Sentencing Statements by Jerry Sandusky’s Victims

When three of the 10 witness/victims took to the podium to address the judge, the courtroom went absolutely still.

First was Victim No. 6, a recent graduate of Bible College. The lanky young man gulped in big deep breaths as he began to read from the paper in front of him.

“I’ve been left with deep painful wounds that are buried in the garden of my soul,” he said in a timid voice that grew stronger as he spoke. “Worst of all has been the violation I felt. You can choose to be in denial of what you’ve done,” he said to Sandusky without looking at him. “I think you are only fooling yourself. It’s time to stop.”

Victim No. 5 held back tears and sniffed as he read. “I’m troubled by flashbacks of his naked body,” he said. “I continue to be haunted by the incidence [with] anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and guilt. Sentencing him will never make me whole … but he must pay for his crimes.”

Victim No. 4, who was the leadoff witness at trial—no doubt because of his resolve—looked directly at Sandusky as he delivered his brief victim impact statement. It was to this 29-year-old man Sandusky wrote telling “love letters” that were read to the jury during trial.

“You were the person in my life that was supposed to be a role model. Instead you did terrible things … and I can’t tell you how you’ve screwed up my life,” he said. “You should be ashamed of yourself. I do not forgive you. Because of you I trust no one. I asked those who were abused after me to forgive me for not coming out sooner.”

The above quotes come from the excellent reporting on the Sandusky trial at the by Diane Dimond.

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