Weberman Convicted on All Charges on Mon Dec 10th in Afternoon

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Attend Trial at Kings County New York State Supreme Court, Criminal Term, Part 21,  320 Jay Street, 20th floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201 in front of Judge John G. Ingram. (Usual court hours are 9:30-4:30 & 9-2 on Fridays but come early to get inside courtroom)

To share the court house happenings: visit my Facebook page (Yerachmiel Lopin) or email me at or tweet to @YerachmielLopin. The tag for following the trial is #webermantrial.

Update Mon 12-10 Jury Verdict- Guilty on all 60 counts. Taken in to Custody. Sentence could effectively be for life. I am working on a post to appear later today on my reflections about trial. Thank you all who came here as readers, and more important, who supported the survivor in her pursuit of justice and safety for other kids. Thank you Zaakah. Most of all, Thank you to the brave witness who took it all to bring him to justice. May our people be blessed with many more like her. 

Update Thurs 12-6 5pm  Jury Instruction Fri Morning for 1.5 hours & Then Jury Deliberation

Update Fri 12-7   Jury was instructed and than deliberated for several hours before stopping at 2:30. Jury deliberation continues on Monday

Update Thurs, 12-6 Weberman Trial Day 8 Summary He takes stand to deny charges, admits stealing big time from charity

Update 12-5 On the Seventh Day the Prosecution Rested and Victim Supporters Protested in Williamsburg

Update 12-1 Reflections on the Weberman Trial after its First Five Days

For an overview of the Nechemya Weberman case from his arrest til just before the trial CLICK HERE!

Update 11-30 Day 5 of Trial victim is still on witness stand for a 3rd day of harassing cross examination (longer than almost any other trial of this sort). She is bearing up but it is hard.

Update 11-29, Day 4 of Trial, One of those arrested, Yosle Fried is active for Williamsburg Vaad Hatznius

Update 11-29, Day 4 of Trial, Court Cleared After Weberman Supporters try to intimidate witness by taking and emailing photos of witness on stand. 

Update 11-29, Day 3 of Trial Media coverage including Jewish Press article by Harry Maryles.  Judge Ingram was really annoyed by the litter left behind in the courtroom. Guys, don’t be pigs; that’s Nechemya’s job!

Update 11-28, Day 3 of Trial,

Update 11-28  Day 2 of Trial

Update 11-27  Day 1 of Trial

Nechemya Weberman in Kings County Supreme Court on 3-25-11 (photo credit Joseph Diangello)

UPDATE: Tuesday Nov 13, noon-  Shehechiyanu! The Weberman trial started this morning with jury selection. However, on Thursday Nov 8, his lawyers pleaded damage to one of the attorneys’ home during Sandy. They got the start of the testimony stage of the trial postponed till Monday, after Thanksgiving, Nov 26. At that point the trial will head straight into opening statements and testimony.Jury selection phase started Tuesday, Nov 13. as of Thurs. Nov. 15, noon was up to 11 jurors and 2 alternate jurors. Judge wants 12 jurors and 4 alternates. There will be a break between jury selection and evidence phase.

UPDATE: Sunday 11/4/12, 5 PM- I have confirmed that the trial will start on Tuesday, November 13, 9 am  (case # 01589-2011)  in  Kings County New York State Supreme Court, Criminal Term, Part 21, on 320 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 in front of Judge John G. Ingram.

Judge Ingram has ordered up a jury pool of 150 jurors for day 1 of the trial.  This means that most of the courtroom seats will be given over to prospective jurors. So If there will be very little seating capacity for observers, other than a few select media representatives. Jury selection will probably take up the balance of the week and the pool will shrink over each successive day. So probably aim for attending later in the week or during the next week  or two.

It seems Weberman has hired a very high powered jury team for a total defense team of 7 lawyers. Friday might not be a trial day or at most will be a morning session only (because the holy Rabbi Weberman needs his afternoon to get ready for shabbos in his apartment which is less than 2 miles from the court room.

Update Sat 11/3/12- 7 pm- As of Friday afternoon, according to the Webcrims NYS public database of all court cases the trial of Nechemya Weberman is now scheduled to start on Tuesday, November 13th. I tried to confirm the date through contacts with the prosecution team but have not been able to. I am guessing this new information is correct and will keep on trying to confirm it.

