Replying to Bernard Freilichs Daughter

After I posted recent allegations about Bernard Freilich‘s abuse of power  his daughter, Frimie, wrote this understandable but mean spirited defense of her father and attack on me.

How dare this article been written! being the daughter of rabbi freilich, i have witnessed thousands of orthodox jewish people pestering and bothering him at all times, if its at 3am, holiday, sabbath, everybody has skeletons in there closets! if its domestic violence, loved ones in jail, child issues, or millions of other problems, my father devoted himself tirelessly for the community, and they are constantly throwing it back in his face, my guess is that this article was the work of a young shmuck who is jealous of my fathers prestige and the friendship he has the with the police and officials, this somebody, wannabe, is just a nobody who wants to be a somebody, you will never be anyone!! you have no class, like my dad does, youcant spell, speak, write, and you have the skills of a 2nd grader!!! you are what we call in this community a (hatzoloh tatte) my father never ever abused his badge (im witness to that)he is beloved by everyone in the community, family and work. we will stand by him through thick and thin, nobody will bring him down!

Here is my reply:

Facts are facts. I did not make reality nor was I even the one who reported it.  However, I will comment on several aspects of your attacks on me and on what I wrote.

1.  You write, “My father never ever abused his badge (i’m witness to that); He is beloved by everyone in the community, the family and at work.” You are stating things you cannot know. Certainly it was possible that you were not aware of him abusing his badge and of course you could have seen that SOME people loved him. But were you with him all the time? Do you know everyone he dealt with let alone what everyone thought of him? Most people are a mix of good and bad. Most people take great efforts to conceal their bad side, especially from their children.

2.  I tend to forgive the attacks by a wounded relative, especially when they first confront unpleasant facts about someone they love and to whom they owe very much.  I am going to suppose there is much that was good about how he treated you. But there is a dark underside to your attacks; a patronizing contemptuous attitude that could easily be related to a contemptuous and eventually dishonest approach to doing a job that should involve helping people. It shows up in different guises:

  • “Everyone has skeletons in their closets” (and my father is saving everyone)
  • Calling me (YL) a young jealous [expletive] . . wannabe . .   nobody  . . who can’t spell with 2nd grader skills
  • Insultingly speaking about hatzolah tattes
  • boasting about your father’s connections

I am sorry to say that that the way you attack me betrays a lack of nobility, refinement, and modesty that gives the lie to the your claim that your devotion to your father is proof of his good character.

3. I am sorry for your painful plight which I fear will get worse with more revelations. I can only wish you the wisdom to discern and appreciate the positives in your father while recognizing his shortcomings. Loyalty is a virtue, but not blind loyalty. Please save your energy for personally supporting your father not for fighting those allegations where there are  facts that cannot be ignored. Perhaps at some point you will understand the difference between throwing your weight  around and being authentically loved.

P.S. Do check out the exchanges with Frimie that follow for a fine display of Frimie’s temperament and character.  Talk about entitled!


56 thoughts on “Replying to Bernard Freilichs Daughter

  1. I decided instead to reply to your ratings I would take your posing and let me grade your spelling and grammar. My comment is in Square brackets [ ].

    how [How] dare this article been written!

    [You fail to address your grievances to the particular party]

    being [Being]the daughter of rabbi freilich,[Freilich] i [I]have witnessed thousands of orthodox jewish [Jewish] people pestering and bothering him at all times, if its [it’s] at 3am, holiday, sabbath, [Shabbat]everybody has skeletons in there [their]closets!

    [You are failing to convey your thoughts properly, to make the proper impression you should write this way. “People are pestering and bothering him at all times of the day or night even at 3 am, Shabbat or even Holidays are not a rest day”. What is the purpose of you telling us that everybody has skeletons in their closets. Are you telling us that even your father has skeletons in his closet? That is what “everybody” means.]

    if [If]its domestic violence, loved ones in jail, child issues, or millions of other problems, my father devoted himself tirelessly for the community,

    [You wrote that your father “devoted” himself. I would not categorize devotion for doing your job while being paid over 100k per annum; I would call it doing a great job.]

    and they are constantly throwing it back in his face,

    [Are you claiming that there are others, who also agree with Yerachmiel’s view of your father? If that is the fact then you are actually giving support to his argument.]

