down and tore kriah and accepted his punishment. Nechemiah is no tzadik. He is doing what they all do; he is denying it. You are being his sucker.

      You should know that if you go to the worst maximum security jail full of murderers and rapists you will find very few who admit they deserve to be there. The same is true if you go to Otisville. The same is true of frum molesters. It is time for decent Jews to say to these guys, “Do us a favor, admit you are guilty, spare the victims the ordeal of a trial, apologize, offer to help them as much as possible and beg mechilah. Behave like a Yid, instead of being part of an arrogant kishei oref.” Tell these guys if you do that we will do what we can to help you while you are in jail. Otherwise, we will put you in cherem for increasing the suffering of the victims.”

      Instead, naronim and tipshim like you help feed the delusions of these menuvalim, you waste your money on defending them and in the end they spend decades in jail they could have avoided by pleading guilty. These days Williamsburg is a chillul hashem factory. It is also a stupidity factory. Everyone thinks they will outsmart the goyim. In these cases the goyim are smarter and more honest. We are filling jails with hasidic oberchachamim.

      Do Weberman a big favor. Call him up and say “I will let the courts judge you. If, as seems likely, you are guilty, be smart and plead guilty. Otherwise by the time the kehilah can help you again it will be the chevrah kadishah!”

    • “what the hell the girl comes back again to him? ”

      Yes indeed. This is one of the mysteries of human psychology. But it is actually quite frequent with rape victims.

      You had the case of Jacky Kaisersmertz in France, who would take boys fishing and rape them. Only two victims sealed a pact not to go fishing with him again. All the others could be pressured by their own parents “to have a nice outing with this friendly man”. So this “very nice teacher” was able to rape boys for over 20 years. He committed suicide in jail during his trial.

    • “if he will be a menivel he would do it with my sisters too”

      That’s a wrong assumption. Child rapists select their victims and can indeed be excellent teachers or counsellors for 20 children in a class, while raping the 2 remaining ones.

      Perhaps your sisters were not attractive enough for him. Or perhaps he was raping someone else and did not need to rape them. Or perhaps he was afraid of touching them because your sisters have a relationship of trust with their parents.

      But since you know the case from nearby: what about this yichud issue? how was the setup when you sisters went to him for counseling? Where they alone with him in a room? Where was the room? Who was in the house during sessions?

    • “and my sisters knows this girl vary well and they told me that she is a liar and a real low low girl, so why should you believe heir”

      Weren’t you the one who was speaking out against lashon hara? Look at how you are smearing the victim. Will you really take the risk that this story is true and you were one of those who smeared the victim as soon as she came out with the story? Do you want to be one of those who make the hareidi world unsafe for rape victims?

    • moses wrote:
      “look rubashkin do also face 30 year in present for no good reason, and its their much more stories were ppl are in jail for no good reason”

      For no good reason?? did you read the court transcripts?

  10. Moses;
    I am sorry to say, that your writing is atrocious, and you fail to convey your thoughts. Even if I try to reply to you, I cannot make out even one cohesive argument that you put forward. If you are older than nine you should go for remedial classes ASAP.

  11. Ok I know my spelling in my english isn’t so good, but that’s isn’t the discussion here, and that’s dosnt makes weberman for a molester, and sara I’m not here with discuss with you when I saw of your comment what a cheap girl you are,

    And Mr. Lapin do you approve this story to be 100 procent right to post it here on you sight? You heard it from only one girl, so the same chances you gavr for weberman the he is a molester, give for this girl that she is a liar, what a shame, that you should podt this article when till now no one says that he is a molester and from one day to the other lapin post it on his sight cvause one girl says so,

    What a self hating jew, and also look on the low words sara use in his coment its so low and its shows what self hating jews you are

    And yitty you are 100 procent right you can’t believe only with hard evidence, and those times you could make a story on anyone and the justice will also find you guilty even you are 100 procent innocent,

    • Seems I have more ahavas yisroal than you do. I acknowledge that we, as a community, have problems that need to be addressed and solved, and I recognize that the ONLY way for frumkeit not to continue this trip in the hand basket that it seems to be on is to shine light on these issues, as Yerachmiel does, and work toward fixing them, which includes punishing those that do WRONG – to make the community better. Where is the self hate in that?

      On the other hand, you obviously have a tremendous amount of sinas chinam if you truly think that your people are stupid enough to continue living in this crazy world where children are victimized and it is continually covered up and accepted without question.

      Why do you hate your fellow Jew so much as to think him that dumb?

      As an aside, “her” is the proper word, not “him”. Take notes.

      • Sorry Sara (no pun…) just becz your spelling is better does not make you right, if mr. weberman was your dad or brother would you say the same as you say now ?? Why do you and your ilk love to take the accuser’s side so fast ?? Huh ? Is that what the Chufets Chaim teaches you to do ?? And i know the Chufets chaim means the world to you since Tznius etc is not popular in your circles.

