Weberman Supporters Tried to Intimidate Supporters of His Accuser

Nechemya Weberman’s supporters struck back at hasidic supporters of the girl he allegedly raped. Weberman was accompanied by four relatives including a woman who took pictures of Hasidim attending today’s court session. Pictures or names were then circulated instantly into online or listserve discussion groups of hasidim.

Two Hasidim attending in support of the alleged victim got messages from their family members telling them that word was circulating about them and they should get out of the courtroom. Both refused to take the advice. As one of them said to me, “I have nothing to be ashamed of. I am there to protect Jewish girls. The shanda (disgrace) is that so many people are afraid to speak up.”

I would add on that such tactics would have been wasted on the students from Yeshiva University who showed up to support the accuser. Even if their peers and family found out about it, most of them would have been supportive or neutral about the decision to attend.


22 thoughts on “Weberman Supporters Tried to Intimidate Supporters of His Accuser

  1. nechemya weberman has been in contact with his relative rabbi pinchas weberman
    chaplain with the ATF and other major groups and police dept including justice and homeland security .
    He is a leading rabbi in miami to use his connections to get charges dropped

    Rabbi Pinchas webberman is making an all out push to do so because he fears the families name is being ruined and his airline and boat catering businness may suffer

    he is a very shrewd behind the scenes operator with many high level contacts

    • “the truth hurts” – you should change your name to “naareshkeit REALLY hurts” Rabbi Pinchas Weberman from Miami Beach is NOT INVOLVED in the Nechemya Weberman saga.

  2. Yeah! Good response to the intimidation! These animals understand nothing but fear and intimidation, and when the good people aren’t intimidated, the intimidators feel clueless, like the rug was pulled out from under their feet.

    • Because the author was looking for a good title doesnt mean you have to be the poppa guy.
      You claim you were there. you had to be blind or you werent there. Intimidation started with Joe DeAngello standing and cursing in the noses of the Weberman family, with the support of the victims supporters. Here goes intimidation. Good thing, it was videod by a standbyer, you thought he was a supporter, thats where I got to see it.

      • @ frim –

        what’s a “poppa guy”.

        And actually, the intimidation started when theVaad/Weberman decided to extort money from the victim’s family in the name of “therapy” and then proceed to molest and rape the poor girl. THAT, sir, would be the start of the intimidation.

        The fact that Joe regained a measure of control over his own situation by confronting Weberman and shaking him up a bit means just that – He (Joe) has the control now – it’s something every victim wants. We are winning. You keep clinging to your sinking ship.

        “Good thing, it was videod by a standbyer, you thought he was a supporter, thats where I got to see it.”

        Ohhhhhhhhh – you had a plant, huh? LMAO – a plant among 40+ survivor supporters! Good one – man – you got us!! Bwahahahaha!!!

        (Not used to playing with the big boys, are ya? Hang on tight to that sinking ship)

        See you on May 11th! 😉

  3. I attended the hearings on March 25, and I wrote about my experiences and thoughts that were inspired by it. I will continue to post there, and I hope to attend the future hearings, such as the one on May 6 (Dascalowitz) and May 11 (Weberman).

    I hope it’s okay to post a link here; i thought it would be better than trying to fit all my thoughts into the comments here!

    Thanks for reading.

  4. rabbi weberman has told people his mishpocha has contacted him

    there is no doubt he has made calls on his mishpochas behalf and that is surely in violation of his chaplains association with the federal gvmt

    there is much that you may not know but this is clear

    while he may claim to not assist his mishpocha he has buried cases in the past of pedophilai and adultery in miami thru his offices

    so be very careful when you say he isnt involved

    ask him if he believes nechemia is guilty and you get a very long winded answer about gvmt innacuracies and innocent till proven guilty and why are the authorities involved

    answers like that are a disgrace to honest rabbonim

  5. out of sheer curiosity what would i physchiatrist say to a family with 15 kids and 7 have been divorced and daughters that dont talk to thier father

    thats is rabbi pinchas webberman is the father

    but then again its all good he is the chaplain in miami who the police ask regarding abuse

    • I guess you do not know Rabbi Weberman, doesnt have seven divorced kids? and ALL daughters, visit, love and talk to their fathers, Yerachmiel, Im surprised at your accepting comments that are so obviously out of sync.
      Audience, verify and dont just believe.

  6. Intimidation sometimes works , but not for me. I went through too much in life and learned that people (or the majority of them) don’t give a hoot about caring for anyone other than themselves, and they have no compunction about hurting others. As far as helping another suffering person- most likely not. When someone is down- they use them as carpets. So people to me are like fodder (stuffing- population crowders)

    No one came to my help- when I was in court (cuz an ex husband-suppeoned me) As a matter of fact Big Rabbonim got involved and supported my ex for no good reason. So I learned that you can only rely on yourself to do right and hopefully people will learn by example. Say what you mean- mean what you say-but don’t say it unless you mean it!!!!

    My only brother stopped talking to me because Weberman send a text saying” your sister is here in court to testify against me. No problem- maybe he’ll come around and wake up to smell the coffee- maybe not. Bottom line – because Weberman made me lose a relationship with my only sibling that I have- he will see me in court again and again!!!!

