Emmy Awarded to TV Documentary About Abuse and Cover-up in KJ

Suffering in Silence is a nine minute TV new report (Channel 12, Westchester) about the abuse suffered by thirty-seven-year-old Shlomo Weiss at the hands of his father in Kiryas Joel (KJ). Weiss confronts his father on camera for the first time. Shomo talks about his efforts as a teenager to get help from adults in KJ and in the Nitra Yeshiva in Mt. Kisco, NY.  But they did nothing to protect him or to protect the other children who were vulnerable inside Shomo’s family and on the school bus his father drove.  Instead, worried about the story coming out, they arranged for him to go to a  yeshiva in Europe. On camera, we see the PR representative of KJ, a rabbi in Nitra, and his father, continuing to avoid the facts while minimizing the issue and claiming that the community does not cover up sex abuse.

On April 3, 2011,The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (New York Chapter) gave out its 2011 Emmy® awards . The Academy gave Suffering in Silence an Emmy® for Best Religion News Reporting  to  the reporter, Tara Rosenblum, and the photographer/Editor, Kenneth Pelczar. They deserve it. KJ and Nitra deserve the bad publicity for continuing to cover up most instances of abuse. Shlomo Weiss deserves credit for being brave enough to go public with his story and confronting his father. He did it to help protect other kids by putting  pressure on  leadership to change and by showing other victims that they are not alone.

Survivors for Justice (SFJ) posted a transcript of the show. I am not sure if it is complete. Ben Hirsch of SFJ is also interviewed in Suffering in Silence.


14 thoughts on “Emmy Awarded to TV Documentary About Abuse and Cover-up in KJ

  1. Mechel, darling, pray tell – how do you know it’s false? Because someone who looks like you would never do such a thing?

    Kindly provide us with information as to how you know this story is false. We all anxiously await your response.

    Thank you.

    • Sara- Not that i agree with mechel but you should be aware that it is impossible to prove a negative, that something did not happen.

        • If I believed in hell, I would say there’s a place there reserved for those like mechel who enable molestation.

      • If one makes a claim that something happened at a particular time period at a particular location one can certainly say that I can prove that it’s bogus because the person was somewhere else at that time.

  2. @ Jay – uh huh. And even for those Hell non-believers, there are the famous words of Joey Diangello to N. Weberman, “Karma’s a bitch”.

    I concur.

  3. To Bentch Kvetcher
    It seems that all you really know is kvetching a bentch and you must be sitting with your head on it. I really think you tzi-kvetched your brains. If someone can actually remember the time and place from such a long time ago- it is obviously that it “lieder” did happen.
    So keep kvetching the bentch- that’s all your cabable of.
    As for you Mechel- maybe you are covering up a similar misdeed of your own- and you fear your time will up soon. The real anti-semites are the ones that do such things to our own “tieyere yiddish kinderlach”!!! Those will rot in hell!! “Oiy Luni Miyom Hadin- Oiy Luni Meyoim Ha-Toichei- che”!!!l

  4. Milchaymes Hashem perhaps you misunderstood my point. Sammy said it is impossible to prove a negative, I gave a Imanu Hayeesem defense which I’ve never seen with sex offenders. Even Weingarten or Lebowitz with all the counts against them could not have an alibi. I work for a living. However the learning I’ve done thus far has served me well. I am also watching as authentic yiddishkeit is being hijacked before our very eyes. A sad situation when rabbonim re-victimize the victims by suppressing their voices in the name of protecting their heilige klei kodesh molesters. The irony is, if the halochos as they interpret it applies evenly for all Jews then where are their voices for the “modern” Jews like Sabo, Zimmer and Weinberg? The answer is that it’s all in the hat that the offender may not even wear as opposed to their long beards and empty bekitshes and streimels. When I die God may ask me, Jew where is your beard? The question to the molester protectors will be, beard where is your Jew?

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