Sins of the Fathers

At the request of the author this story is being suspended  from public viewing and commenting for a few days.She appreciated the many supportive comments from readers. However,  processing the reactions  to some of her feelings including some expressed in comments triggers stronger emotional responses than she thinks it wise to deal with, right now.  She is getting help and support from her immediate family and other appropriate helpers.

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About Yerachmiel Lopin

Frum Follies is blog is for those who fight Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) in the Orthodox Jewish world where it is Purim all year. I fight corruption and denial by reporting, analyzing, satirizing, and organizing action.
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2 Responses to Sins of the Fathers

  1. Jay says:

    When appropriate, please let her know that many of us will keep her in our thoughts and hope for the best for her, in years to come.

  2. Sara says:

    @ Dina – I don’t think your suicide comments upset people per se. I think we were just afraid for you.

    Again, please free to contact me through Yerachmiel. I’m not too far from Baltimore!

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