Questions for Williamsburg

If you run into Nechemya Weberman you might want to ask him these questions?

  • Did you have a heter (rabbinic permission) to see girls and women alone in your apartment? If so, could you explain whether this is this a special permission for the vaad hatznius (modesty committee)? (See Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz about Weberman)
  • Do you agree with Rabbi Yaakov Yagen of Monsey who is known to tell young women it is OK to see him alone in his office, “Because I am a rabbi?” If you don’t agree with Rabbi Yagen why did you employ him to see girls in your office?
  • Did you have a heter to pay George Farkas, a Jew, to work for you yesterday, on the second day of Sukkot in Brooklyn Supreme Court? The court calendar confirms that Farkas appeared on your behalf in Part 21 before Judge Ingram.
  • I hear that rabbonim and askanim running around on your behalf are trying to get people to help you avoid a trial by saying, “We will make sure he goes into therapy.” If you are innocent why would you need therapy? If you are guilty, do you really think therapy would keep other kids safe? If you have a pedophilia problem would you go to a “torah therapist” or to a licensed mental health professional?
  • Do you really think people are supporting you because they believe you are innocent or because you are a rachmonis (a pitiful case) who will die in jail if convicted?
  • I have to compliment you and your lawyer, George Farkas, on the business of the videotape. It won’t help you at trial because it will not be admitted and you have no proof that the testimony against you is motivated by revenge. But it was a very clever way to try and further damage the reputation of the brave young woman who will testify against you. Nechemya, why there are so many other young women in the community saying the same things about you? What is it about you that makes people want nikamah (revenge)?

If you see Weberman ask him these questions. I am sure he will not answer honestly. But if he has a pintele yid (a drop of Jewishness) left inside him he will at least feel some shame. If he is ashamed he might do the decent thing and plead guilty and spare his victim the difficulty of describing every one of his disgusting acts in front of a courtroom. He would also be doing himself a favor because he will be going away a lot longer if he goes to trial. He would spare the community the great chillul hashem (desecration of G-d’s name) of having his conduct broadcast on television.

Truthfully, I do not think talking to him will do much good. However, discussing these issues with your relatives and neighbors will help. The sooner the community faces up to the truth about Weberman and people like him, the sooner your children will be safe.

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