Rabbi Yaakov Yagen Cares, But About What?

Rabbi (sic) Yaacov Yagen

Rabbi (sic) Yaacov Yagen

I recently got a message from a friend in the Sephardic World about Rabbi Yaakov Yagen. My acquaintance writes:

Rabbi Yaakov Yagen is well known among the Sephardic communities as a jet setting connoisseur of young women from Long Island to Miami to Mexico City to Panama.
Recently he was scheduled to speak at the prominent Safra Synagogue in Miami but his potential audience was disappointed when they were told that he was unfortunately unable to make it because he was being detained by authorities in Panama. They made it sound like it was an immigration or visa hitch.
Based upon observations made by some of the young women in the Sephardic communities where Yagen regularly speaks, one cannot help but wonder if Yagen’s “delay” might relate to accusations  made by one or more of the young women he has been known to invite to join him in his private office to “talk”.
Yagen has been known to offer many young women such private “talks” in the Sephardic communities where he travels to speak.One young woman told me that she asked Yagen, “But what about yichud?” He answered, “Its OK, I am a rabbi.”

 Yagen doesn’t just roam the Sephardi world. This hip looking lounge lizard was also used by the Williamsburg Vaad Hatznius. Until about five years ago he was seeing Satmar teen aged girls for “torah therapy” in Nechemya Weberman’s appartment on Classon Ave. Weberman was the one who procured the girls and drove them to the office. I am guessing Yagen also told them it was OK to close the door because he was a rabbi. Maybe he said, it’s OK to close the door because I am a Sephardi rabbi.
Yagen is still regularly used by Weberman, just not in Williamsburg.  Yankel Kellner, a Vaad Hatznius shtarker (heavyweight) from KJ from the dissident Bnai Yoel faction has been known to cooperate with Weberman in making “referrals” to this great “Torah therapist.”  Others in this cast of characters include Meilech  Glick of Kiryas Joel and Duvid Eckstein, Rosh Hakohol of KJ.
The cases I am aware of involved married women. As far as anyone knows Yagen has no credentials or training as a therapist. Many of us also have serious doubts about his Torah qualifications. In fact, I strongly suspect this is neither about therapy or Torah, just about extortion.
Yagen promotes himself on his website yaakovcares.com. I am sure he cares about money and access, very close access, to his young women.
Update- Dec 11, 2012: During his trial,  Nechemya Weberman testified that he originally sent his girls to Yagen (in Weberman’s appartment). but then the vaad decided to use Weberman himself.
Even before the trial I heard about his counseling techniques. He claimed that if a Satmar girl was talking to boys the solution was to get them to transfer their affection to him. In psychoanalysis, this is called transference. Professional therapists are supposed be very careful to avoid counter-transferring.  One can only wonder about how that worked out in Yagen’s case, since he has no professional training in doing therapy work.
Update Dec 24, noon, 2012: Yagen’s calendar on YagenCares is completely empty of upcoming events.  Maybe he has gone chasidish and won’t do any more torah therapy from this Nittal Nacht and forward. Maybe SC has discovered he is a naughty boy. Who knows? If you know what is going on, please share your thoughts.
Update Feb. 18, 2013: I am told by a reliable source that Yaakov Yagen is no longer welcome in Los Angeles as a speaker at Jewish events. It seems a group of rabbis conveyed the message to him. They urged him not to try and circumvent their decision. If he did they said they would make their objections to Yagen  public. Rabbi Yosef Galimidi is Yagen’s protector and he called a rabbi in LA to protest the decision and to vouch for Yagen, all to no avail. Galimidi’s shul in Miami, Beit Edmund J Safra Sephardic Synagogue of Turnberry, is home to The Midrasha at Safra which regularly hosts events for “Young Ladies and Women” where Yagen is a regular speaker. However, as noted earlier, in this post, he has had a lot of cancellations.
As of today, Yagen’s Calender on his web page is empty.
Following one of his cancellations, the following message was sent to me by someone who got the message from Rabbi Galimidi:
I saw the article. The only thing I will tell you is that R Y Y delay in Panama was due to an AA flight delay from Miami to Panama, which caused his flight not to leave Panama until very late at night, it was the same plane coming from here to there and back to Miami. I tried personally to get him on different flight to no avail due to the lateness of the hour. Additionally, I am the one that requested from him to send me a specially recorded shiur for our event which done by a friend of mine there, and send me the video link to show that night. I hope that this will dissipate any doubts or worries about his absence that night. Moreover, I know him for many years, he is far from what is written about him.Kol Tuv. Moadim LeSimha.Rabbi Yosef Galimidi
Update 5/23/13: Yagen’s website is no longer operating. He is however finally scheduled to appear at the Safra sysnagogue on monday nights, But will he show? He often cancels.
Update 6/4/13: I am told that Yagen is banned from speaking in Los Angeles by a group of orthodox rabbis. If he attempts to circumvent the ban he has been told that he will be publicly exposed. His sole defender, was rabbi Yosef Galimidi of the Edmund Safra shul in Miami, who also has him in periodically for their Midrasha program for women.
Update 9/23/13: AdKanEnough.com added Yaacov Yagen  to their wall of shame with a posting, “WARNING!! RABBI YAAKOV YAGEN PREDATOR.” They write:
Yaakov Yagen is an alleged serial predator of young women. He lectures to all women audiences and spends a lot of his time involved in Sholom Bayis counselling. According to many  testimonials Yagen lures young women to his office under the guise of counseling where he uses his position of authority to engage with them sexually.

UPDATE 11/9/13: Rabbi Eli Mansour of the prominent Sephardi Safra Synagogue in Brooklyn operates a website, LearnTorah.com which is mostly a large collection of recordings of lectures on various torah topics. In the past, Rabbi Yagen was prominently featured on LearnTorah. Sometime in the last few months, every last one of Yaakov Yagen’s lectures were removed from LearnTorah.com. It seems they wised up to him. 

UPDATE 7/12/16- In the past, Yagen was highly promoted by Rabbi Galidimi of the Safra shul in Miami, who defended him from various allegations. Apparently that has changed and Yagen is no longer welcome there, and all references to him have been scrubbed from their web site. A Google search of their site and the word Yagen (Yagen site:ejsfl.com) does not yield a single hit.


In addition, his website, http://www.yaakovcares.com/ has also been suspended. It is not clear why. As of Jan 11, 2016, his website was still active according to the backup on the Internet Archive.

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  1. Welcome back, Yerachmiel. I once had the disappointment of hearing Yagen speak. He is very charismatic but it becomes clear he is of no substance. Hr even bragged that he was currently wearing 5000 worth of clothing, which was true. He pulled up in a 59000 car, and he is talking about how he sacrifices himself for the community.
    For shame.

  2. Although I never comment on blogs, I feel the need to do so in this case. I only know R. Yagen through listening to his lectures online, So I cannot judge him personally, but he obviously spends a lot of his time and energy in outreach at the cost of other things. If he is dressed nice or drives a nice car is not reason to deride a person. My question to you is, how can you publicly humiliate and embarrass someone on the Internet with only circumstantial information, and then feel confident enough to write “combating foolishness.” I have heard there is a principle in the Torah that you can only see in others what you have yourself, so I leave the rest for you to figure out. You could have at least picked up the phone and asked him to explain his actions before you did a character assassination. If there is any Folly here it’s yours!

    • He gives a nice talk. He is handsome and dresses well. I don’t hold that against him. But that does not prove he is innocent. I have more than circumstantial information. There is also a principal in torah, kolo dilo pasuk (A murmur about someone that keeps on coming up). In halachah that is grounds to disqualify someone from a position as a religious functionary. I believe he fits into that category from multiple reports I have received about him and from things that a number of respected rabbonim say about him.