UPDATE: Wed., 10/31/12, 10 am– Court seems to be open inside, but they seem to be turning away  most folks at door. TRIAL DEFINITELY NOT HAPPENING TODAY. Tentativesly scheduled to start Monday, November 5, 2012. Apparently traffic is so bad that arraignments are being handled by video. We will just have to wait to see how long it takes for disaster recovery to proceed.

UPDATE Wednesday October 31, 1:45 am- NOT certain if Weberman trial will start tomorrow am. While the court is open, I have an indirect source telling me that the trial will start with jury selection on Monday November 5. I have determined that while the court will be open, primarily to handle scheduled pre-trial appearances and ongoing trials, new jurors were instructed NOT TO COME IN.  The Weberman trial was slated to start with a panel of 150 prospective jurors  For that reason and because of other uncorroborated information I do not think the jury selection, which is the first phase, will happen today, Wednesday, October 31. 

I have not been able to get any information directly from the prosecution team. I hope to establish that connection once the court opens for business hours in the morning. MY BEST GUESS IS THAT THE TRIAL WILL NOT START TOMORROW MORNING AND IT WILL PROBABLY START ON MONDAY, NOVEMBER 5,  WILL STOP FOR ELECTION DAY, AND WILL THEN CONTINUE FORWARD.

UPDATE Tuesday, October 30, 8:30 pm, EST–  Court will be open on Wednesday, October 31.  It is official according the court web site. Trial starts tommorrow, Wednesday October 31, 9am. Be there early to get a seat. It is being held in a large room, but 150 seats will be reserved for the jury pool. All of tommorrow will probably be taken up with jury selection. If you are going get in touch with me.The trial of Nechemya Weberman (case # 01589-2011) will be in  Kings County New York State Supreme Court, Criminal Term, Part 21, on 3 20 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 in front of Judge John G. Ingram.

Update Mon. 10/29/12- 5pm. Court will be closed on Tuesday because of winter storm Sandy. Court about tomorrow  won’t be posted till this evening. Here is link for courthouse information or you can call: 1-800-COURTNY /1-800-268-7869.

[Mon, 10/29/12, 2pm UPDATE. Courts are closed today because of winter storm SANDY. Court decision about tomorrow  won’t be posted till this evening. Here is link for courthouse information or you can call: 1-800-COURTNY /1-800-268-7869.

[10-22-12, 11 pm: update- Judge Ingram has ordered up a jury pool of 150 jurors for day 1 of the trial on Tuesday, October 30 Wed., October 31. This means that most of the courtroom seats will be given over to prospective jurors. So If there will be very little seating capacity for observers, other than a few select media representatives. Jury selection will probably take up the balance of the week and the pool will shrink over each successive day. So probably aim for attending later in the week or during the next week  or two (but not election day)].

The initial phase will be jury selection which may very well take the rest of the week. It seems Weberman has hired a very high powered jury team in addition to his three other lawyers. During jury selection most of the court room will be filled with a large juror pool and seating for supporters will be either limited or virtually non-existent. In all likelihood the trial itself will start on Monday, Nov 5, and then be interrupted for election day, and then will resume on Wed. Nov 7. Friday might not be a trial day or at most will be a morning session only (because the holy Rabbi Weberman needs his afternoon to get ready for shabbos in his apartment which is 10-20 minutes from the court room). [added Mon oct 29- I am guessing that the judge will have a Friday session with a partial afternoon session if he needs one to keep the trial on schedule].

22 thoughts on “Weberman Convicted on All Charges on Mon Dec 10th in Afternoon

  1. While Weberman, if convicted, deserves the worst, I cannot help but LAUGH at the STUPIDITY and unwarranted terror of his victims and their families.

    • Ya’acov, you heel.

      What kind kind of sick humor calls the fears of his victims “unwarranted” and “stupid?” I suspect your life has never been shadowed by the nightmare of abuse or an avalanche of intimidation. We are supposed to be merciful and the children of merciful ones. Are you so lacking in basic rachmonis that you think this is a joke?

      To you this is a legal game: “if he is convicted” you say, he “deserves the worst.” NO. If he did these things, whether or not he is convicted, he deserves the worst.

      I get the sense that you believe he is guilty but are rooting for the intimidation to work so the witness will not show up. I got bad news for you, she will show up and he will probably be convicted and he will probably get a sentence as long as Jerry Sandusky.

      The folks who contributed to the pidyon shvuyim fund for his high priced legal team wasted their money. If they wanted to get him out of jail they should have made a contribution to the chevrah kadishah which will eventually get him out of jail.

