More Victims of Weberman Expected To Press Charges

According to Pablo Guzmán of  New York’s, CBS News,

{A] respected member of the Brooklyn Orthodox community told me, . . .  “since word began circulating, people are talking. Others are coming forward. I believe there may be as many as five other people preparing to report their own encounters with this man.”  Some who are  involved in the case have told me that is exactly what’s happening. More evidence is being presented, right now, to a grand jury.

Guzmán’s story includes other interesting details. “Rabbi” Nechemya Weberman had an office where he did “therapy” in a building he owns on 263 Classon Avenue. It included a bedroom where he allegedly molested the girl in 16 separate episodes going back to when the girl was twelve years old.

The girl reported Weberman’s misconduct to a counselor in her school around February 16. The counselor functioning as a mandated reporter contacted the authorities. Investigators moved quickly to investigate, indict, arrest, and arraign him in one week.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said . . . “The rabbi … is NOT a rabbi! He’s a 52-year-old male arrested for molestation of a young woman who is still a minor.”

MY PERSONAL ACTION CALL: There are many anti-Semitic comments on the CBS site. Go there and add some corrective comments about how we as Jews are disgusted with anyone who could have committed such crimes. If the allegations are true, we support his prosecution and punishment and reject the idea that Weberman deserves any respect.

MY ADVICE TO THE SHMENDRIKS DEFENDING WEBERMAN: Don’t exacerbate the chillul hashem by defending him. Just stick to lying on his behalf inside Jewish circles. Also, remember the rule of kabdeihu v’chasdeihu (Respect but Suspect); don’t leave your kids around him; don’t use him for therapy, don’t make shiduchim with him and don’t make any long-term plans with him.


6 thoughts on “More Victims of Weberman Expected To Press Charges

  1. Hypocrisy

    They wear their hats and jackets.
    The startling white shirt.
    They wake up early and go to shul.
    and daven and ask Gd for things they want,
    They talk about tznius and how immodest women are the reason Moshiach has not yet made an appearance.
    They stand in front of hundreds of people all wearing identical black hats and dark suits with white shirts, and tell them how harmful Loshon Hora is to their souls.
    and then they go home and rush to shul to daven again.
    They say their Brochos aloud so that their children can answer omain.
    and every morning they don their dark hats and suits, making sure that chas vesholom their shirt is not blue with white stripes.
    They cover their eyes with their hands when they walk in the streets, and they look down in great modesty when they hear a woman’s voice talking to them.
    They go home in the evening and wait for dark,
    they climb the stairs
    open the door to the bedroom
    where their innocent little girl is sleeping.
    After five or ten or fifteen minutes,
    they tiptoe silently out of the room.
    And then the next morning they wake up early
    and rush to shul
    to daven
    and ask Hashem for the things they want.
    and if they are better than the others, they may remember to ask Gd
    for forgiveness.


    • I’m sure this is the “standard” life style of all ‘them (damn) hasids’, exactly like you put it down, they’re all pervs and rapists, as long as he has a white shirt and davens 3 times a day thats sort of an indication that he’s a predator, but those in checked shirts, especially if wearing jeans, and don’t go to shul, and watch adult videos, those are super pure and holier than holy…

  2. oy vey another yid has been found out? Vy are they so careless? Vy are dey not remebering to close the curtains so nobady can see when dey are raping the girls? oy vey..oy vey..

  3. Here is the full CBS article:

    A father was convinced his 16-year-old daughter was having a relationship with a 17-year-old boy, so the father set up a hidden camera in the house. What he recorded shocked him — what he saw the daughter doing to please the young man.

    They are Orthodox Jews, in Brooklyn. The father had already taken the daughter to seek counseling with Rabbi Nechemya Weberman in years past. Just as he had taken her older sister. It is a common practice in the community for a respected person to be a counselor, or serve as a therapist. Weberman is affiliated, police said, with Brooklyn’s United Talmudic Community, a yeshiva.

    Now, the father went to the Brooklyn DA’s office with the tape, and Rabbi Weberman. The Brooklyn DA’s office has set up special channels of communication to bridge cultural gaps that might be beneficial to both sides. However, the more that investigators talked to the parties involved — especially when they spoke with them separately — the more that there were questions which indicated something was not right. Around Feb. 16, the girl told a counselor at school that the rabbi has been raping her for years. The counselor reported it, and when the investigators talked to her again, she claimed there were at least 16 incidents at 263 Classon Avenue, in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn, which serves as Weberman’s home and office. It is where the counseling sessions took place. The girl told investigators it began in 2007, when she was 12; and continued through 2010. […]


    There seems to be some information missing here.

    1) Who was with the girl in the video? the suspected boyfriend or Weberman?

    2) We are told that the father went to the Brooklyn DA’s office with the tape, and Weberman. Why would Weberman be going along with the father to the DA’s office if he was “the star” of the tape?

    3)If he wasn’t in the tape, why would he be involved with the girls tryst with her boyfriend?

    4) We are told that detectives assembled sufficient preliminary evidence to start a case; and arrested Weberman on Wednesday. at the end of the article we are told that detectives are gathering information for a possible indictment. – If they don’t have enough evidence yet for an indictment, then how could they arrest him?

    For the lack of answers to the above questions, I will leave my mind open to the distinct possibility that the claim of Weberman’s lawyer is correct, which is that the daughter is striking out in anger against her father who is trying to shut down her relationship with her boyfriend, and decided to slam Weberman in the process.

  4. Unfortunately there are comments on that site stating that the article itself is anti-semitic; that no ‘holy hasidic rabbi’ would ever do such a thing. It’s clear that the boyfriend is in the tape- not Weberman. Consequently going to the DA’s office made perfect sense for him. After all, he was still in the position of “respected therapist’ It’s also not unexpected for a sociopath to remain quite calm and assume a public role-in order to try and deflect suspicion from themself. Note that Weberman is reported to be neither a Rabbi nor a licensed therapist. He’s possibly a fraud in both regards.

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