Yasher Koach to Rabbi Horowitz For the Mitzvah Of Comforting the Afflicted

I extend a hearty yasher koach to Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz for using his website creatively to generate support for the boy who was abused by Meir Dascalowitz. He announced his intention to attend the next court session which is tentatively set for March 25. In the meantime he has written an eloquent letter of support and a call to action. He is inviting all of us to come to his site and express our support. He will deliver all of our messages to the victim and his family. Please go to his posting, Stand With and Support Victims of Child Molestation – Silence Encourages the Oppressor, Never the Victim.

ACTION CALL- Go to Rabbi Horowitz’s site and add your message. You now have a way to get your message to the victim and his family without violating their privacy. DO IT!  Write your message in English or Yiddish.

Also read an important message about this case by Mrs. Pearl Engelman, an advocate and the mother of  the survivor/advocate Joel Engelman.

I submitted my own message to the family of the victim of Meir Dascalowitz on 3/4/11:

Over a year ago I wrote drashah as part of a story about those who have the courage to bring molesters to justice. I had people like you in mind when I had a Rabbi Besdin (http://wp.me/pFbfD-Y) say:

Al Tiru, do not be afraid. It says in the torah that Amalek attacked achrechah (which some read as from behind) but chassidim also read it as those we left behind. That is, we rushed and didn’t pay attention to those who were weaker and slower. Only because of that was Amalek able to attack them. But if we always make sure we are with those who are weak, if we leave no one behind, amalek will not succeed in attacking any of us.

Chazak, we are with you and my wishes for a complete refuah shlemah from any harm caused by Meir Dascalowitz.

I have been using the internet to write about the importance of supporting your family and I will keep on doing that.


2 thoughts on “Yasher Koach to Rabbi Horowitz For the Mitzvah Of Comforting the Afflicted

  1. This is great news! Notice how the number of visitors on that post is over 700!!!!!! We are getting there – with or without the ban, noone can boss us around! Rabbi Horowitz is an amazing person and deserves his title!

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