        • The Chofetz Chaim says you have to share information when there is a toeles of protecting others. If chas v’chalilah my family member was accused credibly of something so harmful it would be terrible and painful. We all hope not to have such painful choices. But I would hope that I would not fail because I was nogeiah b’davar and surrender innocent kids to abuse just to keep up the standing of my own family.

          The question I would ask you, is why are you so indifferent to the horror and pain of the victims of abuse. Thousands of children in Williamsburg live with the physical and emotional pain of rape and other forms of abuse. Wake up. Dont you see the drug abuse, the suicides, the mental illness, the lost neshomas. Dont you wonder if some or much of this comes from abuse.

          Don’t exploit the Chofetz Chaim. He was an erlich yid who never imagined his seforim would be exploited by shgotzim with a need to conceal their dark secrets. No one, chas v’chalilah, ever accused the chofetz chaim of enabling rapists. Have some respect for them. Have some heart for the children in your family and your community.

          I never complain about bad English, just bad reasoning. If someone is a rapist, why give a heter to him because he is a family member. If he is a family member go beg him to do tshuvah, admit what he did, plead guilty to spare the victim, and use the jail time to reach out to others and educate them. That I can respect. Someone like that deserves support as he suffers through the terrible ordeal of imprisonment. But a mamzer mechutzaf menuval shakran who tortures his victims with slander and tortures them and their family during a trial- such a sthtick dreck should rot in jail till the chevrah kadishah is called. That way his tshuvah can be the lesson he gives to every other molester: “dont do it, dont continue, do right by your victims, and accept the consequences.”

        • In fact, Yoel, I would and I have. My father molested me, and so yes, I WILL say the same thing about him because he DESERVES it, much like Weberman does.

          So now what?

          Are you implying that you wouldn’t call your father/brother/uncle/rebbe/neighbor a criminal, call the police and/or protect your kids from them if they did what Weberman did? If that is what you’re saying. I hope you don’t have children, because you don’t deserve them.

          Perhaps, if your reading comprehension is adequate enough, you should refer to Yerachmiel’s previous comment in this thread as to why I (and Mr. Lopin and every other sane, thinking individual who reads this blog) feel that there is an excellent chance that Weberman did everything he was accused of and probably more and how these criminal don’t get arrested based on nothing

          Oh, and tzinos in “my circles” is just as prevalent as raping little children (and visiting prostitutes) is in yours.

          You can sit down now, thanks.

          • “In fact, Yoel, I would and I have. My father molested me”–

            Well, thats becuz he molested YOU!! Thats not what i was asking!

            I ask you if your father gets accused by a stranger (and thats if your dad never molested you) would you then also take the girl’s side ??

            now sit down and answer.

            And my Tznius comment was not meant to compare to molestation g-d forbid, was just pointing out that you more than anyone else should follow the chufets chaim cuz thats the only thing ladies in flatbush hold on to since they have nothing else with yiddishkyt to do.

          • You are right Joel: This problem exists everywhere. People who are “nogeiah bidavar” tend to believe the molester. In fact, I was molested by my father (not jewish), and yes, the whole family is against me and will not accept me till I shut up.

            That’s the sad truth.

            So thank you, Yerachmiel, Sarah, and all the others for standing up for people like myself, even if that does not really help me in my ordeal. But it is a consolation that there are people out there who would be ready to help me. Perhaps only on the condition that they are not nogea badavar…

      • Sarah,

        Just because your father molested you doesn’t mean that any accused person of rape is guilty of rape. Now you got sunglasses so u see everything black. I am sorry for your bad experience and I am not in any way against your emotional pain it caused you. But please know that some might use ‘rape’ as a weapon when it didn’t even happen to them. We annotate accuse this man just like that especially when there so much to this story that points in another direction.

        • @Dan

          You’re a little late. All of your points have been addressed by several commentors, including myself and Mr. Lopin. Try reading those before you waste your time (and mine) making comments about things that have already been addressed.

        • “Just because her father molested her”, she is able to feel the pain of a victim. Many of those commentators here speak about “lashon hara”, but then they have no qualms about being motzei shem ra on the victim.

          That’s where the system is biased. On a thing you do not know, just say “i don’t know”, instead of smearing the victim. This would be a big step forward already.

    • Moses,

      It is not just one girls accusation. The police investigated it and found it credible. I did not report he is guilty. I reported he was indicted and arraigned on charges. That is a fact. If he is innocent, which I doubt, he will do fine in court. However, the police are pretty good about investigating. The district attorney is legally bound not to indict someone if they do not believe they have a reasonable chance of convicting him in a trial. DAs hate losing trials. It wastes resources and makes them look bad. So an indictment means that some pretty skilled investigators and prosecutors looked long and hard and decided they can make the charges stick. In a trial the accuser will be cross examined. If there are problems with her story they will come out. If he is innocent he will do well in court. He will get a chance to go on the witness stand and tell his side of the story. If he is guilty his lawyer will probably advise him to stay off the stand because his lies will be exposed on cross-examination. But that will be his choice. The jury will be instructed not to convict unless they are persuaded of guilt “beyond any reasonable doubt.” The problem with the system is not that they convict too easily. The problem with our system is that it is very, very hard to get someone convicted.

