Mary Murphy Strikes Again and Gets the Story Right about Molesting at Bobov Camp Shalvah

Mary Murphy is the top TV news reporter when it comes to problems of sex abuse in the world of ultra orthodox Jews. Last night she trained her cameras on the question of what happened when Yoel Oberlander took a stroll in a bunk at Camp Shalvah. She told the story.

She established that Yoel is probably still working at Golden Taste by showing his car in their parking lot. From other sources I have confirmed that he has been seen still doing their deliveries in Boro Park.

She got a parent of one of the bunkers to confirm that a kid called his father and told him about what has happened to other boys in his bunk and that they were told not to talk. And she told other parts of the story clearly. Check out this newsclip of Mary Murphy reporting last night on PIX Channel 11. Check it out.  This report is why Mary Murphy is my favorite reporter covering this beat.



5 thoughts on “Mary Murphy Strikes Again and Gets the Story Right about Molesting at Bobov Camp Shalvah

  1. It’s good that she is pursuing these stories seriously, but I don’t see the point in going after Golden Taste. The real culprits are Camp Shalva and their administration. Sure, it would be better if every company was more careful about its workers but it’s not like they deliberately tried covering anything up like the camp did. I found that angle to be a cheap shot. Yes, they made a mistake in something that they should have been more careful about, but it was the sort of error that could happen to just about any large company.

    • Hedyot,

      Golden Taste was guilty of having a convicted sex offender able to get easy access to settings with children. While they would not comment I know that he continues to deliver for them in settings with children.

      I agree that isn’t the biggest part of the story. But she also delivered the account of the parent of a boy in camp which establishes that there was a cover up.

      I am sure she would have preferred interviewing Bobov officials but they of course refused. So she did a competent job of pasting together available visuals and facts to further the case for a cover up.

      To her credit she is one of the very few reporters who did not cut and paste. Most of them are still referring to a milk delivery man, all because of an early confusion on Kava Shtiebel between Golden Flow and Golden Taste.

  2. It seems unbelievable to me that in this day and age of “sanduskys” they are stupid enough to cover up for sexual offenders.

    When will they realise the truth?

    The jails are not large enough to house so many felons (the perps and their protectors)- are they waiting until the Feds are forced to erect an electric fence around the whole of Williamsburg and Boro Park?

  3. What about Berel Goldman who is a Sex offender was also in Bobov Camp Shalvah years ago? He is still roaming the streets of Boro Park!

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