Take the Weberman Challenge – Trust Him With Your Daughter

Williamsburg is divided about Nechemya Weberman. A lot of people, probably the majority, still claim he is innocent. I believe they suspect he is guilty but they still can’t stand the thought of allowing the government to put one of their own in jail. So they trot out the usual arguments about the family of the victim and revenge motives. Naturally it is easy to say we have no proof but the word of a victim. Thanks to the community’s harsh treatment of witnesses, none of his other victims is willing to come forward.

However, if you ask them, would you trust him to counsel your daughter most of them run the other way rather than answer the question. People are not stupid.

So here is my challenge: Either trust him with your kids or stop claiming you believe he is innocent.

By the way, if you doubt me, go seek a private opinion from one of the kol koreh signers about trusting him with your daughter. By now almost all the dayonim and rabbonim in Williamsburg have privately heard about his masei Sodom.

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