Weberman Trial Tentatively Scheduled for October 30th

Sources close to the alleged victim of Nechemya Weberman tell me that the trial is tenatively scheduled to start on Tuesday October 30th in the Brooklyn Supreme Court. If you need a refresher on the Weberman case see my post of March 2011. To get the picture of his extortion in the guise of protecting modesty see my post Who Will Watch the Watchers.

Twenty months separate this trial date from his arrest in February 2011.  In this time Weberman’s supporters have done their best to harass and intimidate the victim, her family, her fiancee and other supporters. These attempts at harassment and intimidation culminated in the arrest of four men for obstruction of justice in June. By now, her fiance’s restaurant has been shuttered because Weberman’s supporters got the certifying rabbi to withdraw his hechsher.

We owe a lot to this brave victim and her supporters for putting up with threats, bribe offers, and other kinds of intimidation. It takes a lot to cope and the stress often mounts as the pretrial proceedings drag out. I know that life would be much easier for this victim and others in the orthodox world if trials would happen much sooner. I don’t understand why it takes so long to move to trial. Jerry Sandusky was tried by a jury only seven months after he was arrested. His trial was much more complicated than Weberman’s. Weberman is accused of assaulting one girl over a three year period. Sandusky was accused of molesting eight boys over fifteen years.

Lately the Brooklyn D.A., Charles Hynes, has been working hard to convince the media, and the advocacy community that it does its very best to prosecute orthodox sex abuse offenders. Many of us are skeptical. I would be impressed if the D.A. could fastrack trials where witness intimidation is likely to be intense (e.g., ultra orthodox sex offenders, Gang Bangers, the mafia, etc.).

As the trial gets closer, I will be posting more information about ways in which the concerned public can help support the victim.

In the meantime, if you wish to write a note of support just write it as a comment. I will see that it gets passed along to her.

If you want to attend the trial as a show of support for the victim, save the dates, Oct 30-Nov2 in your calender.

5 thoughts on “Weberman Trial Tentatively Scheduled for October 30th

  1. I plan on being there and will do everything I can up to that point to gain as much support for this young woman as possible. Weberman is the worst kind of scum. But more than that, he is a pawn in a much bigger game and I certainly hope that everyone sees it. Those who came out to support him were NOT there supporting him. They were there protecting the school and it’s interests. This whole case is more about protecting the school than it is about protecting him!

    He is a rodef there is no question about it. But the support that was generated for him was all to protect what the school did by forcing the victim to see him. The school is an accomplice to the crime as much here as Penn State was. They forced the victim to be his prey and they refused to cooperate with the authorities. They threatened the “student” with expulsion if she did not go to this guy. The school sent an innocent young girl to a monster, a supposedly frum man without any form of supervision, no care that he would have yichud with her at the very least.

    Please understand where the support for this menuval is coming from and why it is so important to really come out in full force to show support for this sweet young woman who was not only abused and maligned by this wolf in sheep’s clothing but also by the same school system and institution that still harbors and protects their own menuval Avraham Reichman.

  2. I thought I should perhaps share this write-up with your readers. It was written after the protest of the Weberman fund raiser. As I write I hold in my hand a list of 8 other victims. Can it really be that our community is so gullible as to believe the PR campaign for Weberman? Can it really be that our community is so willfully ignorant? That we WANT to believe that which makes us more comfortable despite the damage to innocent victims?


    Many of my friends and acquaintances assumed my presence and media outspokenness at the protest against the fundraiser for accused sexual abuser Nechemia Weberman was due to my bitter experience with my son Yoely’s molestation case. Not exactly wrong but not the whole story either…….

    This past Monday, May 14th, I received a call from an unknown woman asking if she could speak with me confidentially. When I assented she said “my daughter was sexually abused by Nechemia Weberman!” I listened in shock as she told me “when my daughter was 15 years old she began to dress differently than our family’s dress code and my husband and I were very worried about what this signified. We were advised to take her to Nechemia Weberman, the chassidishe therapist for “troublesome” girls. We trusted Weberman fully, as he was also my husband’s good friend. During the 2 something years my daughter was in “therapy” with him she did not tell us what went on during almost every session.”

    I glanced at the caller ID and realized she was calling from upstate NY. My caller continued – “After my daughter’s wedding, one day she told me, ‘Mommy if you would know what Necehmia Weberman did to me you would kill yourself! He showed me sex videos, he made me do——-to him, he did ——to me, and he told me that I should never, ever tell anyone because no one would ever believe me as I was known as a “troublemaker” and he was known as a very Chosheve (prominent) person; I would have no credibility and would only damage my reputation further! He tried to convince me that no one understood me, cared for me or loved me as he did. For sure my parents did not understand me or love me!’

    To say the caller took my breath away is an understatement. Listening to the sorrowful tone of her voice was awful. Then she said “in hindsight I now remember that whenever I called him for a progress report or an update on my daughter a strange thing happened. He would actually instigate me against my daughter! I used to wonder why doesn’t he say something like – Don’t worry – we are working with her – there is hope for improvement – instead he would say what an ‘ “Azas Ponim” she was, how she would burn in Gehenim for her behavior!’ I would be so very angry at her and she at me; we were going at each other all the time.”

