Weberman Trial Day 3 Media Coverage Roundup

The Jewish Press became the first orthodox Jewish media outlet to speak about the case. They cross posted Harry Maryles’ blog entry, ‘Trial of a Rasha: The facts of the case are so revealing that one would have to be blind, deaf, and dumb to think this man is innocent.”  I guess we know where he stands!

In a followup piece Maryles decried “The Mafia Tactics of Satmar.” Let’s see if the Jewish Press goes the mile and carries the later post. It is hard-hitting and comes from a blogger who has often praised the charitable deeds of the Hasidic world.  I encourage my readers to visit the Jewish Press and Maryles’ blog to read the articles and even more so, the comments. I also encourage you to comment on these articles. The rest of the orthodox press is ignoring a case covered by all the major media.The comments discussions on Maryles’ blog are full of the kind of open debate that is censored in the haredi world. He moderates his comments with a light touch.

According to the New York Daily News during a break from her grueling cross-examination, the alleged victim was in a closed room off a courthouse hallway when Nechemya Weberman appeared to menacingly stare at his teenage accuser through a glass door. Court employees pulled him away.

Oren Yaniv, a seasoned Daily News has put out a lot of useful tweets (@OrenNYDN, #webermantrial) along with Avi Burnstein (@aburstein).


For a nice summary of the case to date with some well-chosen links see  ‘s report on Huffington Post.

The Daily Mail (UK) headlined their story, “Rabbi ‘forced 12-year-old girl to perform oral sex on him after parents sent her for counseling after she questioned sect’s teachings by reading Cosmopolitan.” There are nice before and after pictures of Nechemya, the first with him glowing in communal approval at his fundraiser, the second of him at the courthouse. It made me think of the Biblical phrase, “How the mighty are fallen.”

Josh Saul’s New York Post report of the second day appeared early a.m. of the third day. The article has the most deflated photo of Weberman I have seen so far and has many details about the small stringencies of Satmar life the victim resented.

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