Satmar Rebbe, Zalman Leib Teitelbaum is Forced to Avoid the Front Door at His Fundraiser

Yesterday, October 14, 2012,  the Satmar Rebbe, Zalman Leib Teitelbaum, was all set to get his usual adulatory welcome at a fundraiser in Flatbush. A banner was stretched out in front of the home of Mr and Mrs. Shimie Lax  that read “boruch habah bashem hashem/hod kovod kedushas/ admor misatmar, shlita” and a dozen or so Hasidic men were there cheer him in.

However, he was faced with about 25-35 demonstrators with signs protesting his continued support of molesters. Slogans on the signs included: “Satmar Yeshiva: Fire Avrohom Reichman,” Rabbi Teitelbaum, Apologize,” “Satmar Rebbe, Stop Protecting Molesters,” and a few others. Flyers were handed out along the lines of my posting of Friday protesting Satmar’s protection of molesters. Among those attending were Nuchem Rosenberg, Mark Appel and Pearl Engelman.

So the Satmar Rebbe passed on the kovod and scurried in through a side entrance. The demonstration continued until 7 pm.

This demonstration was called on the last minute on Friday and the publicity should have been better. With better advance work there probably would have been a larger crowd and more media coverage. Still, all in all, I consider it a success. Perhaps the best indicator is that Satmar is very upset about this. They are busy trying to menace R. Nuchem Rosenberg as if he was the prime organizer. He certainly helped along with many others, and he was there till the end of the demonstration. But as usual Satmar is trying to blame its accusers instead of acknowledging that they have a lousy reputation because they are bums who harbor and protect molesters and harass victims.

I went into the planning focusing on hurting their ability to reach into the modern orthodox world and raise money. I now realize that regardless of this outcome they are very sensitive to their reputation. This is good news. If they learn that they can be hit every time they venture out they may start reconsidering their disgusting tolerance for molesters and molesting. I am awaiting word from insiders on whether they also lost some money.

In closing, I want to get readers to realize that these kinds of events draw on the volunteer efforts of many in the advocacy community including some whose names you will never hear, either because of their modesty or because they are also afraid of those who protect molesters. I thank all of them for their contributions. By name I want to thank Rabbi Rosenberg, Mark Appel, Pearl Engelman, Rabbi Yosef Blau, Joel Engelman, Shmarya Rosenberg of Failed Messiah, Chaim Deutsch of Flatbush Shomrim, Ben Hirsch, and Vicki Polin of the Awareness Center.

Photos of the event will follow in the next day or two.

5 thoughts on “Satmar Rebbe, Zalman Leib Teitelbaum is Forced to Avoid the Front Door at His Fundraiser

  1. I have waited a long time for this protest – ever since 2008 when Assemblyman Dov Hikind publicly stated on his radio show that if Satmar re-hired Avrum Reichman he would hold a press conference in protest in front of UTA (Satmar school administration). Dov Hikind was angry enough to give this warning after learning that UTA had fired Reichman for 2 months because Reichman FAILED their lie detector test after my son Joel’s accusations of childhood molestation. Two months after firing Reichman, Joel’s statute of limitations expired and UTA rehired Reichman! Dov Hikind never followed up with a press conference. Reichman is even TODAY in the classroom of young boys the same age as Joel (9) when he was molested by Reichman.

    At issue here is not so much Reichman himself – at issue here is the school administration’s power in convincing “caring” parents to put their children into Reichman’s class, but FAR MORE IMPORTANT is our community’s ignorance, tolerance, helplessness, powerlessness, weakness and just plain dim-witted behaviour in making it possible for the school administration to manipulate parents into giving up their natural guardianship of their defenseless children to the very school who is more interested in protecting a proven molester than the children placed in their care….
    I say proven because Joel was not the only vicitm of Reichman. Besides his failing the lie detector test, UTA knows of several other victims; indeed Dov Hikind had a father tell him of his son’s molestation by Reichman too. A member of the administration admitted to me that the Dayanim felt Reichman should be re-hired because on a scale of 1 – 10 my son’s molestation rated a 2 or 3!

    I see the protest in Flatbush as rehearsal for a more powerful protest outside of UTA headquarters in Williamsburg, a protest that will WAKE UP THE PARENTS of our community and spur them “caring” for their children’s safety and well being first and foremost instead of listening to the school administrations deceptions.

  2. Next stop, arranged transportation to Weberman’s trial. I believe it is a MUST! If you make it convenient for people they will come. Please try and have a bus from Boro Park, Flatbush, Williamsburg, FiveTowns and Monsey. Transportation is not easy to the courthouse and parking is a nightmare. If this can be organized and the word can get out, this will make a huge statement to the court AND the Rabbinical community!

    • If anyone can organize a bus that would be great. I also think the connections formed in the process will help build the advocacy community. On a smaller scale, car pools can be organized. That may also work better and be more flexible to reflect different routes and schedules for different participants. Shared parking tolls and gas by car poolers will probably come out to less than bus rentals (unless any of our readers has a spare bus lying around).

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