Go To Court on Fri 3-25-10 For the Dascalowitz Weberman Double-Header

Nechemya Weberman allegedly sexually assaulted a twelve-year-old girl  and continued doing it till she was fifteen. Meir Dascalowitz allegedly raped a boy in a mikvah (ritual bath) over a dozen times. The perpetrators and the victims are all Hasidim from Williamsburg. To the shame of the community’s members,  most of them either stay on the sidelines or actively support the alleged perpetrators. The victims and their families are subjected to all sorts of pressures to drop their cases. Fortunately, the criminal justice system is prosecuting the perpetrators.

Both defendants are out on bail. They have no incentive to rush to trial since they both face sentences of decades in prison. Instead, they publicly protest their innocence and hope that the chatter will die down while their well-paid lawyers try to postpone their trials.

In New York State the wheels of justice grind slowly, very slowly. They always did and recent cuts in court personnel have slowed them down some more. It is now ten months since Dascalowitz was arraigned on ten Felony D charges of criminal sexual activity-2nd degree with a victim under fifteen years of age (PL 130.45 01). There are many additional felony and misdemeanor charges. Approximately once a month he goes in for a court appearance. For almost a half a year his lawyer, Israel Fried has successfully gotten postponements by dickering with the District Attorney about how to determine if Dascalowitz is mentally competent to assist in his defense. As of a month ago, Dascalowitz had still not gone in for an inpatient evaluation of his mental status.

Weberman was arrested on February 23, 2010, on a small set of charges, which only included one D Felony. On March 8 a Grand Jury indictment was entered into the court record. He was charged with 150 felonies all involving sexual crimes with a child including one B felony in the first degree, 145 D felonies and 4 E felonies. Among other things he was specifically charged with the B felony in the 1st degree, of “a course of sexual conduct” with his victim when she was twelve where the act had to have been either oral, anal or vaginal sex or penetrating her vaginally or anally with a foreign object which caused injury. Baruch Lebovits was only convicted of eight D felonies and was sentenced to 10-32 years. In theory, Weberman’s sentence, if he is convicted on all charges, could top Bernie Madoff’s by several hundred years.

Trials and sentencing sessions are dramatic. The court appearances preceding a trial are humdrum and quick. A morning in court can include many defendants and very little time for each. The usual outcome is some very small development followed by the scheduling of the next date and the continuation of bail and the order of protection.

So, why bother to attend? Ordinarily the defendant does not bring out his supporters until the trial. In spite of all their bravado they actually prefer as little attention as possible. Sometimes their supporters even spread rumors that the charges will be dropped and it is just a matter of court procedures. Balderdash! But that is what they claim. It is not in their interest to have observers from the other side in the courtroom. They prefer flying under the radar.

At the same the time the victims and their families and close supporters are bombarded with the message that your efforts are futile and everyone in the community is against you. Their kids are expelled from schools; the parents are thrown out of synagogues. The harassment includes nasty phone calls and letters, jeers on the street, and scurrilous rumors about the parents and the kids including charges of promiscuity, other irreligious behavior, theft, and child abuse. They suffer social death in a world where community is everything.

The point of going to court for the sporadic appearances is to show support for the victims, to let the miscreants know that we are fighting them, and to publicize the case during the doldrums between arrests and convictions. This means that observers should also take care to record the doings and publicize them through blog accounts and press conferences.

If you attend during this double-header make sure one case doesn’t get all the attention and the other gets neglected. When you enter the courthouse write down the room locations and floors for both events. If enough people are attending one courtroom I suggest going to the other courtroom. There is a well-organized effort for the Dascalowitz appearance but nothing as yet organized for the Weberman appearance. So consider favoring the Weberman case. When the defendant appearance is over in your courtroom of choice, hop over to the other courtroom.


Date:               Friday March 25th, 2010

Time:  9:00 A. M (but come 20 minutes earlier for security checks, and one hour before to be sure of a seat). Be ready to wait, and wait, and wait till the case is called up. But don’t snooze. Some supporters who took the effort to attend the previous Weberman appearance missed it because it was over before 10 a.m.