      • Wow i had No idea, I did Upload a Vid of him talking to Woman for a better look at his Closeness to them, You be the Judge, I was Put off by his Dishonesty in the Religion, but that is only Due to my Own Pure Upbringing,

        See youtube Yakov yagen,

  3. This will be my second and last post. I feel compelled to defend someone I do not know because I know personally how incredibly painful it is to be spoken bad about and have no wayto defend yourself. If R. Yagen is behaving not according to the Torah, it is not your job to get blood on your hands. You do not have the right according to ” principals in the Torah” to be the witness, judge, and executor of punishment. Leave it to the Beit Din. You have no right to embarrass his wife, children etc… In this manner. Although the internet is treated like the wild west where you could wave your gun and shoot whoever you like, I ask you please to take down this site in the interest of not harming innocent people.
    I wish you rachamim and bina.

    • What I said to your previous comment still applies:
      He gives a nice talk. He is handsome and dresses well. I don’t hold that against him. But that does not prove he is innocent. I have more than circumstantial information. There is also a principal in torah, kolo dilo pasuk (A murmur about someone that keeps on coming up). In halachah that is grounds to disqualify someone from a position as a religious functionary. I believe he fits into that category from multiple reports I have received about him and from things that a number of respected rabbonim say about him.

      As for his wife and children, he is responsible for behaving in ways that do not harm them.

      • yes but still you don’t have the authority to writte bad thoughts against him, I am from Panama and I have heard R. Yageen talks he make a lot of people make teshuvo, and its the only thing I know from him, I have heard him and he speaks amazing, so if there are no proves, and no name of a woman that have proves against him, its not our job to judge, because if we are judging bad its will be our responsibility, we cannot take something that the beit din needs to deal in our hands. sorry for the English its not my first language

      • This is just disgusting and horrible. No wonder the third temple is not rebuild. Exactly for this reason! Because of people like you who have the audacity to accuse a Rabbi who teaches and helps so many people of something you have minimal proof about. Only Gd sees the full picture and you have absolutely no right to speak horribly about a Torah scholar. If this was an issue that was really a problem there would be cherem put on him and the great rabbis of the Sephardic community would put a stop to this.

  4. i do know Rabbi Y. Yagen personally, and i do not know why i just added that title ‘rabbi’ in front of his name! No other rabbi will sit in his car together with a girl in her pj’s past 3am-just because the girl calls him saying that she’s depressed! and he excuses his actions by saying “its ok! i’m a rabbi! i’m just here to help you!!!” is that the way a Rabbi deals with girls issues?

  5. I also know of affairs with married women that he “counseled”… I personally saw cell phone text that left “nothing to the imagination”. Rabbi Matisyahu Salomon was shown this evidence and turned white as he was reading the texts…
    His exploitation of women (more like reverse prostitution) in which women paid him hefty upfront retainers to save their shalom bayis, turned out to be the ultimate scam and abuse. Many find it too inconvenient to embarress their families having been fleecedand shamed and abused by this creep. His wife is obviously in denial or pretending not to notice the skank she’s with. I have no sympathy for her or Dwek’s wife (who had another child with him since his arrest).

        • רבי יוחנן בן ברוקא אומר
          כל המחלל שם שמים בסתר, נפרעין ממנו בגלוי

          “Rabbi Yochanan Ben Broka says: Anyone who is mechallel the name of heaven in secret ends up being punished in public” (Pirkei Avos, 4:4)

          Yoma(86b): “One should expose the hypocrites to prevent chillul HaShem.” Rashi adds on, “Publicize the hypocrites – These people are wicked but they represent themselves as righteous. Therefore if someone is aware of their deeds – it is a mitzva to publicize them because of chillul HaShem. That is because people learn from their deeds since they think they are tzadikim.”

  6. Thank you for publicizing this matter.

    It should serve as a deterrent to every person in a leadership position. I hope they realize the life-long scars they cause their victims.

    Unfortunately, for many who overstep their boundaries to inappropriately engage with women, they care only about themselves and pursuing their own urges, Yetzer Harah, etc. They should be on alert, that in most cases the truth comes out. They should contemplate whether it is worth the damage they will cause to themselves and their families.

    I would like like to add some information to back-up many of the allegations regarding Yaakov Yagen. I am purposely omitting any information such as names and dates to maintain the privacy of the people involved, mainly that of my sister.

    Part 1

    My sister went to an all women’s shiur given by Yaakov Yagen. After the shiur, as most of the women were leaving, Yagen invited my sister into a secluded room and closed the door.

    My sister felt uncomfortable, as it was close to midnight, and the room they were in was very secluded from the few remaining people in the building.

    My sister is a very pure girl. She is always tznius and always acts with modesty. She never suspected anything really wrong with her interaction with Yagen, until myself, my parents, and our rebbeim listened to her story and began putting some pieces of the puzzle together, painting a troubling picture.

    While in the secluded room, Yagen began to tell his “life story” (whether any of it is true, I have no idea). As part of his story, he described how he went off the derech for some time, upon which he had relationships with various women, one of which was a fashion model. He said he was very involved in the world of tumah and through the tefillah of his mother he came back to the right path with new-found strength with which to assist the greater community.

    When he was done “opening up” telling his story, he shifted attention to my sister, telling her that she could share anything about herself. He asked her what nisayon’s she was having, if anything. She told him her life was pretty uneventful asides from looking for a shidduch.

    Yagen asked to exchange contact info and told my sister he knew of some very good guys for her, and would definitely keep her in mind.

    —So far, nothing overtly inappropriate occurred, and throughout Yagen’s short-lived contact with my sister, there was nothing overtly inappropriate. However, he exhibited all the signs of a predator – as strong as that word is. The following were the first red flags and signs of inappropriateness:

    #1. Yagen chose the most secluded room to have a late night discussion with a young woman. One may argue that he wanted provide a certain level of privacy for my sisters sake, but she stated that only a handful of women remained in the building and there was sufficient opportunity to conduct a private conversation closer to other people. My sister also commented on how they passed several empty rooms until they came to the one Yagen chose to sit down.

    #2. Yagen sat within a foot or two of my sister, with no barrier, such as a desk or similar object. My sister said she felt this was a little wierd, but also nothing overtly inappropriate.

    #3. Yagen sharing personal stories of “relationships with models” was highly inappropriate by any means. (and no, I am not exaggerating or making this up, as ridiculous as it sounds)

    Part 2

    About a week following the Yagen shiur, I heard my sister speaking to someone on her cell phone in the middle of the night. Later that next day, I noticed she was getting mutliple texts every few hours. The following night I again heard my sister speaking to someone by phone late at night. And over the next few days, more texts.

    I have always been close with my sister as we are very close in age. As far as I knew she was not dating anyone, and even if she was, talking on the phone way past midnight would not seem appropriate by her standards, or even exchanging texts throughout the day. But what could be going on? So I spoke to my mother, and she said that over the past week she had been noticing similar behavior, and she had no knowledge as to its cause. Before I confronted my sister, I wanted to get more info as to the extent of what was going, if anything. I grabbed her cell from her room and went through the call history and recent texts. The same number kept appearing as an incoming call at all hours of the day. I then looked at the call details and noticed some of the conversations were lasting an hour or more. On a couple of days there were up to 3 hours of talk time, and even some calls at 1, 2, and 3 AM. I moved on to the text messages. That same # had texted many dozens of times. Again, there was nothing openly inappropriate with any specific text, but as a whole, it left me puzzled.

    Who was calling “my sister” (I feel like Shimon and Levy saying that) at all hours of the day- and night. Then texting over and over. Most of the text were along the lines of “How are you doing?…What are you up to?…Have a wonderful day…Are you busy now?…Is now a good time to call?” Nothing terrible, but why all the sudden interest in someone you just met.

    Now it was time to confront my sister. I was realistic, knowing that as much as I knew her and as frum a girl as I knew her to be , something fishy was going on and she had some explaining to do. I asked her who she was speaking to late at night. She said Rabbi Yaakov Yagen, a Rabbi whose shiur she recently attended. I was expecting her to get defensive but quite the opposite. She was very open about it, even after I told her about my phone snooping. She said he just keeps calling her and texting, and that she wanted to be polite and didn’t know what to do. I asked what they spoke about on the phone for hours. She said he would share about his day, and ask her about hers. He would ask her details of the type of shidduch she was looking for. Nothing crazy. But it was getting bothersome that it was at all hours of the day and she didn’t understand why he had to be so “in-touch”. I asked her if she realized how it looked from an outside perspective and she said she didn’t, until now.