    • No, I think you can help it but aren’t interested. Also, kudos on coming up with such an original comment. I mean, it’s not as though we’ve ever seen someone post something bombastic and inflammatory like that without giving details. Do you have a blog of your own? I’d love to read it.

  2. Seeing your post about London rabbi rape scandal. It appears you are not familiar with the London scene. Let me enlighten you.
    The chareidi London public is split in two areas, Stamford Hill and Golders Green. The rabbi involved although his name has not yet been publicised his synagogue has, by a member defending him on the English website. So it doesnt take a Sherlock Holmes to work out who it is.

  3. They most likely were paid off or else ‘warned’ off. If anyone copied it before shabbos in london when it was still on please reply here.
    will also give you a taste of it.
    I have time now motai shabbos in London to give more information.
    This rabbi is called R Chaim Halpern, his father is R Elchonon Halpern and his brothers who all have their own shuls David and Moshe. His elder brother Yitschak has one in Israel. His older sister is married to the chernobil rebbe one of the greatest today and another sisters daughter is married to the belzer rebbe’s son.

  4. His adversary mentioned in the twitter is R B Knopfler a rabbi in the fed/us shul. His father was a baker under union/kedassia supervision and his FIL was a director of a ftse100 company who narrowly escaped prison with some shady ‘guinness’ share dealing.
    They have been at each other for a long time since Knopfler started giving a private hechser on milk against the union/keddassia. In England private hechserim are relatively unknown.
    Of the 60 comments some were from other women who have also had ‘trouble’ with CH(chaim halpern) and others who defended him with ‘body and soul’. A real slanging match developed.

  5. In SH(stamford hill) it is totally chareidi. There is no MO type shul. In GG(golders green) one has every type. The GG chareidim are under the SH rabbonim from which they are trying all the time to break loose. Many of them ‘hail’ also from SH.
    The butcher in GG who was for years under the union/kedassia has now gone over to the Fed/us. The difference in standard can best be explained by in a similar batch of chickens the kedasssia will find 3 times as many treifo as in the fed/us shechita.
    The main rabbis who control the charieidim in GG and are also against the eruv are the Halpern family. As can be seen from the butcher most people dont want to leave their shul but still prefer the non chareidi Fed/us. So it is a matter of getting the Halpern family out of the shuls which if one goes all 4 will have to.
    The union/kedassia need the GG members for their funding which mostly comes from GG. So they have accepted Chaim Halpern to be one of their senior dayanim as the internet poster on that site shows. He acts like a chasidic rebbe which draws many people to him and is very popular. His FIL is the aged rabbi of Manchester chareidim who is now retiring. He would be taking his place if not for this.
    As one can see the site has pulled the post down. It can only be because of pressure or money. The union/kedassia will do anything to stop it getting around. Lately the president of kedassia had to step down for some ‘shady’ dealing and now they have a new one.
    The kedassia hashgacha is considered unlike your post on FM one of the best in the world.

  6. Dear trolls. I will be there daily, please come up and say hello. i’ll be the one in hair and makeup better looking than your wives.

  7. Ya’acov Koppel
    I know I am wasting my words here, and I will say it anyway.

    Please Ya’acov dear, allow your daughters, nieces and sisters to spend one night in Weberman’s office- alone with Weberman.

    Would you do that please, and then report back to us in the morning about how you feel observing the UNWARRANTED terror and STUPIDITY of the girls when they realize what the monster has done to them.

    Thank you,
    I patiently await.

  8. Can someone explain how this Vaad hatznius or (vaad haznut) in Williamsburg works. Weberman was selected by his friends in the Vaad, to be it’s leader. This Weberman has violated a cheder student many many years ago before being appointed, it is not clear in which manner or which way, whether Shelo kedarka, milfanav, rovoy meachoyrov, derech eivarim, or MBP or some other unbeknownst manner unfamiliar. Does it need to be under age only , bachurim uzkeinim gam yachdav, or mixed gender clientelle.