Place: Kings County Supreme Court, 320 Jay Street (corner Johnson St), Brooklyn, NY 11201 (parking at Marriott)

Court Rooms: Check and write down the room listings in the court lobby for:

  • Nechemya Weberman (before Judge Patricia DiMango)
  • Meir Dascalowitz (Before Judge Miriam Cyrulnik)

Publicize: Share the details of the court event by communicating with bloggers and writing comments and guest posts for blogs. Try to take careful notes. You will have to be very alert once the case gets called up. Things happen quickly, the acoustics are lousy, and the details matter. I will be on my computer monitoring all my comments and messages. I will simultaneously be on FaceBook, chatting with any of you who reach out to me. Please” friend”  me on FB me before the morning of the 25th. You can use cell phones and cameras in the lobby and outside the courthouse. Hat Tips for the first usable photos of either defendant. Double hat tips for photos of either defendant parking illegally.  Tripple Hat Tips for photos of illegal use of court house placards or pictures of defendants trying to cover their face when being photographed.


28 thoughts on “Go To Court on Fri 3-25-10 For the Dascalowitz Weberman Double-Header

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  2. Thank you, Yerachmiel for posting this information.

    Supporting survivors of sexual abuse is our responsibility. It’s time to reverse the trend of shame, harassment and malicious treatment of the victims of these criminals and start showing support for them.

    Yasher Koach/SupportTheSurvivors.org was formed to give all of those interested information about opportunities to give chizuk to survivors of sexual abuse in our community. It doesn’t take much to let survivors of sexual abuse know that we care and are ready to help.

    I encourage your readers to visit our website at http://www.SupportTheSurvivors.org or “like” us on Facebook (search “Yasher Koach”) for up-to-date information for chizuk opportunities.

  3. Please note, Yarachamiel Lopin is not talking for the victim, the victim did not ask anyone to attend court, it only makes it harder for the victim. Who needs more faces? Let the family be there for the victim. The dont want anyone attending and picture taking is to Promote Lopin and not the victim. Please be advised he has his own dirty agenda and only harms the victim by all his writing. Pleas ignore him

    • I am in contact with both victims through people who talk to them regularly. These intermediaries have made it very clear to me that they appreciate the sort of things that I, Yasher Koach, and Rabbi Horowitz are doing.

      What makes it harder for the victim is the view that they should be ashamed and the accused should be pitied. Purim is over; let’s not turn common sense upside down. The victims have already suffered the pain of injury, now they want the relief of knowing their upside down world will be turned straight-side up. They are already suffering the unjustifiable social stigma of admitting they were abused and the crass harassment that followed. Now they want the focus to shift to their perpetrators. Frimie Kr, would it kill you to do them that little kindness and give them some peace of mind?

      I am mochel the kavod and I am trying to give it away to othersgiving Mr Dascalowitz and Mr. Weberman some free publicity. I am the tznuah and they are the menuvalim. My agenda is not dirty though my work has me up to my ankles in the sewage dumped on us by these guys. I am not going to run to high ground. I am just going to keep unplugging and mopping till children are safe.

      Frimie Krum, what is your agenda in writing your absurd note? You were lying about what the victims want. What do you want?

      • My name is not Krum, and you know it, and I am not lying, a message was sent that the victim doesnt want it, but you are not interested,

        You have an agenda , but not everyone has, stop asking poeple to go to court when the victim is there, the victim is not on circus and is going thru hard times. YOU ARE NOT HELPING BY YOUR POSTINGS< ESPECIALLY WITH COURT< YOU HAVE ONE AGENDA AND THAT IS TO GO AGAINST THE DEFENDANT, and at the same time bring bad publicity to the victim. The victim has her way of getting even. PLEASE STOP.

        • The only thing you got right is that I do have an agenda: fighting child sex abuse by getting the perpetrators prosecuted. Modeh ani. That is also the agenda of every victim who presses charges.

          I do not see the trial making the victim look bad unless you believe that victims are the one’s who should be ashamed. She does not see it that way, nor do I.

          Your name may not be Krum, but your thinking is twisted.