    my [My] guess is that this article was the work of a young shmuck who is jealous of my fathers [father’s]prestige and the friendship he has the with the police and officials, this somebody, wannabe, is just a nobody who wants to be a somebody, you will never be anyone!! [Long sentence]

    [When you try to deflate someone’s point, you do not guess specific items that could be proving that you are very wrong. Like someone’s age, the fact is that Yerachmiel is older than your father is, additionally; you called him a “shmuck” how would you feel if someone replies to your post and calls you a “hoe”, moreover, do you think that you helped your father with this type of language? I say no and from my perch, I believe that you only hurt his name.]

    you [You]have no class, like my dad does, youcant [ you cannot] spell, speak, write, and you have the skills of a 2nd grader!!! you [You] are what we call in this community a (hatzoloh tatte) my father never ever abused his badge (im [I’m] [a]witness to that)he is beloved by everyone in the community, family and work. we [We]will stand by him through thick and thin, nobody will bring him down!

    [I would not attack Yerachmiel’s writing abilities, not only is it better than yours is, but it is much better than the average person is. Finally, it is not Yerachmiel who is bringing your father down it his own actions, which are reported by the Times Union, see link

  2. first and foremost, when I wrote my comment it wasnt attended for the writer, it was intended for mr abe friedman from williamsburg, who always wanted my fathers job, but never had the skills, integrity, and political connections my father has, i dont even know yerachmiel, im talking about mr friedman, who is behind this whole article, the same mr friedman, who bribes politicians with the latest gadgets, dinners, yankee tickets, etc…., my father never had to dole out one cent from his pocket to kiss up to any politician, he gets his respect for who he is, for his honesty and his integrity, he has shook hand with the most prominent goverment officials (including clinton) and rubbed elbows with the world renowned without having to buy them off, why dont you walk in his shoes one day, and see the grief thats going on this community, spend one day in his office, and see the hundreds of phone calls he gets from desperate mothers, husbands, families of deceased, and the list goes on and on, and in spite of all that my father never came home and boasted to us about all the good deeds he has done, my mother would go to weddings, and women would come crying to her, saying what my father did for there families, and girls in my school would come and thank me for work my father has done, that none of us 8 kids or my mother knew about, versus mr friedman who sits in the satmar poolish spitting papitas and boasting to all his peers about his work , names included. and that is one of the reasons why the latest iphone or a 500 dollar meal cannot buy off my fathers integrity.

  3. he has shook hand with the most prominent goverment officials (including clinton)

    Which one Bill or Hillary? Either one, I hope he went directly to the mikveh afterwards.

    • haha, because all your peers go the mikvah after shaking your hand, doesnt mean everyone does that, ( keep it clean)!

  4. Holy cow. I know I’m not supposed to comment about the lack of literacy on the part of some commentors here, but seriously, if this is the level that yeshiva education has fallen to……..OMG! She made that one entire sentence…

  5. when writing with such emotion , and personal frustration, i have no time, nor do i care to edit my spelling or grammar, when youre writing like Yl does , ( a self hating jew, and a coward,) of course youre going to edit and re-edit , hes writing for the sole purpose to gain followers, of course he is going to make sure he grammatically does his jew-bashing

    • Frimie, girlfriend, allow me to offer some (unsolicited) advice.

      If you are trying to endear the public and/or NY taxpayers who frequent this blog to your cause, using words such as “self-hating Jew” and “coward”, to refer to those who disagree with you isn’t going to win you friends and sympathizers.

      In fact, you are doing quite the opposite. In an economy such as the one we are experiencing, those who pay your father’s salary, many of whom are having trouble finding jobs that pay half what he makes, with double the work (and seriously, how hard is it to be a “liaison”? Let’s be real.), are not going to look too kindly upon a guy who so obviously abuses his position, which (again, let’s be real) is pretty unnecessary in the first place.

      Frimie, my dear, your time would be much better spent trying to figure out how you are going to maintain the lifestyle to which you have become accustomed, after Tatty loses his cushy “job”.

