Shining Some Real Light on the Libyan Consulate Murders

Professor Cole does a great job of summarizing and interpreting the forces leading up to the attacks on the US diplomatic stations in Libya and Egypt. He also examines the responses of N African governments in the aftermath and the Romney campaign missteps.

In summary, a group of fundamentalist Christians fabricated an anti-Muslim film fraudulently attributing it to Israelis. Their motive, probably a mixture of anti-Muslim sentiment and a desire to stir up hostility to Israel and Jews. The responses were a mixture of offended Muslims and other Jihadi anti-Americans. In the aftermath it is clear that the Libyan government is aghast and doing its best to weaken the small group who murdered four Americans. The Egyptian government is a much more disappointing. The Tunisian government is also firmly in our camp. The Romney campaign shamefully tried to exploit this but it backfired on them.

3 thoughts on “Shining Some Real Light on the Libyan Consulate Murders

  1. Was it really a Coptic Christian? Or, was it, just possibly an Al-Qaeda operative posing as a ‘Copt posing as a Jew’? I wonder.

    • Get real. Maybe it is Mitt romney disguising himself as Donald Duck who is really a Copt………

      From what we know at this point it was a Copt collaborating with Right wing muslim hating protestant fundamentalists who produced and posted a deliberately provocative film to stir up protest and inflame US-Muslim relations.

      • I didn’t suggest the possibility as a certainty; only as a possibility. But given that the plot was intended to stir up trouble against Jews as well as to arouse Moslems, who knows? I don’t. We’ll see.

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