Yosle Fried Arrested for Photographing Victim Testifying Against Weberman

As reported (here and here) two (or according to another source, three) people were arrested for taking photographs of Nechemya Weberman’s alleged victim of child sexual abuse.

One of those has been identified by several sources as Yosle Fried (also known as Yosle Fleet). He is reputed to be an enforcer for the Williamsburg Vaad Hatznius which is aligned with the Zaali faction of Satmar. He is the guy whose jacket is off in the picture. He was engaged to be married on October 31, 2012. So I would guess he is about 20 years old.

A few minutes ago (11-29, 7:50 pm) Avi Burstein (@aburstein) tweeted that he uploaded a video of the three arrested for taking pictures. Again, another source says 4 people were arrested for taking pictures. Another of those arrested is Lemon Juice (yes that really is his legal name). Lemon Juice was in court as a supporter of the victim and I am guessing that he took pictures of Weberman. I do not know if he emailed them. I am puzzled by his motive.

7 thoughts on “Yosle Fried Arrested for Photographing Victim Testifying Against Weberman

  1. I seriously hope they lock those 4 (2? 3?) guys up for the maximum time (1 year). It will also serve as an excellent example to the Charedi community that they aren’t above the law.

  2. Supporters of both sides engaged in taking photos. So this is two sided.

    A minor offense that all involved were unaware that taking photos was against the rules.

    • No. The photos were emailed around to intimidate victim just as they were emailed around in the past to discourage supporters from attending court to support victim. That is not a minor innocent offense by the Weberman supporters. It was typical vaad hatznius harassment. Yosle Fried is not innocent. He is a vaad hatznius shtarker who roughs people up. He is known as Moshe Gabbai’s errand boy. This is the last desparate attempt of the vaad before Arab spring reaches the terror regime of Williamsburg and turns into Satmar Winter of Discontent.

      Now the supporter of the victim who was arrested may have made an innocent mistake.

  3. This is a relatively minor violation that will result in a warning and probably a $150 fine, considering the four aren’t court regulars and never knew the rule against photos, not having been advised of it by anyone at the court.

    Also it is important to note that at least one of the arrested for photos (Lemon Juice) is a supporter of the female accuser.

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