      • first of all, im married, and do not rely on my fathers money, second off all, why doesnt YL trade places with my father one day, let him carry the brunt of the jewish community, and my father will sit in his pjs, with his laptop, on his “cushy” bed, while attacking those who have done so much for the community,I just wonder what YL does to those closest to him, if they cross him, (maybe we should search the hudson river)

        • *Sigh*

          OK Frimie – since you insisted.

          If your father really wanted to “carry the brunt of the Jewish community”, he shouldn’t do it on the taxpayer’s dime – don’t you agree?

          And your previous comment indicated that you were not directing your comments to Mr. Lopin, but to some Mr. Friedman. Why are you turning your anger toward Mr. Lopin now, when he is giving you a forum to allow people to see your side of the story. It’s not Mr. Lopin’s fault that you are not very good at it. Seems you should be thanking him for allowing you to do so instead of resorting to name calling.

          You’re a poor champion for your father’s cause and you should give it up right about now, because you’re proving yourself to be quite the laughingstock. (Not a good look for you, btw.)

          And since when is threatening and intimidating witnesses “carrying the brunt of the Jewish community”? Oh right – those charges were dropped by his DA bff.

        • As Sara wrote to you that, you are definitely not helping your fathers cause. Inasmuch I tried very hard not to offend you personally. I do not know you, and I understand that you are defending your fathers honor. Who else if not his own daughter, but your ranting is unbecoming. I understand you are trying to establish a new villain, i.e. the Friedman character, but neither in Frum Follies nor in the Albany Times Union in the article by Brendan J. Lyons, is this Friedman character mentioned. So why would you raise this person name right after you are trying to disengage from your finger pointing toward Yerachmiel. Sorry but this Friedman dog will not hunt. We do not care if he eats sunflower seeds or not. However, the fact is that if you accuse any person with bribery you had better have the goods.

          Regardless, your claims about Friedman, the Albany Times Union mentioned numerous sources, government officials, in high positions, who say that your father is actually not doing any work at all. Personally, I do not know what actually he is doing, but it seems to me, that the jig is up. Furthermore, after you excuse yourself, that your original post was not intended for Yerachmiel and you admit that “I dont (sic) even know yerachmiel, (sic)” but in the next few post all of sudden you are an expert about Yerachmiel’s habits and needs and you are swinging for the fences. You are accusing him of murder; you wrote, “maybe we should search the hudson (sic) river. The fact is that you exposed yourself to ridicule. Finally, if your father is anything like you, he needs to go to anger management classes.

        • I wield a pen, not flashing lights or fake law enforcement credentials, and certainly not Sicilian galoshes. Your mind is in the gutter. I not surprised that in your attempts to scrape the bottom of the excuse barrel you ended up scraping the bottom of the Hudson River in your desperate attempt to sling mud.

          Grow up and learn to make a case rationally instead of relying on patronizing insults. I happen to like the fine art of insults typified by the English Parliamentary tradition. Your approach is more akin to kindergarten “nah, nah, nah nah.”

          If in fact your learned your methods from your father, or your father approves, you have delivered the prosecutor’s summation.

          Please keep coming back. You are exhibit A in my claim that all too many “askanim” are guilty of gayvah (arrogance).

    • I love being Jewish. There are so many things about Judaism I treasure. Judaism becomes real when its ideals are lived. In my life I have been privileged to see some real gedolim, true living sifrei torah whose conduct perfectly demonstrated the ideals of Judaism. Personally, they were anivim but they were strong, very strong, when it came fighting for what was right. Their piskei halachah, other writings, and spoken utterances were clear and rooted in the truth, as best as they could know it. Frimie, my love of Judaism includes an appreciation for the deep investigation of the Talmud, the analytic clarity of Maimonides, the aching beauty of the poetry of Yehudah Halevi, the wittiness of R. Yoelish, the moral clarion calls of Michoel Ber Weissmandl, and the many and varied beauties of the Bibler. Frimie, feel free to attack me. But do Judaism a favor and don’t leave others with the impression that we people of the book think illiteracy is a virtue.

      I value your presence in my comments section as Exhibit A for my claim that a new vulgar barbarism has invaded the Jewish community in which flashing lights have taken the place of sparks of insight. This message is probably wasted on you. But before you comment again, consider trying to inform your comments with the spirit of Hillel. Don’t do to others what would be hurtful to you. Perhaps before you even aspire to literacy consider an empathy course. You seem too self centered to even be able to imagine what is hurtful to others.

