Mesirah or Molesting?

When Convicted sex offender Yoel Oberlander was arrested for trespassing at Camp Shalvah many Bobov partisans breathed a sigh of relief. “You see,” they said, “there was no molesting.”

But guys, hold on a second. How can he be guilty of trespassing if he was supposed to be in camp to make a food delivery? In the US, the law can’t declare an invited visitor a trespasser unless they get the property owner to insist he went into some other area without authorization.

If the camp believed his worst crime was an unauthorized stroll they would not have pressed charges for trespassing. To press charges for such a crime against another Jew is mesirah (snitching). Ultra orthodox Jews don’t do that to other Jews unless it involves something like violence or sex abuse.

Would Bobov have pressed charges if they thought nothing happened? I think, not.

5 thoughts on “Mesirah or Molesting?

  1. I’m surprised at you for making this contention. It was not the camp who chose what crime to charge the perp. It was the prosecutor in conjuction withthe police. The crime of his intrusion was reported, and the investigation did not provide the basis to charge with molestation. Bobov had nothing to do with the charges made by the state. I thought you would understand this. It is elementary.

    I wish you would wait for the facts to emerge before joining the hotheads and making accusations. I am also concerned about the delay of time, but the rest is pretty good. I subscribe to the other Bobov community, and politically I oppose this camp/regime. However, I do not find them guilty of much.

  2. Cool It,

    Yes, I believe in staying calm but please don’t stick your head in a freezer.

    Please read my posting again. I wrote, ” In the US, the law can’t declare an invited visitor a trespasser unless they get the property owner to insist he went into some other area without authorization.” Let me translate it for you while your brain thaws out and warms up enough to take in what I am saying. If Bobov did not press charges, the government would not have been able to charge Yoel Oberlander with trespassing.

    I say he was molesting because of things I have heard from my sources. You say I am lying or I was misled. Fine. We can agree to disagree. But what is beyond dispute is that the camp pressed charges against another Jew. So why isn’t that mesirah? I have only one explanation: it is not mesirah because they believe he molested. Do you have any other explanation. Now, if they believe he molested, then the camp is lying when it claims he didn’t molest.

    Help me out. Give me another explanation for why pressing charges is not mesirah.

  3. I was so pleasantly surprised to find the Frum Follies email in my inbox . Yes you were missed, and yes thank Gd you are back!

  4. Bobov always covered up these stories for instance Berel Goldman a known molester still Scott free after 30 years of killing boys and making them otd. Basically murdering them!

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