    Part 3

    I called my Rav for advice of how to proceed further, and what advice I should give my sister. He heard the story and asked for his name. When I told him Yaakov Yagen, my Rav said “I suspected it was him”. My Rav had heard similar stories going around the community much prior to this, and I suspect even worse.

    Up until speaking to my Rav, I felt there were obvious boundaries being broken and other issues going on, but nothing terribly serious. When I heard this was not an isolated incident, it became clear that Yagen had serious issues. Since this incident, we have heard of similar stories to my sisters, and some that continued for longer and didn’t end up as well.

    My sister was fortunate enough that she comes from a healthy family background, and has many loving and caring friends. Many young women who may be experiencing some type of stress, may be more susceptible to such a person as Yagen. When Yaakov Cares so much to listen and truly hear their issues, they may unfortunately find only his shoulder to cry on, and that is a recipe for disaster.

    Again, I truly appreciate the existence of such a site, as problematic as it may be in terms of spreading false accusations anonymously. I am not asking people to take my word for it, (actually that would be foolish not knowing who I am). Just be careful with this guy, especially when it comes to contact with young women. If you have regular dealings with him, do your own research. There are Rabbis out there who have seen and heard the stories, and are hopefully willing to share.


    Concerned member of Klal Yisrael.

    PS: I suspect many of the comments on this site are by Yagen himself. If he wishes to engage in a discussion to clear his name, so-to-say, I would love to hear it, whether he poses as himself or even as a member of the opposite gender. Either way, you have been exposed. In addition “Mr. Yagen”, as I would not refer to you as a Rabbi, I can provide phone records, can you? I would even pay for you to take a lie detector test if you were willing to. You can bring your lawyer. But I would only pay if we can post that on Youtube.

    —I truly feel sorry for your wife and children and I hope the community does not punish them for your actions. And don’t forget, it’s never too late for tshuva.

    Good Day Mr. Yagen

    • Who the hell r u to talk the way ure talking u chutzpah man that u r .. Do u have no shame lie detector test animals this is am yisrael?? Would u take a test if we asked u in chadrey chadrim ure whole life u were a good boy!?Listen here true or not true when u have a nation with 15mililon people and only 80 rabbis were spose to protect them not point fingers and call out foul balls .. I know the man and look at him as a revolutionary RABBI similarly to AISH ..look at the site maybe ull learn something or 2 they have articles about lady gaga etc.. Don’t u get it its a different playground we need more people like Rav Yakov u idiots! The prob is his Torah is way up to par and u can’t take it that he can wear a 4500 suite and gets firstclass tickets all over the world and still learn 10hours a day I can give u a whole musar shmooze aswell but won’t do it I think I said enough make sure they don’t put u in his shoes trust me u wouldn’t be able to Handel them they only sell em on 5th avenue

        • Yo you got a nice place in Gehinom if you make maybe you’ll become a dibbuk or the cow for rabbi yagens shoes you never know but your probaly a misserable good for nothing not married if not divorced living an a basement

      • Hey AISH, or can I call you Yagen… you’re business must have taken a hit with everything that is coming out about you, and I hear there is more. But don’t worry, there are many other shady things you can do to keep the cash rolling in. There is no shortage of suckers out there wanting to hear your quasi-Torah and made up stories.

        And yes, of course-everyone is jealous of you. That’s why there are at least half a dozen girls that have corroborated the same story about you. Yes, we are really jealous of your kids who will one-day google your name and have to read this blog about their father. And they will ask your wife if it’s true.

        Boy am I jealous.

      • You are degenerate, noxious and depraved. I feel debased just for knowing you exist. I despise everything about you, and I wish you would go away. Yagen will get what is coming to him, pray he does not come to our city.

  7. I think Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, Rav Nissim Karlets, Rav Shteinman, Chacham Ovadia Yossef, Harav Shmuel Aurbach, Rabbi Zev Cheshin Chacham Yossef Harari Raful, Harav Benayahu Shemuel and many other Gedolim are wrong about Harav Yaakov Yagen and the internet and someone who doesn’t know Rabbi Yagen personally and all the comments are correct. The Gedolim are wrong (its a rhetorical statement).

    1) Rabbi Yagen doesn’t sleep at night he is out helping all your children from marrying goyim and doing foolish things (ha you guys don’t even know what your kids are doing behind closed doors but they all go to him quiet)
    2) I know that he left plenty of business deals to help your children from marrying goyim, committing suicied, and all other things they do behind their back.
    3) Reb yisrael newman or any of the rosh Yeshivas ever need anything from the gedolim in Erets Yisrael they go to rabbi yagen.
    If you want to disscuss all these facts personally I am will to disscuss it with you. ( If the rosh yeshivas allow me of course)
    I would watch what I say about !!! I warned you.

    • 1. Try and get anyone besides Rabbi Galimidi in Miami to say anything good about Yagen on the public record. I challenge you to accomplish. I can also claim the endorsement of the entire US Congress and the entire Moetzes, but that does not make it so, anymore than Yagen is a brain surgeon though he once came up with that lie, according to a report in the New York Jewish Week.

      2. Yagen, I have been told, likes prostitutes and I don’t think he does yichus investigations. The ways of Yaacov Yagen are mysterious, so maybe he is stopping them from marrying goyim by staving off financial desperation.

      3. I hear he was scheduled to do a talk last night (Tues, 7/30/13, 8:30 pm) in West Long Branch, NJ on “Lighten Up With Bitachon.” I also hear there was some controversy and some last minute talk about cancelling. What happened? Anyone who knows should inform us and if necessary, people should contact the sponsors so they don’t do it again.

      • It is well known the reason why the class was canceled because he is way to religiouse for the deal summer crowd. (Recepent politics with the ohel synagouge (rabbi shwekys shull about black hats and white hats)

        He actualy has a diplomatic pasport and he is on the moetzes and constintly meets with the nivominsker Rabbe.

        I would be careful!!! You never know what might happen to people like you. You seem to be a noligeable. So you know what it says hamikane she lechavero en lo chelek laolam haba!!!!

        So maybe you’ll become the dibuk!!!

        And I think Rav Chaim Kanievsky is enough of an endorsement cause I asked him personaly two weeks ago. He knows of your website. He told me people are speeking motzi shem ra and he has read all the complaints and he says anyone who is conecyed to him is MUFTACH SHEHU BEN OLAM HABA!!!

        • They cancelled because very haredi personalities contacted them to advise them about Yagen’s reputation.

          There is no shul for which Yagen is too frum, not even a Reform Temple. They too have standards for what they politely call “Inappropriate relationships with congregants.”

          I don’t know about the diplomatic passport. That would be useful for smuggling. Is it from the Vatican, which issues passports?

          I have a very low opinion of the Agudah’s Moetzes, which includes Aaron Schechter, the halachah slaughterer, who is lo tzayis dinah according to R. Moshe Feinstein, Exec David Zweibel who politics with Roman Catholic Cardinals to protect molesters from changes in the law, and, the Novominsker who turned a deaf ear to Yehuda Kolko. Even so, I do not believe they would be foolish enough to support Jack, the Texting Junkie. They are not stupid when it comes to managing their image.