    • @ Frimie,

      Are you a survivor? If not, STFU. I AM a survivor and I WANT the support of my community.

      (We are all glad you’re back though!) 😉

      • Sara, not a survivor , but close to the victim, and the victim wont show up if there are others coming to court, please have all stop publicizing and asking people to come when victim shows up, dont care about defendant, but victim went thru enough – this site is not for anyones benefit except for Lopin to be heard. He is the faker, and must be hiding something real bad. Also facts are far from straight,

        • Frimie – I know many people close to the victims. I do believe that Mr. Lopin posted in his previous comment to you that he is in contact with the victims in both of these cases as well, and that your statement that the victims do not appreciate the support is untrue. By all accounts and directly from the victims themselves, they welcome support at the hearings.

          This site, among other things, give survivors a voice, and we thank Mr. Lopin for that.

          Perhaps your Tatty is doing more than impersonating a cop and that’s why you have a vested interest in keeping things hush hush. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

        • I know that the victim of Dascalowitz intends to be in the courtroom and wants as many supporters as possible. I also know that the victim of Weberman may or may not show up in court (since she does not have to show up for most of the court appearances that precede the trial). However those working on her behalf, with her consent, have made it clear to me that she is glad to know of the support we and others are offering her including both publicity and court attendance.


          You are behaving like a cross between a kindergarten child and and a grown up mudslinger with your “nah, nah, nah, nah. I am good so you are bad and the proof is that you must be hiding something.” Duh, where is the logic and what are the facts. You are also lying about being in touch with the victim.

          • i speak to the victims daily get with the program
            they want us there with them call me if yu want more info 1 800 621 8551 mark meyer appel voj

        • frimie,
          If you are the same frimie, who last week argued for your fathers job, than this post proves that you are nothing but a slime bucket. Last week I withheld judgment on you, with the feeling and understanding that you are hurting for you father, and you need to defend him, as I wrote, that I understand you, who else should support if not his daughter. Now I see that you have a personal jihad against Yerachmiel, or any child advocate. You are a blatant liar how dare you? Go home speak to your father tell him to find real work maybe he will rectify his previous mistakes.

        • Thanks Leo – Though i’ve given up on finding serenity long ago, knowing people like you and Yerachmiel and others are out there supporting us helps immeasurably.

          (And knowing their side is full of trolls like frimie and moses, who suck at life anyway, is strangely comforting as well.)


          • @sara and Leo Weing, ha, obviouslyou are from one stock, you say my father?, my tatty? ,Sorry wrong try, dont know who you are exactly referring to, is that Weberman ??? Which frimie wrote about her father? Weberman doesnt have a girl who can go on the site, I am not fully aware of his family. But I think his daughter is way young, you see Inever had to get his help, I wasnt a sorry mixed up kid running around with with drop out boys as your family’s girls are(as I heard your mom tell my mom and family)so my parents didnt have to send me to him. you wouldnt believe, but I am related to the victim and therefore related to Sara , who is obviously a sister xx or xx or xx herself, . It is all obvious. Sorry try again,

            Leo who are you trying to sound like?

            I do speak the truth, the supposed victims family is ever so changing course as the wind goes, first annoyed and indifferent, now they want the circus in court, go ahead, I wont be there to joing you in any case. But Ill read the reports and if you go Im sure you ll want your picture, You and your friend Yarachmiel and Yasher Koach call that support.. Now if you dont like these comments, get out of this crazy blog, and get yourself out of this whinny binny, Get a life and move on. Dont always blame others. Like your whole family. If it was only the victim, I would of thought so, but its one then another, then another, then another, then another, then another. And who else besides your family went to Weberman???? I dont hear any one complain, possibly he didnt have any other families he counseled ?


            NOTICE TO “frimie Kr”: You are back to being moderated. Any further violations of comments policy and you will be banned from further commenting on Frum Follies. Take the time to read the comments policy by pressing the comments link near the top of the page.

  4. Yerachmiel, are you aware the Dascalowitz victim’s family is being evicted from their apartment in the name of harrasment? As a matter of fact they had to appear in court on Thursday Mar 17th as part of the eviction proceedings. The family is constantly being re-traumatized by the ongoing community and private harrasment. Yes, as many supporters as possible should show up in court on the 25th, and thank you for posting the pertinent info.