      I have a responsibility to every boy and girl in Willi to let them and their parents know that there is a serious chsash obout Weberman. If you are such a lousy relative that you would leave your kids with him, what can I say? But don’t you think others might not want to take such chances after cops and prosecutors concluded he is guilty.?

    • A self hating jew? Listen to yourself! What worse kind of self hating Jew is there then the one who wants harm and pain inflicted on the Jewish people?
      By leaving this guy Weberman in his place, giving him all the control he had to rape this girl and probably others, many more lives will be ruined.
      Like the Gemara writes “One who has mercy on the sadist will eventually be sadistic to the merciful”.
      Go learn how to spell.

    • “You heard it from only one girl,”

      What was reported here was that Weberman was arrested on charges of having raped one (or several) underage girls.

      In the trial, we will find out if he was indeed guilty. For now, he is just an “alleged child rapist”.

      The problem is: people like Moses or Gitty are determined to believe he is innocent, even once he was proven guilty and condemned by a court.

      So I would suppose that their invoking the maxime “innocent until proven guilty” is just a strategy the adopt before the trial. Once the trial is over, they will change strategy…

    • I know Weberman personally and i used him for counseling for my wife , he didn’t give up his business for this he does that for big money , in fact when i found out my wife is cheating and hanging out with a man who is married with children , and there was black and white proof for it he was the man to cover up for the whole story, by my in laws and in bies din, and later on we found out that he recieved 20 thousand dollars from that yingerman she cheated with, and when he was confrunted about it, his answer was WHAT SHOULD I DO I NEED TO PAY MY MORTGAGE , so here you go the story of this tzadik

  12. Moshe Weiser is no longer with the Williamsburg Shomrim. He is not a member for quite some time……otherwise, thanks for posting this story. I noticed that VINNEWS no longer reports on abuse cases, these molester protectors are good at their craft, bullying everyone into submission………

    • Mindy, Thank you for your information about Moshe Weiser. I have confirmed and corrected it. He was one of Shomrim’s founders and was very active for a long time but is now busy with his large new store.

      As for VIN, alas you are largely correct. They did post the video of Laizer Brody calling for reporting molesters to the police. But that has been it of late. I am not happy with the character of their comment moderation. It has lost some of its value as an open forum. At least they don’t publish defenses of molesters. In spite of this I continue the attack on those who instigated and continue to agitate for compliance with the ban. I feel that even if VIN never returns to its old self we need to prevent another such ban against some other target. I also feel their heart is in the right place and when conditions change they will change. Matzav does not want to do the right thing. YWN is more complicated and I would say is somewhere between VIN and Matzav in its motivations.

  13. Furthermore, what is Weberman’s excuse for putting himself in a situation of yichud with a 12-15 year old girl? Ein Aputropus L’Arayos. There needs to be strict guidelines that an adult male should not be allowed to isolate himself with a child, unless it is his own. The same halacha that applies to gentile teachers/tutors needs to be extended to Jews as well for they no longer have the chazaka of kashrus they supposedly once had. They are today just as suspect as the gentiles when it comes to pedophilia. How did this evolve? There is no more yiras shamayim today. When there is no fear of g-d and heavenly retribution, then we have to instill in them the fear of man and the fear of being arrested and labelled for life as a sexual predator.

  14. Dear Yerachmiel,

    Hope all is well. Regarding a point in the original post. I feel it far fetched to say that in Williamsburg the named askanim and unnamed Rabbis sit around like the elders of Zion to pervert the cause of justice and assist child molesters at the cost of putting Jewish children in harms while consciously pushing a ‘modesty agenda’ is a bit skewed.

    All actors on stage are first and foremost individuals with their own concerns. Even organizationally there are several discrete intaties involved and need to be understood in their own functions. It is not that the community leaders do nothing to stop child abuse, it’s that the measures they take are disastrously inadequate to handle to problem.This topic is however a megilah not a comment.

    Back to blog post at hand; Reb. Nechemya Weberman broke the number one rule for askanim who do street out-reach with teens who are in-risk-he was alone with the teen in places were they could not be seen by others on repeatedly. No individual with minimal professional training would expose a teen or themselves like that.

    This is indicative the fatal flaw of the entire above named approach regarding sexual abuse, it is lacks binah. Almost all above named parties have close to the combined total of “0” understanding of any discipline related to the treatment for survivors of abuse or work with in risk youth. They never served as professionals in clinical or social work capacity.

    You use a lawyer who has a passed the bar, you use a family physician who is a Md . and if you ever have to take a a anybody for help in a suspected case of abuse it should be to an appropriate medical professional. Besides that NYPD Special Victims Dt.s are trained to work with possible victims of sexual abuse some thing that none of the community players are.

    I know it urks you that some askunim push a “tzniuss agenda” while terrible things go on in their back yard, but trust me their is a total discontent between the two in their heads. It must however be impressed on the community, specifically individual parents that it is their sons and daughters that are damaged. I don’t know if Reb. Weberman is guilty, or if the young lady is a victim, Hashem yerachim.