      I wouldn’t waste me time on replying to you if I thought you were a rare kind of person. Sadly, you draw on a new degraded version of Judaism. Almost all human beings are selfish and self centered to some degree. but you and your kind go way to far. We are all entitled to mistakes, but you abuse the privilege.

      Because I love being a Jew I will keep on challenging people like you and your father who cloak themselves in Judaism to exploit others and disarm their critics.

  6. i will stop writing back now, because you all are a poor judgement of a yiddidshe character, and you make me sick my stomach< I hope you dont run into any problems in the future! good luck! and i hope when youre tax dollars go to the "save the whales foundation" it will be of any help.

    • Of which “yiddidshe (sic) character” am I a poor “judgement” (sic)? The midda of wasting money? The midda of throwing your weight around for personal gain? Perhaps you are referring to the midda of taking advantage people? Or calling people names after they have provided you a forum to voice your opinion? Oh oh – the one where you threaten witnesses in order to keep their mouths shut – is that the midda you’re referring to?

      Wait – are those yiddishe middos?

      Seems like in your world they are. How sad.

    • We thank you Frimie for your solicitude and wish to assist those schnorring for us. But we got together and decided that “tov shem m’shemen tov,” and association with you could hurt our reputation.

      Please Frimie, we know about having weight to throw around and do not approve of your family’s abuse of power.

  7. Save the Whales foundation? That’s just too funny!!!!!
    Is that the only alternative to funding a charlatan who’s a state police impersonator?
    I would much rather see my tax dollars go towards an expanded BOCES curriculum focusing on ESL and GED programs for the Satmar community.

    It’s tragic to witness the ramifications when someone like Frimie is part of a community that’s so xenophobic and insular, they can’t compose an intelligible English sentence after being here for at least four generations.

    • Yes. Thank you. Thank you! I could barely understand what she was saying. And, quite frankly, one should take time to edit. The written word is immortal, and for good, bad or indifferent, it is often one’s only impression of both the writer’s intelligence and character.

  8. It’s natural to want to defend your father Frimie, but the others are correct in their assertions. You speak of all the “grief” in your community, to this I say, there is no reason for tax payer dollars to pay for your father to continue to enable one communities dependence. If he really wants to help his community, perhaps it’s time for him to stop doing “business as usual,” to really look within himself and think about he can foster independence and education. I will also add that as an ambassador for any community, one needs to set a good example, which certainly does not appear to be the case here.

  9. I do not know Rabbi Freilichs daughter, but I do know him. I also know of this “Abe Freidman”. The sly back-stabbing and the fact that he pushes money so that he can get the titles and positions is true. He boasts about it and everybody around him knows it.

    Rabbi Freilich is one who helps people and wouldn’t have lasted this long (nor a salary raise) if he wasn’t doing his job.

    I’ve spoken to Abe and met him on occasions. He’s a bit of an ignorant and lies about his education. His spelling (as I believe was noted above) is just one obvious proof of this.

    He is behind this and he’s already be heard admitting it. It’s a shame to see how far jealousy will push someone.

    Such a shame, this whole story…

    • That comment was written by another “steve”. I would request that in the future he use a different handle or capitalize the ‘S’ in order to prevent confusion.

      • Steve, I was a bit worried about the incoherent comment. B”H it wasn’t you, the Steve in my blogger Hall of Fame. Viva la Steve! Good Shabbos!

      • I have since changed his name to, “steve (the other one” to avoid confusion. At first I did a double take. I could not believe that someone as informed, sensible, and sharp as you could write that. So I looked under the hood and found it was a different email address from yours.

  10. I live far from NYC, and never meet Rabbi Frelich. But I do remember that when a close relative of mine worked for the now defunct COJO of Boro Park, that relative claimed that the only sincere totally devoted person was Rabbi Freliche.

  11. Sarah, this is to you, im mind-boggled! Whats crawling under your skin? you need to find job asap, ur mighty bored! you fall into the category of lphowc( lazy, people, hating on the working class) i suggest you scour the jewish press classified, gosh! its bums like you who really crawl under everyone skin! ewww….need a shower.

