My Erev Yom Kippur Apologies

I apologize to my readers and others about whom I said things for anything I said that was not true. Over the year I have done my best to tell the truth and when I discovered I made mistakes, I fixed them and apologized at the time. But I may have made mistakes and for that I apologize and ask your mechilah.

I apologize for things I said that were needlessly hurtful, even when they were true, if they served no legitimate purpose such as protecting children from abuse.

I forgive anyone who hurt me or tried to hurt me if they have done or truly started a process of tshuvah.

I wish all of you gmar chatimah tovah and a good year.

3 thoughts on “My Erev Yom Kippur Apologies

  1. what came out of this borger story? you said you would deliver hard facts soon, and now I think a few months, if not more than a year passed! Is there any truth to the story of the son being molested by the father? If you could not confirm this story, I think it would be critical to apologize to the father, since nothing is more horrific, after the suicide of a son, than being accused of being the cause if it is not true…

    • Ask Rabbi Matisyahu Solomon if you should trust him with children. Ask the same question of R. Yosef Blau, R. Yaakov Horowitz, or Benzion Twerski. Ask yourself why his movie, “Tears for Moshiach” which is still being sold on the web does not have the haskamah of a single rabbi. I have directly spoken to very reliable frum people who had “contact” with him. Let’s just say, I am not surprised that no one will give him a haskamah.

      But as we both know, people are often reluctant to say certain truths in public. We know how well the frum world treats those who give public eidus about certain things.

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