  8. Sarah w. @ 10/16/2012. “I have heard that there is a principle in the Torah that you can only see in others what you have in yourself”. Thank you sarah, sarah w. and the other multiple aliases you have used here. THAT IS AN AMAZING BRILLIANT PSYCHOLOGICAL INSIGHT’.and “Torah insight”. IT expletive excuses every sinner, every criminal from accusations, because, according to your definition from the “Torah” the accuser is always by definition, guilty of the same crime. What is your IQ?? OM xxx g-d, the police are all guilty of every action that any criminal has ever committed. Hope you have no children, so that you do not pass on your cretin type thinking to another generation. You might consider haveing your tubes tied. “you have heard that in the Torah”. Superb, Sarah w or sarah, or whichever reincarnation you are posting under at the moment One of the logical conclusions from your thought processes, which, well in your place i would be incredibly embarrassed to post, is that, hypothetically someone invades your house and rapes you, oy, chas v’chalila. . Any friend, relative, cop, must be a rapist, if they believe you or report the crime, Kol Hakavod. You have a really good afterlife because you are cretinized in this one., and hey, try to stick to one name, gets so confusing. OTOH you are the only “person” on this msg board, who truly sounds like a cretin, so you are, in fact, recognizable, Good Day. hope you don’t get raped, because no one will believe you.. based on your Torah logic, .

  9. All of the insults, names, jokes this is not why this blog is here. You guys are missing the entire point.

    Yakov Yagen might be a nice guy, he might even help others. However thats not what this whole thing is about. All of your anger, problems, issues you guys have against Yakov Yagen is because to be a Rabbi is about Hessed, Being a Role Model, A True Person, A man of G-D. And unfortunately he is lacking all of those. Yakov Yagen is not a learned guy, he might know how to open up a Gemarah, but he sure doesn’t know any Halacha and I mean Be’Iun.

    To be a Rabbi it is a very big deal. You need to be a people’s person, you need to give 120% of you for the Tzibbur with no strings attached and I mean Money like $1,800 for a lecture. And that means giving from yourself to the nation, not taking from the nation. Not getting rich off peoples problems. These actions are what Goyim would do, not us.

    In my opinion, according to what I heard and what I saw by Yakov Yagen. Yes, it is inappropriate for a Rabbi to spend $2000 on a suit, $300 on a Gucci tie and flying first class. I would make an exception if Yakov Yagen is a Gadol Hador in regards to the First Class but between me and who ever is reading this it is plain WRONG. Now regarding shoes, I would make an exception because a man needs a good pair to run and Mezakeh Harabim. 😉

    We need to understand and those who are trying to defend Yakov Yagen’s actions. Our Rabbi’s need to know there guide lines, and real Rabbi’s do know. Talking to girls via Text is a BIG, No, No. Talking to girls in a car, is a BIG NO, NO. Talking about how you were driving a 120 miles per hour on your way home from Lakewood and answer a police officer like a show off, where is the respect. V’Hivdilanu Mikol Ha’Amim. What happened to U’shmartem Me’od Al Nafshotechem. We need to be different, we as regular people need to be role models not only Rabbi’s, so imagine how a Rabbi needs to act…. Where is our respect, where is our Midot……

    My mother always told me when I was a kid. “Tel me who your friends are, and Ill tell you who you are”. Look at who Yakov Yagen is working with, look at who is his friends it will tell you a lot. I don’t want to get in the whole story with that so called Rabbi aka Nechemya Weberman or whatever he called himself. Where is our self respect. Where is our truth.

    To all of you who are reading this, I dont mean to step on anyones toes. And I don’t mean to offend anyone. For your sakes and for your children’s sake. And for the sake of Shalom Bayit. We don’t need young rabbi’s acting like punks in our communities. Unfortunately, in our days to be a Rabbi is like being a ROCK STAR. The respect, the fame, the money, the girls thats for Hollywood actors not Talmidei Chachamim.

    For all you single girls who are looking for Shidduchim, Yakov Yagen cannot help you. He is a child who is in need for help himself. He is in need of real Love, the way he is acting only shows how much Love he received when he was a child and now he is in need to prove something to people.

    We have so may Rabbi’s that are kind, loving and full of Torah right in our own backyard, but instead we look for cool looking young guys who dress to impress and talk and walk a rabbi’s figure. But instead these people are giving us the wrong info.

    For those who live in Queens, you can find better. For those who live in Long Island, you can find better. For those who live in Brooklyn, you can find better. For the who live in Five towns, you can find better.

    Most of Yakov Yagen’s crowd is young girls who are need of attention and a Shuddich and most of the guys which is not a lot are looking for girls.

    To end this. My advise to you Yakov Yagen, (I know you are reading this blog)

    You are a talented person, you might even be a real nice guy to get to know, or even a good friend but being a Rabbi is not one of them. You are in this for all the wrong reasons and till you don’t wake up, you will cause your wife, children and loved ones a lot of embarrassment and pain.

    Lets face it… You are a good salesman, so do some Cheshbon Ha’Nefesh and find your true calling.

    Your friend,
    Frank Columbo

    • Frank Colombo wants to teach us about Torah I will only say a story to answer ure uneducated self because a story would be more then enough for u and its members that are putting this none coming back post (u will see ure writings in the next world gaurenteed!)unless somehow this site goes down and u repent.. Story – once there was a king that had an only son and from all the pear pressure and fancy gatherings the prince new he was going to take all these responsibilities and it got to him to a point he takes off all his clothing naked and goes under a table and starts eating pumpkin seAds all the kings advisors come running to the king to tell him ure son lost it ..they all come to the room te king his advisors doctors etc.. They ask the prince what is the reason of ure actions the kid answers I’m a Turkey w a str8 face naked and eating seAds off the floor about 20 psychiatrists try NOTHiNG….finally 1 Jew comes to the room and tell the king he has a plan but asks evrey1 to leave only him and the prince alone king agrees out of desperation the Jew comes to the table takes ALL his clothing off and sits under the table toghtr w the turkey(prince) he said who r u the Jew sais I’m a turkey and the prince smiled but held a distance a few days into his method Jew calls for a pair of pants his friend sais what’s this Jew sais who said turkeys rnt allowed to wear pants and the prince agreed who said ok so let me also get a pair .. A few days later he calls for a shirt he sais what’s this now he tells him who sais turkey can’t wear shirts ok so give me also a shirt ure right who said ofcourse he still eating off the floor tgthr w him but atleast now they have cloths on and a few days later the Jew sits down on a chair eating like regular prince sais what this now he told him the same who said turkey can’t sit on a chair and that how he got him back full strength and healthy ! You see boys u need a Rav nachman type of Sefer to invite a new version where’s a true man of HaShem knows in order to get to this lost soul sometimes we need to go in there head and there world and then we can see results youth don’t wana see black hat scary long beard looking rabbis they want some1 that can relate to them cause there so far there really like the story above and think there normal until comes a Yakov yagen until come AISH until comes a Charlie until comes r wallerstein R ElI etc.. That’s really the reason of there success cause they play ball 😉

      • Rav nachman brought this story cause he sais sometimes u need to go down under the table and bring the lost people’s back that’s what I call vision ..u guys r really blind ;

    • Your so foolish. Rav Nissim Karletz tested him on shas when he was seven teen. (Rav nissim told me himself he asked who were some of my Daas torah. He told me you follow him you will end up good!!! So I would be careful!!!

      • BTW, did Yagen also claim Albert Einstein gave him an honorary doctorate in physics. The only true facts about him are his name and that he does kiruv, very close kiruv, especially with young women. Also that he does an awful lot of after-hours texting. He has written more words while texting than he ever read shas. The circle of truth is enclosing and choking Yagen’s kiruv rackets. His days in the business are numbered just like those of his Sefardi-Chabadnik at Safra in Miami, Galimidi.

        Get ready for a chorus of “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina,” from Galamidi’s native land.

        Maybe Yagen should go there to reinvent himself as a Jewish gaucho, since he is a cowboy.

        Protector, please come back. You are very entertaining if not persuasive.

        You stimulate my sense of humor and sarcasm. In truth i should be paying you for the straight lines, even if Y(ou)agen is very crooked.

        I am looking forward to hearing from you again.

  10. Couldn’t agree with you more. But Yakov Yagen is not the right person to be be Mekarev anyone. He should be Mekarev himself first. You say rabbi’s like Rabbi Walerstein, Rabbi Eli Mansour, Rabbi Yedid, what does Yakov Yagen have to show. Yakov Yagen is some punk kid from Stamford Yeshiva.