    Another important thing to know is, whether to be such, is a pre qualifying condition for vaad membership. Whatever the case may be, when Weberman was selected to be part and parcel of this shady men in black organization, it had to be known to the other members in the Vaad that Weberman is a pervert. Indeed, when he raped his latest court case victim in various perverted manners, he was protected by the Vaad, by the leader of this School system, by their Rabbinical institutions, as well as the DA and underlings surrounding him. The DA complained that this whole group acts worse than the mafia with their Bullying and harassment terrorizing tactics, which includes the Agudah, their RaBonim, different fractions of chassidus, Yeshivas, Talmudei torah, their principals and their long arm Shomrim doing the dirty work, not to mention with Rabinnical supervision, until the victims are exhausted, drop the charges, only to be buried deeply under the rug, as if lo hayu dvarim meolam. There are several questions to be asked in order to understand the makeup and wherewithal of this so called vaad lividas znus and Co. LLC

    1) how and why is/was this able to prevail?
    2) which type of tznius (call it znus) violation is pursued to be extorted that this Vaad was established for, and which type of tznius violation fornication is protected and immune, only to be swept under the rug so vehemently at all CO$T, on the publics expense through the fleecing of American Yiddentum?

    Is Mishkav zachar allowed under the heter of NAVAL birshut haTorah, and protected under disguise of mesirah? It is a known fact that amongst the shomrim, they have always protected and erased tapes of perpetrators, many offenders of their own members, they seek to command and control the neighborhood safety cams so instructed by their so called rabbinic leaders, and many of their members have squeaky voices (kol isha). Which violation calls for pashkevilin and which is considered only tickling to be dismissed as we find by Yishmael, messachek anochi. A good therapist should be able to distinguish and delineate all various perversions, which is considered to be homo, bi, an induced born again homo, mesollelot, vechol shaar minei tinoyfes, with a common denominator of immunity and under the protection of the Rabbinical community. Is there any validity to the idea that these protectors and Enablers are of the same kind, thereby protecting themselves and next of kin? Kvar hoyo dvarim meolam, see… Somebody please shed some light on it.

  9. Does anyone know what the status of the williamsburg vaad is or has been since the Discovery of this PIG. Who are their so called vaad members? Who are their supportive ra-bonim.? Who are their financial supporters? Do they give him support now in the Court, or they rather uvikholom al teichad es kvoidi, keep their distance kimtachvei keshes and disassociated. Where are those big guys that think of themselves so high almighty and invincible? Do they have private eye peepers, and vayashkef Avimelech squads, merochaik ladaas es shloimoi umah yeose loi. Does he rely on his dream team for his rescue, while holding his own? Does he still have that big smile on his what’s his face? Keep on dreaming, im yiten ish es kol hoin beisoi boiz yavizi loi. Eile vorechev veile basisim, vanachni ba h’ elokeini nazkir. Wipe that smirk of your face you pig, days of reckoning are here.

  10. Yad Hashem is telling us:
    That this is Moshiach’s times. The children are no more Hefker, and no more cover ups either. The alleged Chachomim Tisrach manhigim corroborated in cahoots with the perpetrators, and then only to harass the victims, as the navi says, Kulom Menoafim veRoidfei shalmoinim, corrupted to the core. So you say, Where is the evidence? Where is the proof, innocent until proven guilty, blah blah blah. Hey, you know what, big guy, it’s in the courts, and your menuvel is sweating bullets, the proof is there, the witnesses are there, the media is there, and what about the Chilul Hashem you have done, do you really care? Have you no shame? Have you no decency? Or you only care about alleged MESSIRA blah blah blah, Huh? Hashem punishes you all, exposing all your chachamim LeHera, and listening in front of the whole wide world who you really are, and what you have been up to. Justice and reckoning is here. You are now being exposed as to why you protected these molesters, it is none other because they are related to you, and because it is YOU beatzmo ubichvoidoi that rapes vulnerable women beheter meah other Ra Bonim, as they teach relaxing techniques for u 2 enjoy, and then how to cover up, megaleh …. umechasse tfu … chayim. Just take a kupah shel shratzim, metaher bekif nin mataamim, cover it up with it a towel, maafil betaliso and a shmate ecba al ecba, declare the victims insane and just stamp it kusher kusher kedass and busser rofl busser keDin, lemehadrin min hamehadrin, vehineh cover up. It’s right there on the tapes for you to hear. The tide has changed, shaarei oinueh lo ninalu. It is not a coincedence that from both sides of the globe back to back, these perpetrators And their ENABLERS, as well as the kusher busser usser filter protector and perpetrator all packaged in one, have been brought to justice and into the limelight for the world to see, hear, and realize beyond the shadow of a doubt, for what they have done to our precious children and wives all along R’L. We hope and pray, that all what the Mishna lists beikvosei D’meshicha, is hakol shorrir vekayam, making it ready for the geule shleima. Mamash a Didon Notzach!


  12. Does this video have any revelance to the weberman trial? or is it just plain old fashion ‘sturmer style’ propoganda?

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