What You Can Accomplish By Attending the Weberman Trial

Nechemye Weberman goes on trial on Tuesday October 30, 2012 in the Brooklyn Supreme Court on multiple felony charges of molesting a girl. I urge all of you to attend as much of the trial as possible.

Jurors are only supposed to pay attention to the evidence and arguments of the DA and the defendant’s lawyers. However, the defense will try to discredit the witness as bizarre and vengeful. I suspect that jurors will not be able to notice a contingent of supporters of the victim and this may influence their thinking.

However, this is not the main argument for attending. In fact I would say that attending is worthwhile even in the unlikely event that Weberman is acquitted. Above all else, attendance sends a message to this victim and every other victim that they are not alone. It sends the message that there are others in the community who believe the victim and support her.

In planning your attendance keep in mind that the trial will probably run 2-3 weeks. A big showing is important at the start and at the end because it will get media attention which will amplify our message to other victims, others in the community, and to the larger public. During the trial it would be helpful to spread out coverage rather than going from feast to famine. So if possible, plan your own attendance accordingly.

I will be posting more about the logistics in the next few days.

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