Rabbi Horowitz Says He Has Heard From Other Victims of Weberman

See Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz’s newest post, What Went Terribly Wrong about the October 30th trial of Nechemya Weberman on multiple felony counts of sex abuse of a girl from when she was 12 to 15 years of age.  He writes:

I was personally contacted by immediate family members of four additional alleged victims of his who are afraid to come forward, and those of us close to the community have heard similar reports from others as well.

All the victims – none of whom know each other and all of whom are terrified to go to the authorities because of fear of backlash from the community – report striking similarities in the MO of Weberman (his manner of working), fueling suspicion that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

What is most chilling is that each and every one of his victims who came to us is currently married; meaning that 1) this has been going on for a very long time, 2) if there are current victims who are single, they are even more terrified than the married women of coming forward, for fear that going public will ruin their chances of doing a decent shidduch.

Weberman’s case may very well be our community’s most important abuse trial during our lifetimes. It is imperative that we have a huge turnout in support of this courageous young lady who, may she be gezunt and ge’bentched, is determined to see this through to the end so others won’t suffer like she did. Unbearable pressure is being brought to bear against her and her family to drop the case, which is one of the reasons that a show of support is so important. (emphasis added by YL)

Readers, remember, the Weberman trial starts Tuesday morning, October 30th in Brooklyn Supreme Court. If you can, please plan on being there to show the victim and the community that we care. As we get closer to the trial I will be giving more detailed directions about attending and perhaps there will also be demonstrations outside the court-house which will be helpful for media coverage or for those who can not fit into the courtroom.

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