An Open Letter To the Flatbush Committee of Mosdos Satmar Protesting Your Funding of Institutions That Knowingly Harbor Molesters of Hasidic Children

Mr. and Mrs. Shimie Lax and other members of the committee:

You have announced your intention to host a fund raising event for Satmar institutions graced by the presence of the Satmar Rebbe, Zalman Leib Teitelbaum on Sunday, October 14, 2012, 4 pm at the home of Mr and Mrs. Shimie Lax, 1342 E 31st Street, Brooklyn, NY  11210

How can you do this? Jews are not allowed to stand by idly on the blood of another. Yet Satmar knowingly harbors molesters such as R. Avrohom Reichman who teaches in UTA and R Nechemya Weberman who molested many girls referred to him by UTA’s Bais Rochel. Major poskim respected inside Satmar such as R. Moshe Sternbuch of the Eidah Charedis support reporting such offenders to the police and cooperating with their prosecution. Instead Satmar participates in efforts to besmirch the witnesses against offenders and it raises funds to defend the likes of Nechemya Weberman. It does these things even as it privately assures people that they are forcing him into therapy because of his “problem.” If you see the Rebbe ask
him if Weberman is in therapy? Is so, ask why is he supporting those who claim he is innocent? I have also posted some other questions to ask about Weberman.

I call on you to reconsider your willingness to support Satmar until it changes its ways. If you feel unable to back out of your commitments to attend, I urge you to trim back your contribution and use your time with R. Teitelbaum to confront him about these grave matters. Tzedakah is a mitzvah, but not every donation to a mosad is tzedakah. By withholding your donation you can influence Satmar to mend its ways.  Please think of those poor afflicted children when you decide whether to donate. You will acquire part of the aveirah when more children are molested.

The event’s sponsors includes: Mr and Mrs Shimie Lax, Moshe Benenfeld, Abish Brodt, Betzalel Edelstein, Yanky Edelstein, Yanky Elbogen, David Feiger, Tzvi Fetman, Shmelke Guttman, Avrom Shmiel Hartman, Yisroel Hartman, Robert Lederman, Shlomy Perlmutter, Yitzchok Saftlas, Noson Schechter, Leiby Schwimmer, and Moshe Yarmush.

Dear readers, if you know any of the event sponsors please contact them and urge them to reconsider their support of Satmar mosdos until they mend their ways.

If any of you choose to attend, please use your time at the event to raise these issues in conversations with others attending and with the Rebbe. Consider leaving copies of literature about sex abuse

If you choose to protest outside, consider full-sized signs that read: “Satmar Rebbe, Stop Protecting Child Molesters.” Feel free to copy any of my many posts about Weberman to share with others or just leave on the table at the event.

If any of you have had communications with the committee or the Rebbe please share them with us.

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter To the Flatbush Committee of Mosdos Satmar Protesting Your Funding of Institutions That Knowingly Harbor Molesters of Hasidic Children

  1. wow thank you for this., about time. and here in jerusalem the satmar are also involved in the same thing, and not only them. we had the worst scandal ever in israel here in my street that got world wide attention. nachlaot pedophile scandal. the religious world covers and protects and hides and does everything to protect the perverts and not the children. i will never forgive anyone involved in this disgusting vile practise. i pray your efforts will be successful and then come here and help us to expose our corrupt leaders and rabbinim.

  2. i received this from rabbi galamidi from safra shul:


    I saw the article. The only think I will tell you is that R Y Y delay in Panama was due to an AA flight delay from Mia to Panama, which cause his flight not to leave Panama until very late at night, it was the same plane coming from here to there and back to Mia. I tried personally to get him on different flight to no avail due to the lateness of the hour. Additionally, I am the one that requested from him to send me a specially recorded shiur for our event which done by a friend of mine there, and send me the video link to show that night. I hope that this will dissipate any doubts or worries about his absence that night. Moreover, I know him for many years, he is far from what is written about him. Kol Tuv. Moadim LeSimha.


    Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2012 19:59:40 -0400 (EDT)
    Subject: Check out Rabbi Yaakov Yagen Cares, But About What? « FRUM FOLLIES by Yerachmiel Lopin

    • shalom
      hmmm that is the most amazing sentance that the haradi religious world loves to hide behind. i know him for years and he is far from what is written about him. and how do you know????? after all these acts are done in secret for a reason. are you with the man 24 hours a day to know. do you know what anyone does in the privacy of their bedrooms???? no one can state for a fact that they know another person and vouch for his innocence. no one.

      the cover up of these pedophiles in the religious world is unbelievable. the numbers are increasing. more people being outed and still the cover up goes on. the children are treated like pure trash and their lives are destroyed just to protect a wicked evil manipulating monster

      shame on all of you. how dare you mock hashem with your lies lies and lies. those who cover up and protect the wicked perverts are even worse than the perverts. and how will you answer to hashem ????

      i am very much involved here in trying to stop the perverts and the same story. rabbinim covering up. a letter was put in my mailbox condemning us for speakiing out and blaming men for their acts. however the last sentance of the letter said – we who have kept silent throughout this last year CANNOT JUSTIFY OURSELVES IN FRONT OF HASHEM for our silence. so even those who want to shut up the shameful stories acknowledge they cannot justify their actions to hashem.

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