Golden Taste or Golden Touch

Golden Taste should never have employed Yoel Oberlander, a molester on the sex offender registry, as a driver to places which gave him access to children. Don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying they shouldn’t give him work, just not the kind of work that gives him access to children. I have no objection to employing him in the warehouse or factory.

According to the report by Mary Murphy on Tuesday night, it seems he is still working there. His car was parked there. Golden Taste employees kept saying ‘No comment” when Mary Murphy kept asking them if Oberlander worked there. In this case shteekah k’hodoah (silence is an admission). For all we know he is still making deliveries to places where his job gives him access to children. This is wrong.

Golden Taste should  remove him from all work which gives him access to children whether it is to a camp or a school. In addition, they owe it to the public to let them know if he still drives for them.  Until they act I encourage my readers to contact Golden Taste  by voice mail at (845) 356-4133 or fax at 845-356-4231. Let them know if you buy their products, what you think about Oberlander driving for them, and whether you will keep buying their stuff. If you know anyone in OK, which gives them their kashrus certification, please contact them and urge them to use their influence. A mehadrin establishment should also be scrupulous about protecting children.

I hope Golden Taste will listen. If they don’t, the leitzanim (jesters) will start calling them Golden Touch and mehadrin customers will not want to touch their products.

If you have contacted them, please let us know how it went. 

2 thoughts on “Golden Taste or Golden Touch

  1. I do not know what the law is when it comes to convicted pedophiles. But it would seem to me that if Oberlander is on probation, then is he not restricted to certain things, for example not being allowed to live in the proximity of a park or school?

    If he is still on probation or on the sex offender registery why is it legal for him to be making deliveries to a childrens facility?

    • I looked up the sex offender site for NYS. It seems like it was legal to employ him as a driver (though stupid). Sex offenders can not work for schools or other organizations which take care of kids, they also cannot drive school busses or ice cream trucks, So what Goldent Taste did was probably legal.

      But that does not change the fact that injecting him into camps endangers kids,

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