    Why is it that people have only bad things to say about Yakov Yagen and nothing bad on other Rabbi’s. Stop wasting your time replying to comments. And start learning, do some teshuvah. Everyone has a chance to do Teshuvah and the right time is now Hodesh Elul.

    Your responses like, “u will see your writings in the next world” is just a way to run away from your flaws, start running towards your flaws and fix them.

    I understand your frustration, I would be frustrated as well if I read such things written about me. I would be embarrassed to even go on the Internet for a few months and wish this site would self destruct. But in the mean time I would pray and learn as much mussar that I can.

    The feeling of helping other Jews, the feeling of having people looking up to you and asking for life changing advise is an AWSOME feeling. But if we are doing these things for the wrongs reasons, our doings will cause more problems than solutions.

    In order to be a someone, we need to appoint a someone to be our teacher. We all need to be soldiers before we can be generals. And Yakov my friend you have a long way to go to start being a soldier.

    Maybe one day if you take for yourself a rav , and a rav that you can learn only good things, a rav that will give you on your head if your doing something wrong, to teach you from right and wrong like a parent who teaches her child not to come close to fire so he won’t burn himself.

    Baruch HaShem today our communities are flourishing with dozens of sweet rabbi’s. rabbi’s who are caring, loving, talmidei chachamim and specially with derecho eretz. Not people who call them selfs rabbi’s and drive 120 miles an hour and at the same time teach them to be chutzpanim to the authorities. Yakov, what happened to derech eretz, what happened to U’shmartem Me’od Al Nafshotechem.

    We have many rabbi’s in different communities who are working hard to teach our children and to be Mekarev the ones who lost there way. And someone like Yakov Yagen walks in with a fancy suit, sporty car and grabs the mic, of course people will come the Yetzer Hara this is how he grabs people to join his team. Do you have students who attend Daf Yomi, Students who build homes full of Torah what do you show for your work.

    Yakov Yagen is a one time act. A fun entertaining show. But our real rabbi’s our real leaders who work so hard to help others not only build themselves but help them help others. Our rabbis are building a strong foundation to build generations and generations of Torah and Yakov Yagen comes with his trailer and loud music and grabs everyone’s attention.

    Today our communities, our local communities are in real trouble financially and Yakov Yagen comes and snatches that money from our communities. Whoever will read what I am saying will back this up. But whatever you will reply, the Am will just be against you.

    We have nothing against you personally, we have everything against you for using the Torah as your personal bank.

    • Please be a bit more specific some of us are not so smart “We have nothing against you personally , we have everying agains you for using the Torah as your personal bank.” quote unqoute.. Just for the record so that there are no misunderstandings, to him is this diatribe dirctd? to yagen or to others. pleaase be very very specific, we the kahal, klal yisrael want to know the kavanah, not kowing who you are, nevertheless chashuv l’havin kavanotecha, b’vakasha

    • Actulay Rabbi mansour told me recently that if rabbi yaakov yagen would tell him to jump off a building he will!!!

        • O I was by reb yisroel nueman and guess who came in???? Jack the texter to be poisek a shaila that Reb yisroel nueman couldn’t be poisek!!! Wtvr

  11. totally inexplicable comment. tell us a bit more, you were not clear. who are you who owns you? that is a beginning.

    • Who am I? I am nobody. Who owns me? Melech Malchei HaMelachim.

      So now that we have those questions answered, lets start.

      What I meant when I said using the Torah as a personal bank account. What do you think all these punk kids who call themselves rabbis are in this for? For there health? To help people? Maybe. Maybe in the beginning there intentions were pure, but now when they see so many people looking for advise and are willing to do anything like donate money just to get these guys attention, it’s sad.

      What is there not to understand what I wrote.

      Let me know if there is anything else you would like me to clarify.

      If Yakov Yagen was not to call himself a rabbi, he was some Joe Shmoe off the street, would we care what he does, who he does it with or where he does it. No….. But because he claims he’s some kind of tzaddik, that’s what got this entire blog in action.

  12. This site serves an important purpose.

    It gives voice to those who in the past remained silent. I know for a fact, that at least 2 women have spoken to a local Beis Din regarding inappropriate behavior by Yagen. The rumor is that a more public stance will be made very soon by the East Coast rabbanim. Hopefully this will bring out more victims.

    I don’t know if secular authorities will be involved, but I hear that is a possibility and being explored further. B’H, soon Yagen will find it quite difficult to find a single soul who has not heard of some of his extra-curricular activities.

    Maybe if he is smart, he will leave the US while he has time …although I hear Nechemya Weberman is still searching for a chavrusa 🙂

    • For all the people that wana bury this man and not give him a chance be very carful this coming up holiday when u ask H * to forgive u mida kneged mida he will say u don’t wana give people a chance I’m not giving u one either !

      • Tell him to take down his “yaakov cares” website, and stop giving classes to women, and start doing real tshuva, and maybe we will give him a chance.

        Remember the story of Pinchas, and what he did for Hashem’s honor? He killed 2 people in a consensual act. If you ask me, we are going pretty easy on you, Yankele.

        I know a girl who married very well – no thanks to you, and she has some great stories about you. Maybe “this upcoming holiday”, she should sit next to your wife and tell her what a great guy you are.

        By the way, when you fly with your family (if ever), do they sit in the back -while you’re in first class?

        I thought so. I’m sure it would be more difficult to do your special “kiruv” moves with your wife around.

        • Additionally, it’s been a while since you have spoken in my neck of the woods. Come on over, I would love to get up in the middle of your inspiring speech full of outright lies and tell your crowd what a tzaddik you are.

          I love it when people Google your name this is the first or second site that comes up. Forever it shall be known what a tzaddik you are. And when you get old and run out of suckers to pay for your lifestyle, you can continue to comment here, how Hashem will repay those who make these posts. YES. Hashem will repay – a big schar here and in Olam Haba to us for taking you down.

          What do you have to say about that?

          PS-I am in the process of putting together a site dedicated to this Yagen tzaddik. I just bought the domain and putting videos, audio, personal testimonials, etc, together dedicated to Yankele’s special kiruv abilities.

          I will post updates on this blog over the next month/s, if the moderator allows, as to how and where to submit your personal stories of his extra-curricular activities.

          Stay tuned. (do they have Internet in prison?)

    • I wonder if its the same lopin pretending to be other people commenting prob is .. This lopin character has nothing better to do in his life then to put up a site about our rabbis mistakes why not put up a site of the good they do not the bad oh I get it he’s so insecure about himself he need to call out there bads to make himself feel good.. And I still never got an answer lopin !

  13. I think this is going to far I think both are right and Yerachmiel has no authority to act and stone this man along w his staff we have a bes din and they call the shots not a website this might be cute for slander action etc but and the end of the day he is still a rabbi .. And I pretty gone one if I may

    • I agree, a “pretty [far] gone one.”

      No slander if true. No loshon horah if motive and effect is protecting others from danger, especially not if reputation is already established in public.

