Lebovits Is No Longer in Jail

According to the NYS Department of Corrections online database, Baruch (Mordechai) Lebovits is no longer in jail as of today. The database is usually updated during the wee hours of the morning so it probably means he was released some time yesterday.

As of yesterday the records showed he was still inside which would have been true at end of Saturday. He has not been exonerated. The Appellate Court agreed to hear an appeal and allowed him to stay outside jail on electronically monitored house arrest with $250,000 cash bail. He has up to  12 weeks to appeal while he is under house arrest. If he does not win his appeal he goes back to serving his sentence of ten and two thirds to thirty two years.


5 thoughts on “Lebovits Is No Longer in Jail

    • Actually, I said he was not out as of Saturday. And he was released on Sunday. He is not innocent as far as the courts are concerned. He is out on bail while his appeal is considered. For the moment he remains a convict with a sentence of 10-32 years in jail with up to twelve weeks out on bail pending an appeal.

  1. this is what makes the DA charles hynes and henna white his liason a joke

    jewish children in danger and not one rabbi saying he should remain in jail

    we need a demonstarion of people outside his house to protest his release

  2. this pidyon shvuyim is just heartwarming. maybe the community can band together to have a child sent to his house.

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