    These are serious matters and need to be dealt with in an upright and educated manner not in a crooked and backwards fashion. These problem will continue to persist and may grow if sweeping changes are not made to the current methods employed by the community.

    • I don’t have any idea how the mythical elders of Zion sit around. But I know that Niederman and his cronies cooked up a plot where they pulled Reichman off the job to cool off the complainant, Joel Engelman so he wouldn’t pursue legal action. They even had him take a lie detector test which he failed. After Joel turned 24 and could no longer file a legal complaint they put him back in the classroom. They weren’t ignorant. They were devious. They knew he was a serial molester. Niederman hires the best when he needs to. In this case he knew that Reichman would lose in front of a jury. So he did endanger children to protect someones kovod. Why would you not consider that devious?

  15. What credibility do you have ?? 1000′s of kids are abused in williamsburg ?? Really ?? Any source do you have that you can share ?? And how many kids are abused in BP or Flatbush ??

    And the chufets chaim says you may share info as a fact or as a caution ?? Your post does not say that Mr Weberman MAY BE a molester , no! Your post says HE IS a molester!! Is that what the CH.CH. says to do ?? You already convicted him without any proof!! Shame on you.

    Your holier than thou approach doesn’t fit well with me, why don’t you just come out and say it loud that you really dislike williamsburg/ultra chasidishe people ? So every opportunity you have you jump on it like a hungry lion ?!

    Come on SAY IT!!!

  16. Joel, American research shows that about a quarter of all boys and a third of all girls will be molested by the time they reach 18. No one knows if the percentages are better or worse in orthodox circles or chasidish circles. Obviously no one in Williamsburg will agree to the do the kind of surveys that would answer that question. Until we know otherwise I will assume the same percentages for Willaimsburg. If I am right than there are many thousands of Jewish children being molested in Williamsburg.

    You challenge my certainty. No. But I see a very high probability that the indictment is valid. Matters of pikuach nefesh do no require certainty, just probability. Many woman can safely deliver children at home. But everyone knows that you go to a hospital on shabbos when a delivery is immanent. So yes there is a toeles that justifies identifying the risk. That risk is Weberman.

    Part of my family lives in Will, I still have a soft spot for Gottliebs, etc. I hate molesters in Willi. I also hate sfardish molesters, litvish molesters, Yekke molesters and goyish molesters. So when I attacked Kolko does it prove that I hate Yeshivish guys and Flatbush. When I attack priests who molest does that prove I hate all Catholics. No. Sorry,but Weberman lives in Willi. I don’t consider him a risk to kids on Baltimore. Of course I will talk about Wiliamsburg when I talk about Weberman. What should I do, compalin about Weberman and talk about Uganda.

    Joel, one other thing. I hate your whining defenses. Don’t pull the shtick of nebich, we are victims of anti hasidic, anti satmar, anti semitic complainers. That may fool guilty stupid outsiders. It is just offensive to me. If you love the children in your community you should be glad for any ally, Satmar or not, chasidish or not, Jewish or not, Martian or not, who will help you protect them. The Shanda about Weberman is that he passed himself off as someone who protects but now stands accused of damaging a child.

    Joel, tell me something. If Weberman is convicted will you come back here and say you were wrong. Or will you forget about “its only a charge” and do a weingarten and say bilbul, tzadik, anti semitic court and start schnorring pidyon shvuyim? I hope not. But somehow I suspect that behind all the frum talk is really just another person who won’t face reality.

    When the holocaust was coming closer some people refused to see it. Others did see it and did what they could to escape. Michoel Dov Weissmandl ran around saying get out in any way you can where ever you can go.

    Joel, are you one of those who refuses to face problems. It may make you feel better in the short term. In the long term it is disastrous.

    Wise up before it is too late for one of your relatives. Open your mind and your heart to the truth and you will see the problems and maybe even help solve them.

    Or go on kvetching, squeezing out convoluted tainas, quibbling, and whining. It wont help you, but might make you feel important to yourself. Fine. I can’t stop you. But it wont change reality. It certainly wont pass reckoning in the olam haemes.

    • American research results or pure emotional feelings of how much sense it makes that molestations are happening does not change the Halacha of whether or not a Yid is allowed to believe Loshen Hore , period. The torah is not based on goyshe research or on emotional feelings.

      “Joel, tell me something. If Weberman is convicted will you come back here and say you were wrong.”

      Wrong ?? Did i say that he didn’t do it ?? I say that i don’t know and therefore i wont call him a molester. But that aside, my answer is NO!! Only if he is convicted in a Bet Din i’ll believe it! Sorry about that but i’m not a nice jew boy so i don’t have much respect for the goyshe court, would you say that Rubashkin deserves 28 years? Not even the goy thinks so.

