A Synogogue Bans a Convicted Molester From Attending Services To Protect Their Children [updated Oct 10, 2012]

The good news is that  convicted molester, Rabbi David Kaye, was denied attendance  at services in Adat Shalom in DC because it would give him proximity to children. The fact that he was an ordained rabbi and claimed to have done tshuvah did not deter the board from making the decision and sharing it with the community. This is good news for the members of this liberal Reconstructionist congregation. The bad news for most children in ultra orthodox shuls is that their leadership is not willing to take such action.

Hat Tip to Vicki Polin/The Awareness Center

[updated Oct 10,2012- The Washington Jewish Post has a nuanced discussion of the issues involved in deciding whether and how to allow a convicted molester to attend services at a shul with children around. What impresses me is that various quoted figures including an orthodox rabbi are thoughtfully looking at the question of how to balance a wish to allow someone to rehabilitate themself with the need to protect a community. What disappointed me is discussions about people doing tshuvah with no reference to whether the offender took concrete steps to repair the damage with their victims]

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