  14. I’m sue you would enjoy that too. Up until now, I thought it was just women you went after Yankele

    • Fink I assume ure from west cost are u jealous of rabbi yagen? Sure sounds like it wow u bought a domain and all huh

      • Wow look how Yerachmiel lopin is controlling this site if u pay attention a lot of blog post r modified he choses to put everyone’s post the way he wants people to read it just look at the time and dates….also he made a big mistake attacking r kotler r shechter

      • Wow look how Yerachmiel lopin is controlling this site if u pay attention a lot of blog post r modified he choses to put everyone’s post the way he wants people to read it just look at the time and dates….also he made a big mistake attacking R kotler R shechter and so so many rabbis just read up about him he would’ve had a claim about With this one but since he has nothing good to say about any rabbi and also plays around with blog to his advantage he is disqualified and a group of our people will do what he is doing put up a website against his hashkafa and we will get bes din involved where’s whoever is involved with this site will be put in herem…just hope he dosnt choose not to show you all this message oh then again he would he is diplomatic 😉

        • You are an expletive hole in the ground, get a grip. . I am dying to read your planned website, simply cannot wait, jordan 45, yup YL owns this site, and my experience is that he is incredibly cautious, about what he includes, i.e.. it has to be readable and not vulgar, and he prints things that i would ;never if it were my site. and YL has more integrity than all of you fake names put together. , but i have no motivation to convince the likes of you, of that. In fact, b’vakasha, get your show on the road Mr, Jordan 45. and a word of advice, getting a Bias Din involved may be the worst mistake of your life, Hey go for it! You willl sink. for sure,
          And btw, i have all of these books pubished by the Orthodox Jewish Forum, EACH WITH EDITED ARTICLES AL GABAY HA GDOLIM HADOR. LOL half of the authors are accused sodomists, (do you want me to list the titles from the series that i happen to own, and which of the “authors hameuchabdim” which ones are proven convicted sodomists?) I shall oblige…….im ratson rav…, G’dolei Hador, WHAT a sad sad thing. And i am not talking about g’dolim recently in the news, this goes back years. Maybe you are one of them,. never, perverts can be smart, but you are not the latter…..

        • I posted another comment yesterday and he didn’t put it up don’t worry we are determined to shut this clown down

          • I was trying to make you less of a bore by deleting a duplicate comment. I was also trying to spare my readers. Please don’t submit virtually identical comments, one after another. I realize you think you are the greatest orator since Demosthenes. Just keep in mind, many of us don’t share your high opinion of yourself.

        • So there we have it he just admitted himself he choses what he wants everyone to seeeeeee….also It wasnt the same post I said lechatchila this website is pasul cause the gdoylim don’t approve of any Internet usage kal vechomer this one!!! YL how does it feel to be on the other side ? 🙂

          • I have always rejected all Internet bans. You on the other hand claim to be following the gedolim. What is your excuse for being on the Internet. Quick– get off the Internet and save your soul. In your case, I would also suggest getting rid of a phone that allows you to text. U R texting 2 much.

  15. Dear Moderator -AKA Yerachmiel L. – I am sure this post gets many daily visits. Maybe it would be a benefit to everyone to keep only the relevant comments, and omit the others. I think the message is being diluted somewhat by the back and forth of the moderator (you), the commentators, and most probably Yagen himself. – just a thought – but I am sure you know better

    • 1. Don’t be so sure I know better.
      2. I find it educational to display the arguments of certain characters for all to see. It exposes their duplicity and implausible claims
      3. I will try to eliminate simple repetition or genuinely off-topic responses.

  16. I have been watching all of the back and forth here, and it is close to amusing. It’s like watching someone slip on a banana peel. Great in cartoons. Peals of laughter. Trouble is that if this occurs in real life, someone is getting hurt – no laughing matter.

    The “protectors” in some comments are making a last ditch effort to rescue a career for YY. However, here we have a public forum. In the non-cyber world, we have a growing list of victims and evidence that implicates YY as something quite opposite of the kiruv professional. In fact, there are gedolim who have seen the evidence and are horrified that there is anyone (much less someone purporting to represent a marbitz Torah) is behaving this way. Ultimately, this issue will likely end up in a beis din, and then all h*ll will break loose. Victims will appear from many corners of the country, and documentation that proves that YY cannot truly represent a man of Torah will be publicized.

    What YY really needs to do is emerge without the cover of anonymity, offer a public apology, enter serious treatment for his problem, and then offer some compensation to those who have been violated. Until that time, he would make an excellent chavrusa for his former office mate NW.

    • I wonder if the race is on between two batei dinim he cannot ignore such as Machon L’horoah in Monsey, and a widely recognized one in Lakewood. If he ignores hazmanot in either Yagen is gehackte fleish. Yaakov, even your wealthy father-in-law will wise up to you. Do your family a favor and figure out an honest way to make a living.

  17. Honestly this sucks and put me in a bad mood. I was googling some classes and wanted to see if R”Yagen had any kippur classes, and this came up. I’ve heard him speak in Toronto like 3 times he is probably one of the most amazing speakers I’ve ever heard – Really gifted in that sense. AFter reading all this I am so heartbroken , I really liked this Rabbi, I feel so sorry for his family that they had to go through this and feel super bad for the girls too ( if this is all true ) Hashem is the true judge. & Honestly Yaakov its never too late to do Teshuva, no1 is perfect none of us are !!!
    Behatzlaha to everyone

  18. Upon reading this, the only thing I have to say is: “Yesharim darchei Hashem, Tzaddikim yelchu bam v’resha’im yashru bam”- The ways of Hashem are straight, tzaddikim will walk in them and resha’im will stumble on them.
    I have no doubt that even if chas veshalom all this fiction was true, nevertheless you are a rasha. As you mentioned about Pinchas who acted by killing zimri. Pinchas only was blessed for persuing zimri for the kavod of Hashem, because his kavana was SOLELY leshem shamayim! You, on the other hand, are so so lost. Trying to put down a great marbitz Torah and other gedolei had or by putting up websites and articles and whatever nonsense your doing….. is only causing a heavy chillul Hashem.
    Mr. Lopin, I am sure you are a great guy with much intelligence and a lot of boredom on your hands, but its easily noticeable through your writings, that your intentions here, are no where for the sake of Gd. Maybe you have something against him or are looking for entertainment, I don’t know…. Maybe all of the protectors are trying to shut you down because -they- are acting out for the sake of Hashem, because the fact that this article if the first that shows up on google- speaking out against a talmid chacham (whether you believe he is or not) is only degrading Hashems name in the world.
    If you really wanted to be mekadesh shem shamayim, you would take down this website, do some more substantial research, and ask your rav how to go about it…..Because I am positive this is not the way.
    I hope you can try to internalize what I am trying to say.
    May Gd bless you with clarity, may He open your eyes to emet. And may you be very very successful in persuing the truth.
    -All the best.

    • The rav I consult on these matters heartily approves of my efforts for number of reasons, most importantly, for “lo taamod al dam reyachah (do not stand by idly on the blood of your neighbor).

      He is a great marbitz, but of what? From what I can tell he is self-promoter with a good veneer, and a brain and lomdus of cheap particle board underneath. Face it, besides all his other fakery he is a grub am haaretz who could not hold his own with anyone who can learn.

      The real scandal is that I am doing the work of many respected rabbonim and askanim who are revolted by him but don’t have the spine to publicly attack him.

      The sooner and more completely he is removed from public roles, the fewer the number of young women he will exploit. I do not believe that smart phones are trayf. However, Yagen should should throw away any phone that can be used for texting, because he has uncontrollable late night urges that lead him astray.

      • Can I have your ravs number? I would like to politely ask him if he’s okay with all of this being exposed to the public….
        Lopin, I can debate you from today to tomorrow and anything I say will not suffice.

        If you are familiar with the writings of Rav Dessler- strive for truth, (Mechila If this rabbi too is considered a “crook” to you Gd forbid,) He writes:
        “V’kol harotze leta’ot, Yavo veyeta’eh.”
        “Anyone who wants to come and make a mistake, let him come and make them.”

        This goes to you, and anyone who desires to find a fault. A fault in Torah, in a person, or a person that personifies Torah!!! -Let him come and find faults.
        If you don’t like this rabbi, you will look at every little thing he does as wrong, you will look what he is wearing and hold it against him, listen to the words he is saying, and degrade him, twist everything he says, wears, and all the good deeds that he does as wrong and bad and against the Torah.
        If your whole career is to exploit rabbis who “are not good,” of course you’ll be more than able to dig into every great learned rabbi to find a fault in them! It’s easy, because that’s all your looking for.
        it seems to me that you really care about your nation because you want to prevent people from getting close to rabbis who are harmful…..Tzaddik, lets see an article about how great you believe some of our rabbis are, if you really do in fact love am yisrael as much as you say you do.
        Otherwise my dear friend, if you were a person of understanding and a little more intellect, you would realize that this action does not make you a hero, in fact the opposite.

        you mentioned earlier:
        רבי יוחנן בן ברוקא אומר
        כל המחלל שם שמים בסתר, נפרעין ממנו בגלוי

        “Rabbi Yochanan Ben Broka says: Anyone who is mechallel the name of heaven in secret ends up being punished in public” (Pirkei Avos, 4:4)

        What beautiful words our chachamim teach us.
        I will repeat: Whatever I say will not make you wake up one day and change. I have mentioned before of what a great chillul Hshem this is that you have done, but since you posted this Mishna first, you must be way ahead of me.