      And what about all the stories we read lately of people who were wrongly convicted (by your respected goyshe court) and now they are free and suing for millions ? How much respect can you have for this system ?

      and btw do those judges apologize for throwing innocent ppl in jail ?
      but you want me to come back and say i was wrong…

      • Joel –

        In answer to your comment under my comment above, if someone accused a relative of mine of molesting someone, and it was investigated, and led to an arrest, then I sure as heck would take the precautions in needed to take to protect everyone around me, especially my children.

        Re: the Flatbush comment. You seem to be quite offended by the notion that people here are bashing Williamsburg. Why do what is hateful to you and dis Flatbush?

        Im not even sure I get what you’re trying say. I’m not even from Flatbush (never was, never will be).

        *Only if he is convicted in a Bet Din i’ll believe it!*
        So you know YMW was a molester/rapist, right? Beis Din in Antwerp forbid him to be b’yichud with his daughter because of it. Please clarify your position in that, so we all know that you realize there are “frum” molesters out there.

        • I know of 4 respected rabbis who came out clearly in a kol koire not to believe the stories thats being said on YMW, i also heard of one ruv from Antwerp (i think his name is Weiss) who in the beginning he sided with the daughter who is accusing YMW but now is on ymw side.

      • Joel,

        You write, “The torah is not based on goyishe research or emotional feelings.” It is also not based on local vaad politics. Chazal make it clear it is a living torah and a torah to live by. So we have rules of pikuach nefesh that overide almost everything (but not giluy arayos or sfichas domim; illicit sexual relations or shedding blood). For all these reasons halachah does allow reporting some misconduct to others and to secular police and courts.

        You are like a reform rabbi. You have taken the Sefer Chofetz Chaim, torn it right through the binding and thrown some important parts in the shaimos. Or maybe they just don’t teach those parts any more, like some yeshivas never teach kodshim. Go back and read it all. Then try and tell me, “a Yid is not allowed to believe loshon horah, period” (or a Yid is not allowed to say anything bad about another Jew). If you need some guidance, look in the Willi shaimos box for the sections about toeles (a legitimate purpose, especially one that involves protecting oneself and others from harm).

        While you are trying to cure your ignorance on this issue, also read the psak halachah about reporting molesting to the police by Rav Moshe Halberstam, zatzal of the Eidah, Rav Moshe Sternbuch of the Eidah, Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, Rav Shmuel Zalman Auerbach, and Rav Eliezer Waldenberg. While you are at it you can read the Aruch Hashulchan about mesirah b’zman hazeh. If this is beyond your abilities in spite of how knowledgable you make yourself seem I can direct you to summaries and videos. Or just go to Better yet, buy Rabbi Eidensohn’s seforim which are endorsed by R. Moshe Sternbuch, AB’D of the Eidah.

        Stop with the beit din approach. Beit din cannot do anything to protect others from a molester. The law can. You are right that b’zman habayis (period of Jewish rule when there was a temple and sanhedrin) no one could be put to death without a beit din and they would have rules of evidence such as requiring two adult male witnesses who observed actual intercourse. I am not advocating a beit din ruling to have Weberman executed. He may deserve it but we both know that in our times it would be against Jewish law.

        Yoeli, You are a Shabsele hidden Tziyoni with an Italian Mafia mentality. The Vaad has taken the place of a state, and Omerta has taken the place of “lo saamod al dam reachah.” You are also a hypocrite. If you are such an advocate for relying only on beit din, don’t argue with me, go picket one or both Satmar Rebbes about arcaos. And while you are at it go to Bobov, Vishnitz, etc. Again, like reform rabbis, everyone screams arcaos and mesirah and goes right ahead and does it when it suits them. If poskim in Willi approached kashrus like yosrshim handle arcaos and mesirah you would have Gottliebs on Roebling St. serving bacon cheeseburgers on pesach.

        Yes, there are false convictions and even unjustified executions. So, have you gone out to argue for freeing every single person convicted in the US? Or do you just think that dinah d’malchusah dinah is an old fashioned part of the shulchan aruch that also belongs in the shaimos box. BTW, most of those falsely convicted are poor shnooks who can’t afford a decent lawyer. That will not be a problem for Weberman. He handled it so well that he never spent a minute in jail so far and is out on bail of $1,500! I am sure he is the envy of every ganif and rapist in Brooklyn who has ever spent a night in jail. You don’t care about justice. You just don’t want to be bothered with achrayis for Yiddeshe kinder because that will mean fighting with some chazar trayf politicians disguised as chasidim.

        If you are so bothered about Rubashkin’s sentence fight to change mandatory sentencing laws in the US which are tougher than any European country or Israel. Or perhaps move someplace with shorter prison sentences. Or convince yiden to plead guilty and not perjure themselves on the stand. Maybe, even convince people not to steal or violate dinah d’malchusah dinah. How low people have fallen. An Erlich posek like Yonasan Steiff would not jaywalk over an empty intersection in Williamsburg. Now it is a miracle if anyone is ashamed to have staged three insurance fires and collected for damages and losses that were pure fiction. I suppose you also think Nat Schlesinger is a tzadik.

