Happy Thanksgiving

One should always be thankful for the goodness that comes our way. I blog about a lot of horrors because of my focus on sexual abuse of children. But even so there is a lot to appreciate and celebrate. Victims are becoming survivors. More of them are rising past shame to pride in their resilience and the companionship of other survivors and their supporters. At best we have only won a few battles in the war against abuse. But I want to pause and acknowledge the progress.  A few more ultra orthodox rabbis are doing the right thing. A few more survivors are bravely telling their stories and pursuing legal action. Even the obstructors (with the recent exception of Avi Shafran) are admitting there is a problem with sex abuse. Most of the community accepts the halachic validity of bringing molesters to the law, they are just trying to discourage it from happening. More molesters have been outed in the last 5 years than in the preceding 25 years. Even the Brooklyn DA is trying harder to defend his reputation as a real prosecutor.

I wish all my readers , whether or not they are celebrating Thanksgiving, a good day with companions and family. There will be time enough to go back to our struggle after Thanksgiving.


One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Thanks so much I am another survivor in Boston, my guy was in LA I am an older person now. I pray Hashem will help all of his children that have been affected by these crimes with peace, contentment and healing. Have a Happy Thanksgiving to.

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