    Intimidation works both ways!!! Watch out wrong-doers, here I come!!!! You just woke up a sleeping tiger!!! ENOUGH WITH THE INTIMIDATION!!!


    • Information directly from your relation, as I am closer to you than to Weberman.
      So I can only give you one side information.
      Liar, he did not get text from Weberman, is what your relation said and showed me.
      Lies again, one person helped your father and family, when you had problems with your ex and that was Weberman. Ask your only relation, and your father and your fathers friends.
      Wrongdoer here you are. Doing bad for good.

      No one intimidated you. You were in court on your own. As you always are. Dont blame anyone.
      You are enjoying your very own fight. and looking for friendship in the victims family. Go ahead, and enjoy. There has never been a fight between you and Weberman. He has nothing with you..He is not looking to fight you. I called him he had no comment, he didnt know what I want.
      The fight is between you and your relation, and your opening yourself up for all to see, Go ahead, fight it out, you have great friends on your side, The victim, her mother, her yo yo nieces, Nuchem Rosenberg, with the open fly and company.

      Your family and friends who thought you were onto something good with your education, but found out that it was to befriend the worst and not stand behind the truth, only looking to fight will be watching.

  7. to yent,

    I had a hard time understanding what you were trying to say. You had a bad case of the verbal verbiages or your pen had a bad case of the runs. Don’t tell me what was texted because Weberman saw me in court. And don’t tell me he does not know about any intimidation attempts. He tried to do to me by having his father talk to my father. I still have the text I received when I was in court.

    Your name says it all- you should fill out your name and call yourself “a baseless yenta!”

    As far as Weberman helping me in my trying times – I have no idea when he helped me. If he says he did- if he did- H will repay him.

    Weberman says he has no fight with me- of course not- because I have no fight with him either!! I am not involved in his case- even if he wants to pretend that I do- because he is trying to obfuscate the situation. You can call me a Liar if that tickles your fancy-they can intimidate me and my father as much as they want- maybe that relieves their tension (who knows how sick minds works??)

    If I do end up in court against Weberman it might be because he is harrassing my father even where he davens, for no good reason. My father is not responsible for Weberman’s challenging situation.

    He can deny all he wants- whatever intimidation is going on it is coming from them- with all the lies that go along with intimidation. First lie- my father got a call that I was in court to testify against him- no one testified that day- it was just an arraingment. Second lie- there is a picture of me with the DA and Rosenberg- oh yeah? please show me I still have to see that one! Third lie- If I dont drop the charges against him -then I will be responsible for his jail term of 30 years- Oh wow I never knew I had such tremendous power- and what charges do I have to drop- pray tell me? I never pressed any charges- so there is nothing to drop. Last question to you all (Weberman and company) If I had not been in court that day- Who then would be to blame for his sentence ( of whatever years the judge will decide to give) would it still be my fault? ”

    Fardrei dein kop in mein azz ess is mein” maybe it will give you the relief you so desperately need.

    Simchas Yom Tov!

    • Gosh, I bet the Judge would love to know about all of this intimidation on the part of Weberman and his cronies. She was pretty clear in the courtroom that she wouldn’t tolerate any of it…..

      • Sara, good thing you re not a judge, wont make a fair one.Why would the judge care about personal fights this woman has? She insists she will be in court to fight Weberman because he mixes with her relation, Cant you spot an instigator, you can see by the way she writes, Others say she has been openly fighting Webermans family days before the court, leave the victim and the defendant out of this chit chat. Its Webermans family and her for a long time. Obviously yenta must have done some good yentaning.
        Its for us to enjoy. Let Yenta and her go on

        • @frim

          The judge would care about the intimidation tactics used by Weberman, as I said. To be honest, I don’t have the patience to follow along with what yent says. I’m only getting MH’s literate side.

  8. To Frim and Yenta
    A translation of what Frim means is” Full Rishas Veinig Mides” or Frim is Krim” and that is what your name (or you for that matter) represents. Krim because you are “far-drying” the whole situation. English translation: Obfuscating-so that this turns into a personal vendetta. I have no agenda against Weberman other than the fact that He and company are intimidating my elderly father- who he and me has as much to do with this case- or the power of the outcome- as we have to Nasa in Houston!!!!! I wish him no ill will- nor his family- as they know- since you know soo much- why don’t you call me at home- and I’ll be more than glad to talk to you or anyone in their family. Since they chose not to do that- it is because they know I really have no personal agenda against anyone of Weberman and family- they don’t call!! They just intimidate and harrass and elderly saint!! Sick and getting sicker. To Yenta- I say the same thing. Call me and listen to what I have to say- you might be pleasantly surprised!!! the only ill will I have against Weberman is because they used my family (brother) to turn against me. Which is OK- I still love my brother and pray for his “Arichas Yomin” whatever he thinks about me (Weberman fed him a pack of lies). Yes I was in court on March 25 not for or against him!! Yent do you have the guts to hear the truth- call me!!!!

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