        I am surprised you are not upset about Baruch Mordechai Lebovits. Of course you never listen to loshon horah so you don’t know that every boy in Munkatch had lashon naki for znus with boys. They would say of someone, “he takes car rides with Lebovits, if you know what I mean.” While you are at it look up kolo deloi possuk (a murmur against someone which won’t stop).”

        Yoeli, you dont believe in American research results. I suppose that means you let your local beit din do surgery on you using methods described by chazal. Again, you are a Reform rabbi who picks and chooses. Cell phones, yes; surgery, yes; internet, yes; goyish lawyers, yes. But suddenly goyim know nothing when you want to stand by on the blood of another. Fine, do your own research. Work a deal with frum social scientists to publish research on the rate of sex abuse in the orthodox world. Those who are looking into this issue say the rate of abuse may be worse than in the goyish world. This is not because Jews are worse. Only a few percent molest. But in the frum world they almost never get caught and produce many more victims. If Dascalowitz had been reported to the police when he started he might not have gone on. In fact, if Lebovits had been stopped early, Greenfeld and Dascalowitz might not be claiming he abused them. In fact if Lebovits’ uncle had been stopped, Lebovits might not have become such a tragedy who produced other tragedies. Don’t believe gentile research. Don’t believe Jewish facts. I read you loud and clear. When it suits you the olam haemes is defined out of existence. You can be like those that don’t hear and don’t see. Make no mistake, the suffering children do hear, see and feel terrible things.

        You are a disgrace, disguising your indifference to Jewish blood with a veneer of misquoted, misunderstood, and misapplied torah. Either go learn the truth or just stop talking.

        • Yerachmiel ,

          no point to continue this argument since you distort my points and that may be my fault my grammar is not the best.

          (1) For example you write “go picket one or both Satmar Rebbes about arcaos. And while you are at it go to Bobov, Vishnitz, etc.” As if i said that ill take the court ruling on the chasidishe fights to be halacha min hashumayim.

          (2) “Stop with the beit din approach. Beit din cannot do anything to protect others from a molester.” I never said that beit din CAN do anything… We talk now about believing of whether he even did it or not, and THAT i’ll only believe a beit din. If beit din convicts him then ill say give the convict over to the police, they (and not beit din like u said) can deal with it.

          (3) “I am surprised you are not upset about Baruch Mordechai Lebovits.” Why are you surprised ? Why not see how NOT a hypocrite i am ? I know BML so i know that everything is true so i WILL NOT defend him! I also happen to know weberman and i choose not to believe the story for the reason i wrote in previous posts.

          (4) “Yoeli, you dont believe in American research results. I suppose that means you let your local beit din do surgery on you using methods described by chazal.” well, as long as the surgery doesn’t interfere with chazal i will follow the doctor and his research, and it is the torah who says “Vrapo yerapei”, But if his research is not in guidance with chazal that would be a problem, does Boiny Oilom follow all research in fertility issues ?? No!! Cuz research vs. torah the torah wins. Now i showed you how ppl distort what i write , but i think now you got it. Have a giten shabbes.

        • Yerachmiel, this is one of the best retorts, I have seeing in a long time. One word says it all, WOW.

      • “Only if he is convicted in a Bet Din i’ll believe it! ”

        As far as I understood, batey din in our time do not deal with criminal law, just with civil law. Therefore, no beit din will ever judge and condemn a pedophile. Therefore, in your view, this proves that jewish pedophiles do not exist?

        • @ AV – I asked him this same question regarding the Weingarten case since a Beis Din in Antwerp said YMW was dangerous for his daughter to be around. Not surprisingly, he (joel) had a lame excuse.

    • Which American Research shows that percentage? It is an awfully large amount…. Didn’t think it was that high

  17. I doubt they consciously run the modesty patrol as a front for their illicit activities. It takes place on a psychological level- they’re obsessed with modesty because they’re obsessed with sex.

    • Yes, that’s quite frequent.

      In Denmark they had a rosh kollel who would not even give a hand to a three-year-old girl, while at the same time he was cheating on his wife with a non-jewish woman who later converted and became his wife…

  18. One Should be extremely careful in hilchos yichud.
    This would not have happened if people would be makpid on never being with someone other then your wife or children alone.
    I myself when I visit my daughter in laws, never stay with them in their apt. Unless there is someone else there.
    I hope we all learn from chazal, ein aputropus learayus.

    • I cannot agree more with you, but yet there are many other issues that need to be addressed since this has already happened.

    • huh???
      If you can’t be in a room with your daughters in law without something untoward happening, there must be something seriously wrong with either you or she or both.

      However I would agree that women and girls should never be sent to a male for counseling.

      • @saramaimon – Completely agree on both counts. I suppose when you are indoctrinated to look at girls/women as sex objects leading to “sin” from the time you’re young, any normal interaction becomes sexual.


