Israel Weingarten is in Federal Detention Facility in Brooklyn

I have confirmed that Israel Weingarten is in the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC), a US government detention facility in Brooklyn classified as an administrative facility. He was probably moved temporarily from Virginia where is he is serving a 30 year sentence for his new sentencing hearing.

In January U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan  overturned one of his 5 charges relating to transporting his sixteen year old daughter across international borders to sexually abuse her. The Appeals Court ruled that the enabling legislation only covered travel to or from the US, not travel between two foreign countries. One of the charges for which he was convicted  was for travel between Israel and Belgium and thus was excluded.

When he was first sentenced he was given ten years for each of the five charges, but two of those ten year sentences were to be served concurrently with others. The dropped charge was one of those sentences to be served concurrently. Now he goes back for re-sentencing at which point the judge will decide whether to reduce the sentence.

I will inform readers as soon as I know the resentencing date/time, assuming it has not already happened.

One source says she heard that he was in the MDC over Passover.


20 thoughts on “Israel Weingarten is in Federal Detention Facility in Brooklyn

    • Not a chance. His conviction was based primarily on testimony from his daughter. I don’t any liklihood of anyone proving she was part of an extortion plot.

      By the way, Lebovits is probably just enjoying an interlude of house arrest before he goes back to jail for the remainder of his very long sentence.

    • I have evidence that the prosecutor themselves are doing the same shtik as Kelner – why would they do this unless they knew he was innocent and they just wanted to keep their convictiom – very common in federal cases

  1. This has been confirmed by my Pen Pal that was in the VA prison with him. Izzy, as the inmates call him, is confident he will get 12 years taken off of his sentence, but the long term inmates don’t think this will be the case. With the time for the dropped charge being concurrent there is a strong change his sentence will not change.

    I can also tell you from 1st hand experience that life in a detention center is far less good then a prison. A detention center is not as bad as a county jail, but you don’t get to go outside every day, if at all. I assure you – is is NOT on home confinement.

    Plus, he was transported there wearing handcuffs chained to a belly chain and shackles. He will be returned to prison wearing the same set of “full iron”. Travel with the US Marshals is very difficult and not an experience I ever want to repeat.

    I swear I thought I sat this account of mine here to update me when there was a new post, but I only came back today because I just got a letter from my Pal telling me about this and i wanted to let you know.

    The internet is not always my friend.

  2. How did you confirm? why don’t share a link to the public available BOP site with all the up to date info on all prisoners.

    Don’t pretend you have sources when you have none.

  3. I keep meaning to add that I will answer any questions you might have about federal prison. It is not a part of my past I am proud of, but I had so many friends, strangers and family members help and support me I vowed to do what i could to pay it forward. This is why I write an inmate – he has NO family, but thanks to Aleph he gets a few visits (now that he is in NJ rather then VA) and he gets mail from me.

    I must warn you though that I am not overly empathetic towards inmates; like me most are guilty and are now paying the price so I don’t cope well with whining about it.

    Also, I only know about federal prisons.

  4. Oy!!! Izzy’s location is public information and available for the entire world to see at the BoP web site. I would post the link, but you too can either figure it out on your own or do a Google search.

    The BoP gives very little information – much less than state sites do, but the location of the inmate is shown unless the inmate is in transit. His release date is shown as well as his age, but not his charges and there is no photo.

    Also, have you ever heard of You might want to check into it. There are also countless sites not available for free that professionals can access IF they want to pay the hefty fees. Many libraries, especially academic libraries, can access these sites too. There is an entire world of information available beyond what Google provides. They are costly, but they ARE there.

  5. I rethought my previous post and realized that perhaps you would NOT be able to figure out to go to – this is what shows up when an inmate search is done.

    Name Register # Age-Race-Sex Release Date
    1. ISRAEL WEINGARTEN 76830-053 61-White-M 11-24-2034 BROOKLYN MDC

  6. People are moved to places nearest their court long before their court date. This ensures they will have access to their lawyers, but as I’ve said daily life in a MDC is worse than being in a federal prison.

    I’m guessing it won’t be too long before he makes his court appearance. Even if he gets a reductionl it won’t be enough to lower his security level.

    • If he gets 8 or more years off he will be eligable to go to a Low security prison. But soon IYH tbe truth will come out and his evil ex wife and daughter will go to jail for perjury and perhaps even gleason yimach shmo for accepting bribes from that well know shaygetz witriol from KJ

  7. The BoP OFTEN keeps people with international ties is a medium no matter what the length of their sentence and I think Izzy meets that criteria. They are considered a flight risk. As an example I did time in a FCI with a native of FLA, but she’d gone to medical school in Panama and was married to a citizen of Panama – she, like me, was considered a flight risk and hers was a Medicare fraud conviction not something counted as violent.

    As an aside, upon release, she fought and had her conviction overturned, but the damage was already done.

    My spouse did every one of his 10 years in a medium for being a flight risk. At least I was able to do my last four years in a camp.

    And just to be clear? The truth HAS come out.

  8. 5 days and Izzie will be in court again. My Pal was stunned when I told him Issie was having a Psych evaluation; in the past he fought one stating not only was he innocent he was totally sane.

  9. Well, well, well!

    Izzy was re sentenced to the SAME 30 years – I got this information from Judge Gleeson’s office.

    Another noose the neck of his daughter.

  10. Izzy is back in a medium security facility in VA –

    Name Register # Age-Race-Sex Release Date
    1. ISRAEL WEINGARTEN 76830-053 61-White-M 11-24-2034 PETERSBURG MED FCI

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