Chess, Russian Politics, and Our Rabbis

Garry Gasparov, the former world chess champion, is also a political activist in Russia. He no longer participates in elections, because, he says, “”In chess you have fixed rules and unpredictable results. In [Russian politics] it’s the opposite.”

Halachah should be like chess with fixed rules. According to most major contemporary poskim (decisors) credible claims of molestation should end up with the civil government which has the ability and power to investigate and control molesters. This is considered good because molesters are considered rodfim (dangerous pursuers) who are a constant source of life threatening danger.

In practice, most ultra orthodox rabbis will make sure this doesn’t happen. Instead molesters are shielded and thus allowed to go on harming other kids.

Most of our ultra orthodox rabbis behave like Vladimir Putin.  They twist halachah like a pretzel to keep molesters safe. In their hands, halachah is like the law in Russia these days, a device for putting in the fix.






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