  19. I am speechless and so embarrarsed with all this talk.
    I cannot side forsure on either side since there isn’t enough evidence.
    I do agree that the court sometimes rules incorrectly, and I also agree that molesters will defintly not molest/rape others in public.
    It is a very serious issue, and people need to be very cautious.
    Re: The entire CH. CH.issue….
    My comment to that is indeed people need to be aware that there is a chasash, but we cannot say he IS a molestor until further investigations.

    I do think there are molestors/sick people all over the universe and that includes every single city/state etc. Are there more in williamsburg? NO!

    I’m embarrased for the yiddisha community but we have to face reality. It used to be a topic that was never discussed and it has gotten much better.

    I know girls that were literally forced to meet with guys like YW or YY and I think it is obserd that girls should meet with guys, who are to be there therapists and relate all sexual matters to them. A guy is a guy! There are yichud laws/prohibitions for a reason! Even in Duvid hamelech’s times there were abusers and such sort of stories. They are here for a reason. We need to abide to them.

    Let’s hope mashiach should come shortly and then justice will be very clear and true to all…. Umein.

  20. I am speechless and so embarrassed with all this talk.
    I cannot side for sure on either side since there isn’t enough evidence.
    I do agree that the court sometimes rules incorrectly, and I also agree that molesters will definitely not molest/rape others in public.
    It is a very serious issue, and people need to be very cautious.

    Re: The entire CH. CH. issue….
    My comment to that is indeed people need to be aware that there is a chasash, but we cannot say he IS a molester until further investigations.

    I agree that there are molesters/sick people all over the universe and that includes every single city/state etc. Are there more in williamsburg? NO!

    Molesters tend to defend their conscious state of mind by practicing REACTION FORMATION… They will preach the opposite of what they r doing…. They are in DENIAL and they can literally block out certain events from their mind…. All to stay in touch with reality.

    I’m embarrassed for intz tzi vus gesheint owchet du, but we have to face reality. It used to be a topic that was never discussed and it has gotten much better in regards to dicussing it.

    I know girls that were literally forced to meet with guys like YW or YY in order to stay in a frum/chassidic school and I think it is absurd that girls should meet with guys, who are to be there therapists and relate all sexual (and even non sexual) matters to them. A guy is a guy! There are yichud laws/prohibitions for a reason! Even in Duvid hamelech’s times there were abusers and such sort of stories. They are here for a reason. We need to abide to them.

    Let’s hope mashiach should come shortly and then justice will be very clear and true to all…. Umein.

  21. Ok what I see that we didn’t know and can’t know if the story is true if not, cause the girl has a agenda so its vary possible that the whole story its just a lie, and even he will go on trial and the girl will build such a good story and the jury will find him guilty we wiil also not be sure if he is guilt or not, and the truth will also know hasham and weberman and the girl,

    And Mr. Lapin what you do with you post is that from no one will any more help jewish kids at risk, cause they will be afraid if he will have some fights with someone he will ran to the police and report that he molested him/her,

    Sara if you father molested you I really feel your pain, but sara that’s dosnt mean that all parents are molestres and that all jew are molesters, we jews we have a torah that’s says that we are not aloud to believe in lushen hura, so if he is proven guilty I will not anymore comment, not that I will believe the story but I will not comment anymore, I will also believe when a jewish beth din will find him guilty, cause a jewish beth din has siyata dishmaya, but a court I done beleve in it, and also when in the jure can also be ppl what will be happy to say that a jew is a molester
    So Mr. Lapin till you are not sure that he is guilty you are not aloud to post this article, you have to know it for 100 procent and not cause on girl says so, and even its more then one girl its has to be confirmed by beth din,

    • Moses,

      Again – less then 2% of sexual abuse allegations are false. With those odds, we have an obligation to inform parents of whom poses a danger to their children, especially since, I believe, this guy posted bail is isn’t in jail. Whether or not you agree or whether or not it fits your interpretation of halacha is of no concern to me.

      Regarding you “feeling my pain”. Save it. And pray to Gd something like this never happens to your daughter. I don’t need your kind “feeling my pain”. Ew. Its people like you who re-victimize survivors again and again because you can’t grasp the fact that someone who seems so “holy” can do such horrible things and then go hide behind made-up halachic loopholes. I’m not going to let you do that.

      So do what you’ve promised. Go back to the hole you crawled out of and stop commenting and enjoy watching your brand of frumkeit implode because its corrupt and enough is enough. Pass the cholent.

  22. Sara one simple Q, again no one will know ever if the story is true or not, cause you was molested by your father your look is that more that 50 procent fathers are molesters, and me cause my father is a erlicha yid and also my melamdim I don’t have this look, and yes forsure its their molesters but that’s is a small procent,

    But let’s ask you if the story is false, what do you think will be after lapin will come to oilam habu, will he became schar for publish this story on his sight, or will he get a oinash for this post and what he does with a askan what helped kids at risk?


    Again you and me have no idea, and really can’t know if the story is true or false, yes you have in your mind almost sure that is true, cause you was a victim from your father, and have in my mind that’s is false,

    • Moses – ABove you said this story is 100%, now you say “you and me (sic) have no idea”.

      So which is it?

