Should You Move to Manhattan to Protect Your Children?

The Kings County  District Attorney, Charles Hynes, has a terrible reputation. Manhattan had great district attorney in Robert Morgenthau who served from 1975 to 2009 and nurtured talents such as Sonia Sotamayor, Elliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo. Cyrus Vance, Jr. succeeded him as DA in 2010 and also seems to be on the ball.

Avrohom Mondrowitz would probably have been extradited by Morgenthau. He probably wouldn’t have gotten out of the country after he was indicted. Meanwhile, Charles Hynes refuses to obey a court ruling that he turn over documents to Attorney Michal Lesher relating to his failure to extradite Mondrowitz.

Perhaps Brooklyn’s Jews would do well to move to Manhattan for the safety of their children. Of course, Agudah, Satmar and other groups in Brooklyn could have the same corrupting influence on Manhattan if they deliver their campaign contributions and voting blocs in Manhattan elections.


2 thoughts on “Should You Move to Manhattan to Protect Your Children?

  1. The corruption will follow with the mass exodus. Wherever the people will go, they will plant new roots in the pockets of the politicians, to keep their issues off the radar. It doesn’t matter if it’s a farming community in Minnesota…

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