Today’s Court Sessions for Weberman and Yegutkin

The blog CALA NY had a nice posting on what happened during today’s Kings County Supreme Court hearings of alleged sex abusers Nechemya Weberman and Emanuel Yegutkin. In short, Weberman was able to delay some more by claiming that he was not given all available evidence some of which is in the hands of the police. CALA NY suggests that the cops are helping the process drag out by being slow in delivering the evidence. His case was adjourned to Tuesday, June 28, 2011.

Yegutkin, the principal of the Elite High School, a yeshiva for Russian students in Besonhurst, was arrested in January 2009 and charged with was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and sexually abusing children for more than a four-month period.

Incredibly, it is now over two years since he was arrested and yet he has not been sent to trial! By the time he next appears in court on July 11 it will be almost two and a half years since he was arrested. During that time he has been out on $50,000 bail, and has appeared twenty-five times before eight different judges since his arraignment.


12 thoughts on “Today’s Court Sessions for Weberman and Yegutkin

  1. weberman has had his family using all connections to protect him and stop this trial from going forward
    his uncle pinchas webberman from miami is a chaplain with the ATF and fire and police depts of miami and using his connections

  2. It is important to note that these criminals keep appearing with less and less people on their side. It is our hope that they will eventually come alone, and feel alone, in this hideous came of evading the law. With continued support for the victims, every one of us helps make a difference in the outcome of this case, but also for the future of all cases. If a victim sees the outpoor of support, they will feel encouraged to speak out! This is equivalent to saving a life.

  3. Rapist Meir Dascalowitz Case Transferred to Judge D’emic Mental Health Part June 16, 2011 to Be Remanded to State Mental Facility – See CALA blog for details.

  4. I know weberman well. He counseled me at 13 years old and encouraged me to run away from my parents home and come live by him. Wonder what he wanted…

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