      And obviously most people here were not molested by my father *and* still believe Weberman be a pervert.

      Regarding Mr. Lopin’s olam haba. Why should you care Worry about your own, which seems to be extremely lacking……just saying. Mr. Lopin’s concern for the Jewish people and our children FAR exceeds yours, and that ALONE is the reason his schar will always be more than yours.

      I thought you were leaving. Need a personal invitation to do so? Here it is:


      • Sara, one good thing i take away is that you for sure don’t molest your kids, you simply don’t have time to as you sit all day on the net,

        oh ,and i hope your husband is kind enough to cook fish for shobbes.

        • Joel –

          *”one good thing i take away is that you for sure don’t molest your kids, you simply don’t have time to as you sit all day on the net”*

          I’m sorry I can’t say the same for you.

          (And I own a great business, where I work online all day. So keep collecting your welfare check, sweety.)

          As for cooking – already taken care of. No worries.

      • I think this is taking a change in discussion. You, Sara and Moses, are starting to stray off topic. The story nobody can know if it is true or not. Yes we all have to be cautious. No you cannot KNOW he is pervert. Neither Sara, nor Moses are right because you are right now aiming to be the “right” one and totally going off topic and the general goal.

  23. Moses & Joel- let’s see you leave your children or other close relations alone with Weberman for a while. I’m betting that won’t happen.

  24. Jay –

    I think you’re giving them way too much credit. I’m betting they would, considering they find both to be so “holy”.

  25. Sara- I suspect they’d find a means to rationalize their refusal to do so. Most likely it would be: “Why? they have no reason to talk to such a chushuvah rav! Why should he spend time with them?”

  26. Hush is a beautifully written book. as a survivoir of sexual abuse this book really hit home .
    A must read for anyone who cares about child abuse.

  27. Mordechai Weberman is my cousin. His father wanted to send him to Yeshiva, his mother wanted him to go to public school. The case went up to the Supreme Court of the USA. It had an adverse effect on him and when I met him he told me he wanted to be a gangster when he grew up. He is a traitor to the Jewish people and it does not surprise me that someone close to him is an accused child molester.

    • Some people in Willi say Mordechai is nebich very mixed up and not fully there and didn’t really know what he was doing when he went to Teheran. Others say he may not be the most together guy but he knew what he is doing. I am not sure which version I believe.

  28. Since when is someone accused of a crime judged by the character of their relatives?

    This is the worst kind of guilt-by-association, since people cannot choose their relatives.

    Surely you (rightfully) lament the nepotism that exists in the frum world, whereby individuals acquire positions of leadership they are not fit for just because of who their father or grandfather is or was. Can you not see that what you are doing here is like the flip-side of that? Just as being born-to or descended from a tzadik or talmid chochom does not make one righteous, learned, wise or even simply decent and respectable, so too having an unsavory relative does not make one unsavory or criminal.

    So people’s opinions of the relative in question are entirely irrelevant; even if he were truly evil, it would have no bearing on the guilt or innocence of the accused in this case.

  29. Where? I still do not see anything, anywhere about comments being held for moderation- not even in your guidelines for comments that I found and read. (which are not at all in an obvious, easy-to-find place)

    Please try to imagine what is like for someone new to the blog who submits a comment, only to have the page refresh without seeing his comment appear OR any indication whatsoever that it was even received. How are they supposed to know what happened?

    I realize that this may be primarily an issue with Word Press and I’ve had it with at least one other blog recently, so don’t think I’m singling you out here. I would just suggest that if at all possible, you add something, as close to the comment box as possible, that makes it clear that submitted comments are held for moderation so people will realize.

    Just before submitting my test post that appears now, I had submitted a comment that was a direct response to previous comments and which conformed to all of your guidelines, as i read them.

    Did you receive it? As of this submission, said earlier submission of mine does not appear.

    • You are right both about the need to post my comment guidelines more conspicuously and the problems doing it in WordPress. I actually started moderating comments after someone posted the name of a victim and stated the policy as a comment at the time. I wish my software made it easy to have the comments policy show up automatically and let commenters know their comment is in the moderation queue. I will work on it. My apologies. But rest assured, comments do not drop into a black whole. Ordinarily I moderate several times a day.

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  33. Yerachmiel right one I envy every word that you say i only wish more people would listen to you. When you said that nat slsinger stole from three insurance comapanies you dint also mention that he stole from his own brother and his wife the almona more then $25 million. when i went to otisbille to visit an old friend that happens to be guilty as hell but he was an old freind so i did visit him, i cam across this nat slusinger in the visit room and I was ready to spit in his face

  34. Pingback: Nechemya Weberman’s Unpleasant Friday In Court and the Rest Of the Story « FRUM FOLLIES by Yerachmiel Lopin

    • When I found out that Weberman was a hotshot respected member of Vaad with a lot of prestige I was struck by the contrast between the allegations in his arrest and what I was hearing about his sterling reputation in Williamsburg. Unlike some of the others arrested, his reputation was clear of whisperings on the day he was arrested.

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