Deception by Weberman Backers on Twitter

Oren Yaniv, the Daily News court house reporter has invaluable as a source of real time information about the trial through his tweets as @OrenNYDN. Now that cell phones are excluded from the courtroom, reporters are our major resource for real ongoing information. Naturally, Nechemya Weberman’s gangster supporters are resorting to deception to mess up that communication channel.

One of Weberman’s supporters created an account to impersonate Oren’s. He cleverly used a zero instead of the letter O in Oren’s name to fool people . He has been tweeting furiously to clog the channel with frustrating garbage like: “I am a self hating Jew.”

At one point he was blocked, then he got back on and then he was blocked again. By all means report him or others like him. To do this find one of the messages by the offender  and click on their profile and report them.

This is also a warning to be ready for more dirty tactics in any media they can exploit. Be alert before you retweet or report information of dubious provenance.

Also, the hashtag on twitter to use is #WebermanTrial. Beware of slight variations designed to fool folks. My twitter handle is @YerachmielLopin with no breaks. Please message me immediately if you see any spoof variations on my name by putting a comment in over here.


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