Breaking — Lebovits is Definitely Still In Prison

Rumors have been circulating that Baruch Mordechai Lebovits was released from prison on a quarter million dollars bail in time to spend shabbos with his family. Then there were rumors that he was on the verge of being released. The rumors grew out of the announcement by the  Kings County District Attorney, Charles J Hynes, that Shmuel (Samuel) Kellner was arrested for trying to extort money from the Lebovits clan. The charge claims that Kellner alternately offering to have charges dropped and threatened to produce more witnesses against Lebovits.  However, as I noted in my previous posting, Hynes insisted that the charges had no bearing on the Lebovits conviction which was based on a witness who was not involved in the extortion plot.

I have confirmed that as of Saturday he was definitely still in his prison in upstate NY near the Canadian border. As far as I know there were no plans to transfer him anywhere.

I am guessing that  his supporters floated the rumor to burnish his image of innocence. But he remains guilty, he remains in prison and he will probably die in jail.


8 thoughts on “Breaking — Lebovits is Definitely Still In Prison

  1. Lebovits never deserved to be in jail for 32 years because of what he did to one kid, he deserved to be in jail ’cause he is a RODEF and could not or would not control himself. As such jailing him was the only possible solution as the frum community did not want to spend the time or money to safe guard our youths from him.

  2. Lets prey and hope that he stays in jail so Yerachmiel could have a joyful Seder meal, who wants Yerachmiel to be miserable ??

  3. Yerachmiel I wish that you will have many more joyful seders for a long time to come. May people such as Lebovits rot.

  4. The real question is not if we are joyous because people like BML and YMW are in jail. As victims, we are joyful that other potential victims are safe from these predators. It gives us no pleasure to report to the police. Victims only gain a sense of relive that the law is there to protect them and others who need protection. Some people who would claim that we do get somehow our jollies off, with the knowledge that BML is still in jail, they are totally wrong. I do not care about the 32 years’ incarceration that he received, I would rather that they took a plea and would only sit two plus years. The reason is simple the first step in any program is the need of the offender to recognize his problem. If they only would say yes I am guilty that would be their first step in recovery. However, as long they fail to admit they need to sit whatever it takes, even for life.

  5. Hi Leo,
    I am horrified by the pain you were put though- and pleased as you yourself clearly know the perpetrator has been dealt with.

    As victim advocates you must realize that we can only get respect within the community and law enforcement if we show rationale reasoning and restraint. In the case of Mr Lebovits – there is now clearly a cloud hanging over the case. While the DA is sticking to the charges- you can surely see and expect acknowledgement that the case is tainted.

    Whereas with you own brother -you were the victim and thus knew for certain of his guilt. In this case you are not claiming to be a victim – so you presumably do not know for certain.

    Fwiw I do know Mr. Lebovits and while I never had reason to suspect him of these crimes (and he had plenty of access to me when I was a kid), I was prepared to accept the findings of the court a year ago when he was sentenced. I am now prepared to reconsider these findings.

    Let us show that we are not a mob, or posse but rather a respectable group of true victim advocates. Let’s not look blood thirsty- afterall we don’t really know for sure….

    • Nice drashah. But you are forgetting that the District Attorney insists that there is no problem with his conviction. He is saying that separately there was an attempt at extortion. I have my doubts about the DA’s charge in the extortion charges against Shmuel Kellner. But in any event, Lebovits’ conviction still stands.

  6. do not playfully wrestle with the former rosh kolel of north miami beach and the now teacher in teshiva gedola in montreal

    this serial groper is known to hug and playfully grope young men and is a disgeace to the rabbinate

  7. Joey,
    I thank you for your kind words, but may I disagree with your POV, in the overwhelming molestation cases, only the victim and the offender will know the truth. Society cannot function if we decide to judge people beyond any shadow of doubt, there will always be some doubt for some person. We have rules that govern our society, which we must live by, and see that even a convict person like BML has the ability to argue for bail and be granted a 120 days reprieve, due to new circumstances. Therefore, our legal system is the best we have, but it is not perfect. I have faith that everything will eventually be settled in accordance the law of the land. You and others might not be happy but that is how it works. If he goes free, my view would be that he was not exonerated but some fool decided to make a quick buck and really hurt the victim again.

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