    • You must be upset about the additional revelations about your father having license plates falsely representing him as working for KJ and registered in KJ/Monroe when everyone knows he spends his time in Borough Park.

      But that is no reason to insult Sara. A credible insult must have a plausible relationship to the target. You have no way or knowing or even inferring that Sara is lazy, unproductive and obese. The insult about bums at the end of your comment is irrelevant if you haven’t established your case.

      You see, Frimie, if you want to insult Sara you have to read what she says carefully, and then attack what she says. Now it happens there are areas where you can disagree, but she presents no obvious basis for attacking her character or competence.

      In your make believe world, you slander someone and it becomes reality. That is not how it works in the real world.

  12. im just imagining sarah, (overweight,binging on oreos while waiting in the medicaid line) haha!!! this is 2 funny, (menachem im totally with you)

    • @ Frimie

      When you are ready to address the real issues instead of making unfounded personal attacks, let me know. I brought up some valid points for you to respond to in all of my posts directed toward you. You have yet to respond to them.

      And who is Menachem? I don’t see a Menachem in this thread. Talking to the voices in your head again, Frimi’le? There are meds for that. I’m sure your Medicaid will cover it.

      And, yes, I do like Oreos, but since I run everyday, I manage to keep my girlish size 2, despite that fact. Thankyouverymuch.

      • I just read your replies, dont even know who this rabbi is, since i live in baltimore, my brother who is a dean in a local school, also got attacked for no apparanet reason, and the ones that outed him, were the fat, lazy,food stamp moms, like you, im sure u have a size 2 figure..(maybe in your cyber alter-ego). i can bet all my (hard working_tax paying money.) trust me, i read people through there words..why dont you join OA< there are so many people who are in the same position as you, and leave the replies for people who sincerely care.

        Edited by Yerachmiel Lopin. It was submitted by Frimie but she impersonated Menachem, who is supposedly the true source. So I have edited the name under which it was submitted,

        Last warning. No sockpuppeting- as indicated in my comments policy and as I pointed out in an earlier email which you did not answer.

    • It’s sad that you derive pleasure by insulting others. Delusions of grandeur are just that- delusions.

  13. As you can see, Sarah, i never replied to you, because I frankly have very little interest in what you are writing. I just got these 2 emails, thought it was funny..didnt mean to offend you in any kind of way. and if you are a knockout as you claim. just laugh it off…keep on running…..cya

    • Yes, Frime’le. Of course you have no interest because you don’t care that, as taxpayers, we bare the burden of paying your father’s salary while he does nothing but act like a thug.

      You do have an interest in unfounded belittling and mudslinging, which shows your true character, once again. No one is impressed. And if your father had any brains, he would tell you to knock it off because you’re only making him look bad.

      Looks like the gig is almost up, and the media isn’t letting go of this issue, as a new article was posted today. Cut your losses and stop making yourself look more like an ass than what you already are.

      Other than that, you are hardly offensive, since you don’t know me and your personal attacks only serve to show how little sympathy you and your family deserve.

      And for the record, I didn’t claim to be a knock out (I’m not). Only that I am petite.

  14. sarah , sarah,…you are one lucky girl if the only worries you have in life is whether my father deserved his salary or not,

    • Frimie,Frimie….um that is the issue at hand. Duh.

      That and his blatant abuse of “power” in impersonating a cop (which happens to be illegal). So yea, as a citizen who pays his salary, it is kinda a concern of mine.

  15. yes, Sarah, I dont know you, but I do, I see a weak girl, one who has to attack my literature and my education, to make her point, but one thing I can tell you, when we stand before hashem, he wont care if youre a harvard grad, or if youre the einstein of this decade, but one degree he does look at , is your degree of morals, in which you have shown to have next to none. but hashem is forgiving, and has shown us so much forgiveness andrachmones throughout the years….its never too late.

    • Frimie, you aren’t grasping the concept, it’s not rocket science, it doesn’t take a Harvard graduate to understand that your father is a public servant. As such, he is accountable to we, the people, who pay his salary. Capisce?

