Breaking- Emanuel Yegutkin convicted by Jury – May be sentenced to jail for rest of his life

Tweet by Oren Yaniv of New York Daily News ‏@OrenNYDN
In somewhat connected news to #webermantrial, yeshiva principal Emanuel Yegutkin was just convicted for molesting 3 boys in unrelated trial 12:42 PM – 3 Dec 12

He was found guilty on all the charges, his bail was revoked and he was marched off in handcuffs. His sentencing will be sometime in February.

See here for background. See Daily News for more detail and possible life sentence.

Emanuel Yegutkin

Emanuel Yegutkin


8 thoughts on “Breaking- Emanuel Yegutkin convicted by Jury – May be sentenced to jail for rest of his life

  1. Yegutkin was a treated with kindness and generosity and that kindness and generosity was repaid with animalistic behaviors. The goodness that this family showed this pig was rewarded with pain and destruction. Jail is NOT good enough for this pig, and it is not his only punishment. He will still have to answer to his Maker and he will still have to give a din v’chesbon of his actions. If he was not humiliated enough in court, his full humiliation will come when he stands before the King!

  2. what if he is innocent… or guilty of merely inappropriately touching the children… life in prison is crazy>>>>>

    • I believe he got a fair trial and is indeed guilty of many extremely harmful acts. He was dismissed from several other jobs for similar acts. He was in treatment with Ohel for his pedophilia, to no avail. I don’t know if he wants to control his impulses, but I do know that he does not control them. Prison is the only way of protecting other children from the harm he is otherwise likely to cause to others.

      Yes, a long sentence in prison is very harsh. I even feel a little sorry for him. But I will not privelege his misfortune over the safety of children. His blood is not redder than the blood of our children. He is a grown up. They deserve protection.

  3. Yerachmiel, i know the case pretty well… The case pretty much hinged on the testimony of the members of the same family. No other complaints of this sort are known. He was let go from the Hatsola and his school because of his arrest and not because of any complaints relating to his employment there. It has been four years since his arrest and no one came forward to accuse him but the original complainants. In 1996 when the alleged abuse took place he himself legally was a child….

    I don’t think also he got a fair trial. The government’s expert witness testimony was unduly prejudicial to the defendant here. Basically, after that testimony the jury disregarded every weakness in the claimants’ testimony, and there were many…

    • Do you know why he was in counseling at Ohel as a molester, or why he was forced out of jobs at Oorah or Carlin-Stolin camp? Guess, please.

      I do not know the particulars of his trial. However I hear he had an excellent attorney. in fact, I can now reveal that advocates were nervous because of how good his attorney is. If it was a weak defense it is because he had a weak case, especially against 3 witnesses. Even a good attorney can not make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear or in this case, cannot generate an acquittal for a chazer.

      Complaining that the government’s witness was prejudicial seems like an after the fact kvetch on your part. If s/he he was you can be sure his attorney would have objected or revealed the bias during cross examination.

      You really seem to be saying he stopped molesting at some point and thus did tshuvah and was not a hazard to anyone. Maybe, though I doubt it given the recidivism of pedophiles.

  4. I know why he was forced out of Oorah and the other camp. and that was because of his arrest and not because of the complaints of sex abuse.

    The info of him undergoing treatment at Ohel to the best of my knowledge is not accurate but I will double check.

    Yegutkin did not have a weak case here. In fact, he did not have a case at all and was not supposed to have one. It was the government that had to have a case proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

    I knew that the government did not have a good case from the fact that they waited so long to have trial. They waited to for more people to come forward but no one did.

    As far as the expert, I am sure Schwartz had objected to her testimony and we will see what the appellate court has to say about it if the judgement is appealed.

    How come the government did not produce the pornographic images that the defendant allegedly showed to the minor. They did have the computer in their possession????? On that count for sure he should have be acquitted.

  5. Yerachmiel,

    Did you miss the direct quote posted all over the internet:

    “Oorah Camp Director Elisha Lewenstein said Yegutkin came highly recommended. We investigated him before we hired him and never had a complaint,” Lewenstein said.

  6. I know him and I know that family that got hurt by him and later completely felt apart and those kids…. I saw with my own eyes this whole tragedy that happened with this family. And yet all this time I’ve been wondering if the whole thing is true or not. But you know what, there is no smoke without the fire…
    Let H.shem be his Judge!!!

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