    And then my caller told me her name! This family is not “nobody”, this is a well known, beautifully functional family! Very frum family! She explained to me that because her husband’s livelihood was dependant on the Heimishe public they could not openly expose Weberman – and being from the community they knew the backlash would be directed against their daughter and themselves. And because their daughter was happily married they did not want to rock that boat either.
    Her story continued: “When the campaign in support of Weberman was started this winter and I saw the signatures of the Rabbonim I couldn’t bear it anymore. I myself went to Rabbi Teitelbaum (R’ Zalmen Leib’s son) and to Rabbi Pollack and told them my story. They were shocked – ‘Oiy, Oiy vie, we didn’t know, we were told he was the victim of a bilbel (libel). However, you should know – we are still Yiddishe kinder and for this Weberman doesn’t have to sit in jail, we will take care of him and he will never do this again, and do not hinder us from protecting him!!!!!’ “

    How do we say it? REVICTIMIZING THE VICTIM! In essence they are telling this poor mother – go home, choke your feelings and do not stop us from supporting and helping the man who violated your child! Has there ever been anything as cruel, as pitiless, as UNJEWISH? Is this really us? Don’t we stand for the Emes? For Yoisher? A thought just occurred to me: Al Pi Torah, what was their responsibility after hearing from the mother???
    I gently asked her what could I do to help her? Her sorrowful answer: “I don’t know”. Why did she call me now? Because she feels so terribly sick when she sees the campaign for Weberman’s fundraiser.

    And so now we come to the protest or rather to the massive PR campaign for Weberman. We Yidden pride ourselves on being Uber Chachomim. No one can pull a fast one on us, no one can sell us the Brooklyn Bridge. So now I have several questions for us.

    But before we tackle the questions, I’d like to share some of my experiences at the protest. Several men who recognized me asked me angrily “Why are you here?” “Weberman did something to your son?!”
    Two ladies walking by angrily told me “It’s all lies, lies”! Sharon Otterman, the NY Times reporter standing nearby asked them “Can you please tell me why you think Weberman is innocent?” Here’s their answer, which is the sum total of what almost everyone asked says: “I know Weberman. He is a wonderful person, very smart, he has a wonderful family, he’s helped so many people. Look at the person who is accusing him – she’s garbage”. This statement of “I know Weberman” flies in the face of the Talmud’s ‘Aiyn Apitrophes L’Aroiyes’, and viciously besmirching the girl is in the same vein as people brainlessly saying “Look at Avrum Reichman and look at Yoely Engelman and whom are you going to believe?”.

    Several minutes later, I was introduced to a beautiful young woman from Williamsburg. I did not know who she was then (I do now). She said to me shaking her head sadly, “I know Weberman very, very well. I cannot talk, I’m married. I cried all day today – I wish I were standing with you, but I am not able to.” And with eyes brimming with tears she looked across the street at the outpouring of support for Nechemia Weberman!

    Now to the questions:
    1- Shouldn’t it seem strange to us that UTA, who goes so far as to censor with black magic marker a boy’s face in a first grade girl’s reader, that they employed a Yungerman as a therapist for wayward teenaged girls in his own office on Classon Ave? Not in the school office, no. A man with absolutely no training, no background in psychology. Who supervised him? Who oversaw his cases? Aren’t we very strict with Yichud? Aren’t we scrupulously gender separated at all times?
    2- Does anyone bother to inquire into the facts of Weberman’s arrest? Oh we know that shiksa, that chatzifa, that oisvurf, that terrible girl, who made a revenge bilbul on an innocent “Mechanech” who was only trying to help her…..
    3- Who is really behind the huge campaign to fund Weberman’s legal fees? We know it must be his family, but can they alone really pull this off without outside help? Who are the outsiders and why are they interested in helping?

    Leah*, (the current victim) a student at UTA Bais Rochel School for Girls, was sent to by the school to Weberman for “therapy”. Oddly, after several years of his “therapy” the school needed to expel her! Of course no Chassidishe school wanted to accept her. She landed at a girls school in Flatbush; the name of the school is not relevant. The school provided a guidance counselor for some of its students. Leah* was deemed in need of this service. She spoke about her experiences at Weberman’s hands and the guidance counselor, being a mandated reporter called the police. Weberman was arrested. Hello, I’ll say it again – Weberman was arrested because the guidance counselor correctly reported him! Do the wall posters or the articles in the newspapers tell us that? Of course not! We the sheeple are led to believe the girl was a Moser! That she acted out of revenge to get even with Weberman! Now know this: When an accused molester is arrested the case is owned by the legal system. In other words, Leah* is not the complainant – the government is! The government in this case is the DA. Yes our friend Charles Hynes, whom the media has shown to be the best ally in the community cover-up of molesters! The DA and his crew will be on Leah’s side! (Oiy Vey!) On Weberman’s side will be the best attorneys money can buy thanks to our misguided generous donations for his defense! Besides the family, guess who else is so invested in defending Weberman? UTA of course! Imagine their headaches right now! UTA sent countless girls to Weberman. They must now make sure none of them ever, ever comes out to point fingers at him. Many of the girls are still below the statute of limitations – they are all potential missiles against UTA! Ha! And here we the sheeple were led to believe the missiles were directed by Leah* against our community!

    Yet, in one brilliant fell stroke, the organizers of the fundraiser “Alilas 75” have manipulated our gullible community into a threefold successful campaign:
    1) Getting us to believe Weberman is the victim of a vicious ‘Bilbel’!
    2) Terrorizing any and all other victims into shame and silence!
    3) Parting us from our hard earned money for Weberman’s defense!

    Are you starting to feel as if we are living in Sodom? Can’t you just see them laughing all the way to the bank? Can the PR people really make us believe that black is white and white is black? We’ve been called many things – stupid should not be one of them!
    *name changed to protect privacy

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