Tips for Protecting Your Kids – Guest Post by Hershey (Boorey) Deutsch

(Note- an earlier version was posted under a pseudonym on another blog. Yerachmiel Lopin)

•Put labels with your cell phone numbers in your kids’ shoes, coats and knapsacks so they can call you in an emergency or if lost.

•Teach them not to go with adults who claim that Mommy or Tatty (Daddy) sent them to pick them up. Teach your children to ask this grown up for their cell phone and use it to call their parents to confirm that you made this arrangement.

•After pre-school when there are no longer several adults in the room, teach your boys that they are never allowed to sit on the Rebbe’s lap. If asked, they are to say “My mommy doesn’t let me.”

•Explain “good touch, bad touch” and personal space to all children.

•Teach the boys to maintain 6 inches of body space. If the Rebbe starts touching them they should pull away, give a handshake, and say “my mommy doesn’t let me.”

•Explain the “buddy system” and tell them to never go off alone with anyone, ANYONE, for any reason.

•Adults don’t need help from children. If an adult tries to call you to their car or house keep walking away very quickly.

•If kids are accidentally separated from their parents, teach them to go over to women with children for help.

•Teach your kids that if someone makes them feel uncomfortable, they should stay away from them and tell you about it.

•If your boys go to the mikveh (ritual bath), they should use a buddy system. They should never go alone, and each should watch the other while they toivel (immerse) and immediately hand them a towel (and of course never linger there).

•The most important rule is never, ever keep secrets from Mommy!

•All these rules apply to both camp and school, while at home and in other neigborhoods, cities and vacation spots.

•If anything happens at camp, tell your kids to go to the camp nurse (because she is a mandated reporter).

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