  5. motty . on what grounds are they being evicted. is it the end of the lease or is it for non payment? if the land lord is throwing them out becuase they are being bullied then the judge will smell that rat in two seconds. please enlighten us

  6. Motty- et.al- who is harassing the victims of Dascaolwitz? What is the nature of the harassment- phone calls, stalking, etc? These hoodlums should be identified if possible. I cannot believe this stuff goes on, but it must be exposed and confronted.

  7. Yerachmiel is providing great moral support for victims of abuse through this forum. It would seem to me Frimie, that you prefer that this type of abuse be handled in the same old, sweep it under the rug, look the other way, kind of manner. Don’t you get it? All this does is let the abusers continue to abuse. The victims are further stigmatized when things are done in your prescribed manner. As aforementioned by Sara, Yerachmiel, is in contact with the victims, and I’m certain they must appreciate his support. Why on earth would you try and intimidate people who are being supportive of these victims?

    • One of the destructive self-fulfilling prophecies of the frum world is that revealing victimization will destroy your reputation. Actually, in spite of all the obsession about lashon horah everyone already knows these things and whispering campaigns are instigated by the assailants to shift the blame from them to the victims. Only in trial do the facts about the assailant finally come out. In addition, once someone is exposed all the other stories about the assailant come out. It takes too long for this process to unfold but it happens. Most people have stopped arguing that Lanner, Mondrowitz, Lebowits or Kolko are innocent. The key factor in shifting the blame from the victim to the agressor is sunlight which is the best disinfectant. But like antibiotics, you have to complete the course of treatment. Unfortunately, that course can take one to two years. Luckily it sometimes takes only weeks or a few months. But more commonly, it takes much longer, especially when we are dealing with the worst offenders who are also often the most brazen.

      Communal leaders could lessen the pain for victims, the work for advocates, and even the prison sentences for molesters. They have to stop pressuring victims to be silent and start pressuring sex offenders to start the process of tshuvah by admitting their sins, pleading guilty, doing whatever they can to ameliorate the suffering of their victims, and speaking out to the community and educating them. That would be a kiddush hashem. Sadly, I ain’t seen it yet. If I do see it, I will give great kavod to such a person and to communal leaders who promote such responses.

      Rather than wait for a leadership that gets failing grades in this area, and rather than waiting for molesters to be serious about tshuvah, the victims and the community have to witness this long painful slog through the criminal justice system. So, we will do our best to support our victims. Perhaps some day, this sort of organized support activity will be unnecessary because it will arise naturally from immediate neighbors, shul members, family, etc. But till then we will keep on doing it.

    • “Why on earth would you try and intimidate people who are being supportive of these victims?”

      What Yerachmiel said and Frimie is a thug, just like her Tatty.

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  9. “Communal leaders could lessen the pain for victims, the work for advocates, and even the prison sentences for molesters. They have to stop pressuring victims to be silent and start pressuring sex offenders to start the process of tshuvah by admitting their sins, pleading guilty, doing whatever they can to ameliorate the suffering of their victims, and speaking out to the community and educating them. That would be a kiddush hashem”

    Yerachmiel, thank you for your words of wisdom. I couldn’t have said it better myself. The Torah true way would indeed be for the molester & Co. to take responsibility for his actions, and Tshuva would include begging the victim for forgiveness, and helping the victim heal in every way possible.
    “Deruchayu Darkei Noam”.
    Instead, more and more agony is piled onto the victim’s head. In my son Joel’s case it was the ugly betrayel by the Yeshiva – SATMAR UTA – rehiring the molester as soon as Joel’s statute of limitaions expired! All this after the man failed a lie-detector test, was fired by UTA, and UTA promised Joel that he would never teach young boys again!
    Therefore it is vitally important to show up at the Dascalowitz court case tomorrow. It will send a message to the communal leaders that the “Oylem” is no longer willing to be led like sheep to the slaughter to satisfy their interests – we will stand with Hashem’s help on the side of Yashrus!

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