        I really hope you see your own faults before you go hunting around for others. And I hope that you fix them before this mishna applies to you.
        -With all due respect –

  19. This is a whole bunch of balony I’ve spokn to rav yagen before and have known him for almost 5 years now and he is well aware of all this stuff u guys write about him on this website, I just don’t know why people would write this he was not allowed to speak in LA because the people there are all screwed up in the head and can’t read from a simple yalkut yosef. They chose not to become shomer shabbat or even a little religious and are scared to become religious so they don’t allow him to come back. All I’m trying to say is there is nothing wrong with rav yagen and making up rummers that can ruin a human beings life like that is just unnatrual. Go get ur facts straight cuz all u guys have that’s true is that he’s banned from 1 shul in LA that’s all.

    • Bupkes. I happen to know a lot more about the ban in LA. For starters, there were several reports that had been brought to rabbonim and professionals in LA about incidents that occurred on YY’s prior visits. Boundaries with females were seriously violated. And there were many such incidents. Upon consulting with several people from outside LA, based on the conclusion of rabbonim in LA, it was decided that YY’s presence, especially in the capacity of a marbitz Torah or kiruv professional, was a danger to the community. He has taken his disease on the road, and richly deserves to be shut down, as LA did for their community.

      I am in possession of damning evidence for YY. If any of his efforts to defend his reputation come to a judicial forum, whether secular or beis din, I will be among many who will gladly present documentation that will seal the conviction. He is disgracing the Torah every time he purports to be a member of the clergy. He needs serious professional help himself, and no one anywhere should ever seek his counsel (let alone the fact that he has no professional training). Among many others, I will make myself available to anyone who is considering having him speak to crush those efforts. Doing so is a zechus for the public. I like mitzvos. I hate aveiros. YY needs another career.

      • I know the individual using the assumed name, “Spectator.” He does have the goods. I will be glad to contact him on behalf of anyone facing civil or beit din actions by Yaacov Yagen. I expect him to deliver the goods if needed.

  20. If I had known that my sons Malkiel and Aaron were going to use the yeshiva as their private family business, and the power it gives them to promote child molestation, clergy sexual abuse and every manner of perverted sexual exploitation, I would have closed down BMG a long time ago. This is obviously not what my father or I would want or could have foreseen in our worst nightmares.

    Because Yaacov Yagen is mechuttanim with my daughter (Rebbetzin Gershon Ribner), he is being shielded and covered up by my sons despite their knowledge of his predatory sexual practices in which he uses his position of “rabbinic counselor” to get access and win the trust of innocent vulnerable bnos Torah, only to take advantage of them, have his way with them, do the unspeakable and scar them for life.

    Reb Mattisyahu Solomon actually was shown evidence in text messages from Yagen’s phone. He was implored to publicize the danger. Why didn’t he? Shamefully he does not act like a true rabbi, but like an “employee” of my two sons. Doesn’t he know that “just following orders” didn’t work at Nurmemberg? And more importantly, Ayn Shaliach Ldvar Aveira. My boys who are disgracing our family are not G-d, and the true Ribono Shel Olam does not want anybody to serve them.

    “Divrei Harav, Vdivre Hatalmid Divrei Mee Shomim?”

    Rabbi Solomon knows the identities of dozens of child molesters who were brought to his beis din. He has not reported any to the police, despite the halachic obligation and the mandate of the Deena Dmalchusa. Why not?

    Did you see what Malkiel and Aaron did to the Kolko victim? Mamash ran him out of town. My other son in law Reb Oren Reich, refused to allow the victim into his yeshiva. He punished the boy for the crime of trying to protect himself and others from the rapist.

    Rivka Finkelstien, the mother of the murdered innocent Shua, Z”L literally threw Malkiel out of her house during the Shiva, because she knew he was complicit in Shua’s abuse and intimidation to keep quiet about it. Did this give my boys pause? Did they consider changing their ways?

    Ask Rivkah. He house was then burned down to the ground. The police told her that it was a warning. Reb Mattisyahu said that the rabbis “could find out who did it” but are choosing to “keep it hush hush for now.”

    I hope and pray that my talmidim and all the talmidim of the yeshiva built by my father and I will remember the Toras Chessed, the Toras Emes, that we taught them, and put an end to the evil behavior of Malkiel and Aaron.

    • This is so great that this SICKO has been finally publicly outed. A good friend of mine in the New York area told me he always had a bad vibe from this guy. He actually had planned an event where Yagen was to be the guest speaker. This was to a group of young Jewish professionals who were completely unobservant. A lot of effort and preparation was made, and last minute, Yagen canceled. Yagen’s assistant called the day of the event saying that Yagen has a minimum speaking fee of $3500. My friend was shocked, but had no choice but to gather funds. After putting in some of his own funds and calling donors, he was less than $1000 short. Yagen’s assistant notified my friend that he is very strict about his speaking fee, and would be happy to speak when proper funds were gathered.

      This is a true story.

      The moral: Yaakov Yagen. A True Eved Hashem

    • It’s totally false to say that this Yagen is a son in law to Rabbi Ribner, his son in law is Yisrael Meir Yagen who was a true tzadik. Please check your facts before posting.

  21. Every, I just one have question? Why didn’t any of these “girls who were in contact” with Rabbi Yagen speek up? by Weberman hey have proof!!! By Yagen they don’t!!!! even in California the girl said that it is not true and that the family got upset because they made their daughter religiouse! and the Rabbi admitted to being jealous of rabbi Yagen and that it was not true?

  22. btw which secretary????? last I checked and confirmed Rabbi Yagen doesn’t charge. and if he does walerstien and Mansour o and if you want to get really pushy Krohn also charges and they themselves will answer you the same so 1 plus 1 doesn’t equal 2 sorry try harder

  23. Reb shnuer lol your making a joke out of lopin keep up the great work!!!! lets just say Reb matisyahu has been sick for a long time and isn”t 100 percent their we all know that ask anyone how often he see’s people and how often he gives a schmooze its hard enough on him don’t make up stories especially
    on his talmidim like rav Yagen so …… bug off

  24. all u people that are hating on him u cause all the **** in the world and thats why we need rabbi yagan (Edited by Blog owner for foul language)

  25. I was a bachur in BMG together with Mr Yagen in the Irv (around 1998–1999). Based on his conduct then I would be shocked if the allegations were NOT true. Let’s just eave it at that. Crazy world we live in that Mr Yagen was a person giving shmoozen to girls and counseling them.

  26. All those who speak bad about R Y Y should be ashamed of themselves. Not only are you spreading lashon hara but you are also speaking about someone who dedicates his life to the public. I have personally been going to his lectures for years. He lives over an hour away from the Shul where he speaks every Thursday and he still comes to inspire and uplift the youth of the neighborhood. I personally can vowge that R Y Y wears nice clothes and drives a nice car to show the youth that you don’t have to be outdated and uncool to be a good Jew. He is someone the youth of our day and age can look up to becusee he looks like someone they can relate to. Additionally he runs his own business which is how he funds his nice clothes and car so I don’t think that should be anyone’s business. Not to mention that the Rabbi doesn’t charge for lectures. We are obligated to judge everyone favorably especially the rabbis. Whoever has the nerve to spread this nonsense should really be worried about if they have any share left to the world to come. Do tishuva ASAP…. Hashem yirachem

  27. There is a reason these things are not said about 99.9% of Rabbis, but about YY they are. I personally know these things to be true, so …


    We must protect the public somehow, and this is our way.