  16. Frimie u r right as im reading the disscushen of frimie and sarah i can see that sarah is a bored person who doesnt have what to do with her day so she xxxxxxxxx and talks against xxxxxx and frimie i dont know u but u look to be a normal person keep it up frimie dont let these crazy people let u fall


    • Uh, Sara is not as bored as Frumi, cuz Frumie lives at Bloomingdales, Saks and Barneys and doesn’t have time to blog all day! When Frumi is done taking photos of some poor stranger on the way to her days worth of work shopping till she drops, she kicks back and shares her horrifying stories with her friends, like: “Look at this poor woman she is wearing black pants and blackish bluish top, and did you see how her hair is not blown out? And her pimples? Oh wait, maybe I can match this woman up with this guy that I took a photo of who has a very skinny face and messy hair! And did you hear about this girl who got divorced? Yeah she probably cheated on her husband cuz look at her! She is soooo skinny and she for sure looks like that type!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  17. sarah sarah, my heart breaks for you, i see a lonely, angry, weak girl, desperately trying to hold onto anything, to make herself feel better, we are all praying for you… will get better Iy”h. with a little therapy and the right meds, you should regain your mental health..good luck, hashem is always on ur side. refuah shleime

  18. To Frimie
    It hurts when you find out that someone you love (is actually not such a nice person to the public and has actually done many and many people wrong) In fact he has hurt someone very dear to me about 17 years ago!!!!!! How is that for an awakening call?? To be more clear- he helped put someone in jail- for no good reason – other than abusing his powers. This person he was responsible for having arrested- never did him or the public wrong- he just helped a stupid ex-wife and listened to her/over listening to my dear one- and he had no business using his powers in a marital struggle. My dear one never wished your father ill- but said H will eventually repay him. So I feel bad for you- but if you don’t stop with your stupid comments and fade away quietly- More skeletons will come out of your father’s closet.- and the things you now know about your father will pale in comparison.

  19. Frimie, I think you should throw the towel in and give up because the more you talk, the better the bloggers get to know you. You see, I know you, and I know what you are all about. I am from the same hood as you and I am so not surprised to be reading your rantings and putting down others – Cuz that is what you are all about! Sara, please don’t take anything she said to heart because she is the master of starting rumors in this community if she feels threatened by someone’s looks, weight and moolah. Her idea of entertainment is; taking photos of random people she sees on the subway or street that she thinks are either not stylish enough or lack in the “looks department” and poking fun of them! Her low self esteem is so evident by how she interacts with others and I wasn’t surprised at all when she made the “fat” comment directed to Sara. If she meets someone on the street that she thinks is skinnier than her she is famous for saying: “OMG! You’re so skinny, you look sick!” I can go on and on about what comments and insults she so generously bestows on people. So Frimie, stop sticking your feet in your mouth and you representing your father here just makes him look worse!!!!!

    • @ Em El –

      lol – thanks! No personal offense was taken with regard to Frimie’s comments to me. She doesn’t know me, though I know plenty of people who know her. I saw her personal attacks as her illiterate way of venting and as an attempt to knock others down in order to lift herself up.

      Since the issue is no longer at hand, since her father resigned, I no longer respond to her. I believe she has written several things directed at me that I havent’ responded too because the matter is done with.

      The taxpayers win. Bernie loses. Frimie continues to show her immaturity. It’s amusing.

  20. I wonder what the final outcome will be. Now that he resigned, will he get a full pension? Will they continue to investigate the allegations? I hope this is resolved and that changes to the system are made. No more political patronage jobs on the taxpayer’s dime!

    • hey everyone, i wasnt on this site for a while, this is in response to EmEl, ..woa! u really went below the belt, wow, could never imagine one yid so publically and brazenly talking loshon hora on a national website, oh yea, and next time i go to saks ill buy u a “burberry” scarf to stuff into your mouth. im appalled!!

  21. Im really shocked at Yerachmiel for allowing those humiliating, personal posts on his site. when i was sparring with sara, I had no clue who she was, nor did I care, and I knew noone else on this site knows who she is, so i felt comfortable joking around with her. I , I would never ever write those comments if anybody would know who she is, there is a fine line between attitude thats fun and playfull than broadcasting horrendous. judgemental comments on somebody. this is so surreal.

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