Weberman Trial Day 3 – Victim Copes Well With Extended Cross-Examination

According to tweets by Oren Yaniv (@OrenNYDN, #webermantrial), court house reporter for the New York Daily News, cross- examination of witness lasted all day and will continue tomorrow. He has never seen this long a cross-examination.

I get the impression that the victim did well in standing up to petty attempts to portray her as dishonest or inconsistent or motivated by hatred of Weberman and hasidic community. I will extend this post later by collating other news reports.

They are clearly hoping to wear her down. They don’t seem to realize that the young girl he molested at will has grown up into a strong young woman.

IF YOU PLAN ON ATTENDING TOMMORROW (Thurs, Nov 29) the morning session has been cancelled because the judge is attending a funeral. The afternoon session starts at 1:00 but be there at 12:30 if you want a chance to make it into the courtroom. If you cannot get into the courtroom, consider attending the end of the Emanuel Yegutkin trial. You may get to see the jury verdict delivered and watch him leave to jail.


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