  28. The distributors of this nonsense are now responsible for Every person who reads and believes this lashon hara and would have otherwise went to R Y Y lectures. Everyone who would have became religious due to his lectures and are now affected because of this page will receive only a small amount of hashems wrath compared to the distributors.( we are obligated not to accept lashon hara especially without two aidim).

    A message to the distributors of this pathetic message…

    You will have to pay for every soul that you destroyed that otherwise would be inspired to become religious if not for your nonsense.

    Secondly, you goal here of exposing the “fakers” is a very shaky responsibility because god forbid if you are wrong just about 1 rabbi about 1 story, i think you understand the risk involved if more than anyone can afford. kiss you world to come goodbye if god forbid 1% of this is not true. Statistically you are playing with fire. A god fearing jew would never i repeat never risk spreading loshon hara in the manner because the risk is way to severe.

    Food for thought to all the blindly wicked.

      • Was a charem placed on him by Beit din based on solid proof that is required by our holy torah? The answer is no!
        Your arrogance and foolishness leads you to believe that you are a greater authority than any kosher Beit din. Why don’t you entertain yourself by going to ask a Godol (taldeed chacham) what he thinks about your page and accusations… The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Before you lock your mind into believing your nonsense why don’t you ask someone who is greater than you what he thinks about your reward for all the “saving” you think your doing. Your ignorance and lack of daat torah is rapidly burying you alive. Pull yourself out by getting help from a Godol ASAP. I will have you in my prayers. Refua shelayma

        • Yagen should be in cherem but many of the rabbonim who won’t let him speak hate public scandals. But the rabbonim in LA told him that if he shows up again, in spite of their ban they will publicize their reasons for banning.

          I love how the fakers wave the loshon horah mantra like a get out of jail card.

          • Should be could be would be… The torah isn’t a newspaper. the law dictates that a chayrem must be placed on someone based on solid proof. If it wasn’t instituted, you have no right to spread what is hypothetical at this point. You take the job and responsibility that only a Beit din has the ability to institute and make it look like a joke based in your assumptions. Do me a favor, if you feel you are so right, go and ask a gadol what he thinks. You sound like a literate and semi knowledgable person, so I think you know what type of answer you are in Store for. If you hold you are doing a mitzvah than you should have no problem to ask a gadol. Stop using the “know it all” card. You are not a Beit din and you never will be.

            • Stop with your faux lomdish shtick. The chiyuv of Lo saamod (not standing by idly on the blood of another) falls on everyone. There is no loshon horah for things widely known, for things that are true and involve risks to others, for things said directly to the other party and for several other things. One does not need a beis din putting someone in cherem in order to act. Sorry Charlie, but you are spouting amaratzus. A very learned and very frum rav has assured me about all this and i also specifically consulted with him about this case.

              Don’t play the godol card. One doesn’t need a special permission from a gadol to excercise common sense and the ordinary meaning of halachah.

  29. the ordinary meaning of halacha requires solid proof to be brought in front of a beit din to prove that these accusations are valid. you can argue from now until tomorrow you have no proof to back up what you are saying according to the torahs definition of what proof is. Innocent until proven guilty, which by nature actually gives you no jurisdiction to say something that is not proven because for all we know he can be just as innocent as you are claiming he is guilty. In conclusion, go back to the Rav if he is a talmeed chacham and tell him the full story because i have a very strong feeling you are only telling him the part of the story that justifies your wicked actions. The full story from beginning to end is required to come to a halachic decison which would definitely be addressed in front of a kosher beit din. Thats why people don’t come to you to put others in chayrim because you speak total unproven unjustified nonsense and you clearly don’t know the first thing about running a biet din even though you act like one. In conclusion you have zero daat torah if you put this page up so the only am haaretz here is the one you look at in the mirror. That is if you can still look at yourself. Kol Tov

    • You are discussing requirements for reporting to authorities which involves potential issues of mesirah. Even there, poskim disagree, some holding like Aruch Hashulchan that there is no prohibition with a government with legitimate, fair courts. But even those who interpret rav elyashiv to require a psak do not speak of requiring a beis din. Stop speaking halachic nonsense like so many other forms of nonsense regarding Yagen.

      • Wow, by this guy’s logic, if I use a sheitel macher who does a crappy job and I want to tell my friends not to patronize her, I can’t do that unless I go to Bais Din. And if some crazy Kiruv dude takes my tzedaka money and I find out he’s been lying to me about how the money is being used, I can’t warn others not to donate to him, unless- you got it, I go to Bais Din. I wonder if those kashrus magazines go to Bais Din every time they update the kashrus status of a restaurant or product? Maybe I’ll tell my son look into a career as a toen, because the Bais Din’s are going to become really busy!

        • Relax. Guys like Yagen make up their own rules as they go along. They only invoke bais din to deflect others. He once started closing a door on a young woman. When she said, “What’s about yichud?” he said, “It’s OK, I’m a rabbi.”

          • YL, you’ve confused me now. I thought that was Leibovits’ line, and Meisels” line, “it’s OK, I’m a Rabbi”. Well, indeed, the new faux charedi standards.
            Scum, and what if you were not a Rabbi, just scum of the earth sex abuser.. eh?
            And they dare to comment online with their evil falsehoods. “It’s OK, I’m a Rabbi”. That could be the name of a Broadway play. Leading role, anyone have recommendations? IT’S OK, I’M A RABBI.
            I personally would use a k’neh midah. of evil, harm, perpetuated over how many years, against how many victims, and factor in geometrically the ages of the victims. Not a hard and fast rule, but the younger the victims. in general, the greater the trauma, and the longer the number of years to suffer, perhaps to recover. Despite this Yagen guy sounding like total sleazy scum of earth. I would have to put my vote elsewnere……not sure, maybe Leibovits. Talking here of those who never sat in jail, or long enough. Maybe, at some point in the future, not now, it would be appropriate to profer up the dersh bag name. But that is premature, certainly, at this stage, and anyway, he cannot say, “it’s OK, I’m a rabbi”
            Perhaps, an enabler, for top contender. One who 2 plus years ago BOASTED OF TELLING A YOUNG FEMALE ABUSE VICTIM,, “what, are you so holy, that no one can touch you?” The mf (THIS IS NOT AN EXPLETIVE, PLEASE DO NOT CENSOR) is still lecturing. Those shuls who STILL invite him (yes, even now, as we speak), have no shame.


  30. I have read all the inofrmation in the blog but nobody post any evidence. it all sounds like a rumor, with no real base.
    i havent hear of any girl complainin about him.
    I understand the fact he doesnt have a degree, and i also understand he help out in hours that are not common. but still….. i know girls who spoke to him at walgreens cause he didnt wanted to be in an office late at night. this has to be analize with proves and not with rumors or ppl who is against him for any reason or interest.
    in my opinion this is a huge mistake. and I ask H to reveal the truth, so many of you will need to aproach him and ask him MECHILA…..

  31. I agree with the other sarah all Rav Yagan does is make it convenient for the vulnerable to spill there emotion when it’s most needed so that Chas v shalom nothing will become of the girls messy situation…there is no concrete proof and girls have in their DNA to over exaggerate create drama. And the ultimate disgrace is on the ppl who strated the rumer…basing it on his truelly honest act of kindness….this is how u repay him?

  32. UPDATE 7/12/16- In the past, Yagen was highly promoted by Rabbi Galidimi of the Safra shul in Miami, who defended him from various allegations. Apparently that has changed and Yagen is no longer welcome there, and all references to him have been scrubbed from their web site. A Google search of their site and the word Yagen (Yagen site:ejsfl.com) does not yield a single hit.

    In addition, his website, http://www.yaakovcares.com/ has also been suspended. It is not clear why.

    • plz explain why “this stuff rocks” or any other
      information, verifiable plz.
      let’s hear it from the y crowd, come on now,
      please reveal why he isn’t a piece of manure?
      plz, we are waiting,

  33. It’s 5 years later, why haven’t any victims of YY come forward?
    I myself had a run in with him, it didn’t feel right. I ran for my life.

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