Breaking- Two Weberman Supporters Arrested for Taking Pics of Victim, A Minor, While She Was on Witness Stand

According to tweets by Pervaiz Shallwani ‏@Pervaizistan of the Wall Street Journal
  • In new twist at #webermantrial, 2 people in custody for illegally taking & emailing photo of alleged assault victim while on stand. @WSJNY
  • Testimony has been stopped. All spectators have been cleared & been ordered by judge to check their phones. #webermantrial@WSJNY

According to tweet by moishezichmich ‏@moishezichmich

  •  Over the past 2 days, there have been threats made to victim’s supporters from Williamsburg who attended trial#WebermanTrial

According to Satmar ‏@SatmarWillyHQ (a Weberman Supporter who describes the alleged victim as a machsefah, a witch) one of those arrested is Yosele Fleet

The courtroom has been cleared and everyone has to check their phone in before they can go back in.

One tweeter has identified the two arrested as: (1)Yona Wiesman (2) Joseph Fried, AKA Yosele Fleet 

Court is back in session now and the questions are focusing on alleged victims relationship with her previous “boyfriend.”

Trial is over for day as of approximately 4:35 pm


4 thoughts on “Breaking- Two Weberman Supporters Arrested for Taking Pics of Victim, A Minor, While She Was on Witness Stand

  1. This is a relatively minor violation that will result in a warning and probably a $150 fine, considering the four aren’t court regulars and never knew the rule against photos, not having been advised of it by anyone at the court.

    Also it is important to note that at least one of the arrested for photos (Lemon Juice) is a supporter of the female accuser.

  2. A RiCO Statute (ongoing criminal organization) investigation is in order here. This trial is just the tip of the iceberg of what goes on in Williamsburg. And, by the way: What does the Satmar Rebbe know? And since when?

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